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we are not dogs

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(1).Your RGC username :godsofar
(2).The RGC username of the one you are reporting :hexor 

i want to tell admins 2 thing cuz hexor try to lieng

1-i was staff in this room and open swap kick in this  is allowed i asked hexor 2 week ago i can kick in all gammes he said yes and thror allowed it too 

2-thror and rubick allowed this too  when staff make ahost and join they can give control host for a player 

u can see here 

and here 


and here 


so hexor lying to u to hide his abuse he try to make anyreason for unvoush all syduck friends.

and thats happen to us we give syduck control , hexor fight with syduck and cuz he hate him he unvoush all his friends from staff and trying to make any reason for his abuse ,

and 1 day ago at night he make a rule not allowed to kick in team2 and before i asked him and he say ok u can kick so this guy trying to play games on rule to hide his abuse 

and here he insult syduck friends 

its a shame rgc staff insult player like this we are not dogs we are friends this is not allowed to him tto insult us .

here my friends unvoush himself cuz hexor said zeus first dog and when zeus unvoush himself hexor too happy 

zozozoe give thror to control this room and hexor abusing in this room  its only 120-140 player in this room and hexor cant handly it cuz he just move with hate .

zozozoe give thror to manage this room not hexor and thror didnt open rgc for 1 month  and if zozozoe know hexor manage this room with hate and abuse  he wil tell him to out so plz tell zoe the problem here thanks alot .

@zozozoe @MoON @Hakka

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