BroodMother Bug (MAP: 6.88x2)

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Broodmother cant be seen her web even if broodmother attacks, this a major bug. It can be auto-attacked if there is any item that give true vision like sentries, but the hero itself is not visible on the map.(it shows up on minimap tho)
I will be posting a replay below, even in vicinity of sentries, broodmother could not be seen. Also the player playing the broodmother hero cant see broodmother once it is inside web.

Towers and true vision units pick up broodmother but the hero's character model doesnt appear on screen.This new map just upload on RGC, please realease a quick patch or this this is going to be abused to hell.

In the replay I am about post, there are some times, when broodmother can be seen in web(randomly,no true vision item) only for microseconds.

Player who picked broodmother : 1000PerCentDC (Scourge)


Time Stamp : 6:00 and onwards




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