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[Wiki] How To Report BUGS

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Please follow our format and report the BUG properly.


                                 ENGLISH VERSION

1. Legit Bug = 20 RGD-s reward (Must have replay)

2. Known Bugs Replay Wont Give Reward (Who report first, he got reward) (Must have replay)

3. You Can Report More Bugs With One Replay (1/20 RGD-s , 2/40 RGD-s,...)

4. Map Must Be [2650] DotA_Allstars_6.90a6.w3x Version!!!

How To Report Bug:

1.Your RGC Username:

2.The Link To The Replay:

3.Explain Exactly What Happened:

4.Specify Precise Time-Stamps For Bug:



                                 SPANISH VERSION

1. Bug Verdadero = 20 RGD-s De Regalo (Deve Tener El Replay)

2. El Replay De los Bugs Conocidos NO Te Dara Premio En RGD-s (El primero que reporte el bug gana) (Debe Tener El Replay)

3. Usted Pondrá Hacer Su Denuncia Con El Mismo Replay (1/20 RGD-s , 2/40 RGD-s,...)

4. El Mapa Debe Ser Version [2650] DotA_Allstars_6.90a6.w3x !!!

Como hacer tu denuncia:

1. Su Nombre Del RGC:

2. El Link Del Replay:

3. Explica Exactamente Que Sucedio:

4. En Que Tiempo Ocurrio El Bug:



● Replay uploader :

● Make sure You explain with full detail what happened so the staff viewing the replay won't waste his/her time.

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