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Clear Ban history

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I was play in RGC many years,this is the second time be banned,1st cause of network outage;

The game was 65mins,and I chosed clock,prophet killed by me many times,till he leave;

From 30-end ThK.PotM(play queea of pain) always farm not team fight with our other 4 members;

Even the scourge have 2 way mega,he still farm in scourge;

When scourge push the last top lane Asaka still farm in scourge;

The other 3 members go fight with scourge all died;

When I alive 4 scourge heros coming(By that time Spec have 2 Divines) I give up the game but be reported by fucker  ThK.PotM said I was AFK;


By the way, ThK.PotM should be banned  until 23:54 on 25/10/2018 cause of  farm and not team fight.

See the attached.








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