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MH report format

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Your Display Name:
Reporteds Name:
Time stamps:



Your Display Name: Sansu

Reporteds Name: ADMIN


Time stamps:

If Fog Clicks:
1:33 |cFF0000FFAdmin (0/0 | 0-0)|r clicked Invoker
10:00 Tiny following riki with no dust, sentry, or gem.

8:00 Tiny blink to bara at fog with no Vision

5:00 bara charger and tiny went back

If Suspicious move (must contain atleast 3 suspicious move)


Provide at least 3 suspicious actions with their time stamps is a must! Unless it's an obvious fog click. Staff will not watch the whole replay,only the times u give will be reviewed. If u don't follow this rule, your request will be denied (replay time, not game time please)


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