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im sorry

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To begin. i started rgc in a network who the players who taught me dota never cared about rules or anything . so i got adapted with their way of thinking . ended up in doing strange and bad things here on this client that i didn't understand its stupidity until the last 2 years . I've been waiting for a chance to do good things that would perma delete the bad things i did and start a new clean page with goodness. [ white hat ]. and there came my bad luck which extended the waiting for the chance by my stupidity. i blamed admins for a mistake i did . and then got the results of it. i senselessly and constantly spammed highlights on @Hakka which caused him to ignore me.

@Hakka i'm sorry  and hope u forgive me .

=i feel u the most . when the rest leaves all the work on your shoulders . no one has the right to blame you for anything

I Promise :

* my way of thinking has been changed.

*communication with other fellow users is changed to the best as well

*i will try my best to start helping in rgc rather than taking the precious time of admins with useless things

*ill start searching for staff position even the silliest position i could take just to adopt and start with the good side


i repeat my apologize @Hakka and i hope you reconsider me as a new gentle member


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