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need some help

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Hi to everyone, i am a new player in this league (with 10 years experience at dota), i need some information about the forum like where do we post a ban appeal and an unban appeal, and if you can give me some more informations it can be very nice from you.
when i try to start a game i have this message 

[ERROR] An internal windows error ocurred, please report this to support.

[ERROR] You already tried to launch the game, please be patient, and close Warcraft III if it is already running. Or close any related error messages.

[ERROR] Game Initialisation failed. Possible installation error. Please try to run war3.exe manually and report to our support room. [Possible fix: start vcredist_x86.exe inside your RGC folder and uninstall, then run it again and install] /j support

[ERROR] (0x4) Failed to restore Warcraft III. Your Warcraft III will stay patched at the 1.26a version

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