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My RGC Username: MK14~

Reporting (Username) :Devil.!!!
Room : Eu (Public)

Reason: This both guy is using Map hack so first match i noticed it too but i thought maybe its by chance but another game i noticed that they have map hack and there is no way that they blink and jump even they dont use visions so im going put the exact times too where the sf movments was not normal at all.
5min he go to exact rune to take coin and leave the other rune without check it cause he was know its already taken 

9min sf come in dark map and use razes to me without see anything 

12.42 was fighint with void when i reach near he run away  

18.38 void came to sf with lothar but sf was knew so he run and dagger away from him

22.10 he use invis rune and want to come to drow when he saw that we are 3 there even he had invisi rune but get back cause he was know we put 1 sentry there 

38:14min take items from shop and come with mort for lina without wards and blink same direction of lina.



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Report Info:

  • Reported Display Name: sy.png Devil.!!!
  • RGID: #244548477
  • Map: DotA_Allstars_7.02a2.w3x
  • Hero: Shadow Fiend [10]

Elapsed Times:

12:49 > Shadow fiend had true sight of vision on lion and the way lion is heading at 12:45 so he could know where lion can be (Normal)

12:49 > Shadow fiend just escaped after void used his 6rd skill on him and got a low hit point so he retreated and caught by lion and died (Normal)

22:25 > Shadow fiend was just playing normal and again the same happened and void used 6rd skill on him (Normal)

25:12 > Shadow fiend jumped to kill lion with having true sight of vision provided by observer ward that Axe planted (Normal)

25:50 > Shadow fiend avoided to go enemy forest since there were a observer ward and it was dangerous to go & 3 enemy heroes were seen there, so he avoided going there  (Normal)

42:50 > Shadow fiend just used blink dagger searching for enemy heroes in forest and natural creeps with phantom assassin and the blink dagger is not straight (Normal)


✰ -[Note]- I appreciate you for reporting and trying to make RGC a better place and sound & safe too, the reported action can be explained as normal action as I did, thank you for understanding my explanations and kindly wait for further's staffs reviews and votes.


Game Replay:

Game logs:


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  •  12:41  SF SF he sees on the minimap how the Lion goes towards the river, in the direction of the rune, immediate seconds again he sees the lion that is traveling the river because there was an observer ward, with this information and his ability, he calculates well the 3 razer - NORMAL
  •  16:20   SF run away because he had low life, the void had hit him a lot when he used his sixth ability - NORMAL
  •  22:10   SF He just used his dagger, because he wanted to farm the wave of creeps - NORMAL
  •  25:45   SF He did not go looking with the invisibility rune because he saw 3 enemies with the observer ward, it would be very dangerous to go alone - NORMAL
  •  41:45   SF with his ally, mortred, they were just searching the enemy forest - NORMAL


Gracias por tu reporte

Thanks for your report


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12:48 nevermore was fighting with void and he realized that he could lose that fight so he pulled the mark so that with the help of mortred they could kill him easily   Normal xD 

18:40 nevermore was just wanting to go farm those creep wave accumulated in mid Normal xD 

22:15 nevermore alone did not go hunting his enemies just because there was no enemy in the whole map, anyone can guess that it could be something bad Normal xD






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