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stackers and point collectors

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Yo instead of having admins jerking off to themselves, playing in stacks while thinking how good they are, can we have some normal (not braindead ones) that actually help out?

I mean this can't be a coincidence; every time I join a game, there is a clear imbalance in points. If I join the team with the high points, it's a boring game, If I do the opposite it is an unwinnable game no matter how well I play. Anyway I bet nobody will recognize this as a problem, since most people in charge of the EU public, are themselves point collectors who will do anything to get the +5. Actually I got banned today by some retard admin, after playing a game like this, so I guess I'm salty right now that's why I'm making this post.


PS: if you deliberately join easy games to get high points, I'm afraid nobody is gonna suck your dick for your high point account, so fuck off 


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