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-[Forum]- Guidelines and Start New Topic

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Hello guys, here is a guidance how to use the Forum website in the appropriate way.



a)  download.png.77cb65c1d9b034259e03d4d8c0c627b0.png


1. Forum main page, you can move from it to any section existing on forum to Post/Report about Map bug, Ban/Unban request , Hacks usage, etc..


2. RegionsScreenshot_1.png.b434eb5c69bec1956390f86bd8f3a11e.png click on the region you want to view ,will get it with a direct link.


3. Minitours,Screenshot_2.png.3d36a9da58fa259abb037b112709fb7c.png For example if you press on (EU) Minitours you will go with a direct link to (EU) Minitours section, where you can post/find anything related to this channel on client. Same goes to ( ASIA/SA/ ME) .


4. Staff, once you click on Staff you'll have a list of  Official RGC Admin & Region Staffs.  


b) After we knew everything about that, and how to move to the section we want, We must also know how to Create or submit a new topic in forum.


1.For example i got banned in (EU) Public , so i may apply for unban request on forum ,  since i got ban on (EU)  Public i need to go  to Euope section. (As it's stated above)  #1 click on Regions press on Europe Section, then the whole EU section will be opened, as you can see.




#2 Click on Unban Requests , since you are applying for Unban Request,

NOTE: t's just an example. So if you want to report an AFKer you can click on (EU) Public and start a new topic, if you want to post an AFKer in Serbia you can click on Serbia from the " Regional Channels " and start a new topic about it, and  if you want to report Abuse issues  click on Abuse Reports.


#3 To apply for Unban Request you have to start a new topic, Click on Start new topic. 

Note: In each section there will be a Topic PINNED guides you how to create a new topic in this section you are in. ( a must to read it ) 




#4 In order to submit a new topic on Forum you have to fill it with the proper details. So if i'm starting a new topic for Unban Request ( first of everything i need to post it with the proper format as stated in the NOTE above) so for example I read that PINNED topic named (" Format- Unban request )  then  after it we clicked on " Start new topic"   this screen appears to us.





1. Title, im applying for unban request as we said in the example so the title is Unban Request.

2. Tags, If you want to focus on something in a short word, not more than 10 letters. it's not that important to fill "Tags" space, so you can leave it empty.

3.Subject, There you'll fill it with the proper details of your problem/request,(According to the format given)


Important Notes:


Do not forget to read the topic PINNED in order to know what is the proper format to start new topic on the section you are in.

The most important thing is to Submit your topic in the correct section with the proper format. Whatever the report is for Ban/Unban request/ Hack Usage/ Abuse report/Map bugs, etc..

All threads submitted at  forum will be replied, please do not HL/PM staff for the same. 


For any further help type /j Support


Best Regards,



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