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suggest a command that makes toxic player disappears from our life

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since yesterday I have started playing meepo by starting picking it since 2.05 every game without carrying anything

the reasons are

-I just wanna see how people counter meepo and how should I react to it

-find out how many builds meepo could and what is the best in some situations

-practice multitasking, and contemplate about what to do first and do last

-find out the possibility of flexibility in intent and tight games.


but what I have got mostly is toxicity from many players I assume about the underline impulsive why they do it:

-pick meepo first in the beginning of the game is like insulting their Ego

-they have trauma about meepo

-they have the disposition to disrespect and trash-talk people 



whatever to my belief,
-trash-talkers are just people who click mouse and keyboard and use it to hurt people.

-they have too much angers, so it leaks from their mind to people around

-they never respect others or many layers of life of others

-they just try to satisfy their Ego

-they just try to influence others about how mighty they are

-they have  bigger egos than the normal that tend to influence or overcontrol of others who don't believe the same things as themselves


please make my teammates also haver been suffering in the game as mine.
i think there are many many players who have suffered like me every day. in dota 2 it is multiplied 10 to 20 times players throw because teammates don't buy the item they think and trashtalk.

this pattern repeats too much.


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Posted (edited)

Funny how you're the one who tends to chat to stranger with a mightier-than-thou attitude, but if the other does the same to you, it's an instant mute and a performance of "Woe be unto me, we live in a society that is cursed by Toxicity!" from you. 

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-there are many times when I made mistakes, but I mostly send apologies to their Pm. In one case there was a guy I considered him having inflating personality by his way of speech, and I told him that I felt not well in his way behaving, I did that, and he cursed me back harshly that I had a doubt, after that I Apologies.

-for people I did you wrong I am sorry and apology


it's complicated. there are many else-if scenarios in each situation. In some cases, it happens in-game before I go in the lobby. 


-Enemies use trash-talk in-game as a strategy to distract y concentration.

-Enemies trash-talk to others as usual as disposition.

-Enemies trash talk because we know each other, so I don't mind it.

-Enemies Always trash-talk to me even I never talk back to him even 2-12 months later he still does the same.

-Enemies are extremely biased to you whatever you do talk or do anything, will respond negatively.

-Enemies or teammates talk shit in direct to express something in this case it is quite complicated, however; the problem is that they don't know that I know the hidden meaning and I also talk, but 90% of people always understand me only what their brains have. it ends badly and rudely.



when I play in that sever I am very quiet, I used to play quiet for many years, but this is not Thai sever, it is international. I just wanna express what I in my mind to find out foreigers think in the game.


quite a few times I join a room and get cursed mom.

I cursed mom a few times.

2 times when I am so angry maybe

and 1 times when someone cursed my mom


sometimes I join a room and someone curse mom to me or dog or even in tournament 1vs1 where I only come to know their existence the moment I read their names and their curses.


there are more...


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Posted (edited)

Another reason should add the function.

I knew this guy around a year ago I thought we were friends so I was quite pretty fond of him because He played well.

2-3 months later He cursed me. I just thought what could happen to him? Was he the kind of person who has a habit of cursing, dominating, influencing others to be happy?

2-3 months later if I remembered correctly he Cursed my mom. I  added hi to the ignored list.

 and this day he is acting like usual.

as you have seen I think I never curse him even once.

there are around 4-5 players like this.


people are like this. they have grown up with different moms and dads, different environments and cultures. 

there are extremely honest, extreme Thoughtful, extremely blunt, extreme Upright, extreme kind and pure; Toxic, bully, lack of respect, showing hostility to others, self-absorbed and Insolent, and more.


 can I have a little space in this community that I don't wanna interact with or accidentally come to contact with people I don't feel comforty.



literally dota is low demand skill play, unlike chess. if you can think really fast, you will find that chess is another level.

what about this game? people don't enjoy only game, but also only to be insolent just like in society there is a kind of people they wether they've grown up as a strong or a weak in society, they will act high and mighty, be arrogant,  rude and lack of respect to others just because they feel good about what they lack.

it is fine to be like that I don't mind it. people can choose invent their time and energy to something they prefer.


I just want Peace. I wouldn't mind if Rgc Encourage Toxicity in the community. I think cursing moms of others may feel like reaching orgasm while masturbating. I think  It must feel great or else people don't feel something they don't please, but Please lemme play this game in peace. Thx


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