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Ranked Gaming Client

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Ranked Gaming Client


Ranked Gaming Client was created on 2009, a platform where you can play Dota Maps , LoD Maps , RPG Maps & Warlock Maps. The platform also has various types of hosting bots which allows you to play smoothly / lag free games. Along with the platform we also have SHOP , Forum , Ladder , Admin Panel & other panel system with various features linked with the platform.


1 :- SHOP =  You can buy RGDs & use it inside the platform to purchase Global Rank , Diamond Member , Gold Member , Open your private chat / gaming room , Color for your clan & many more other features.


2 :- Ladder = Any channel you play in the platform you'll be able to check your earned points here.


3 :- Admin Panel = Here you'll be able to check any games you have played in the platform, eg :- DotA , LoD , RPG or Warlock.


4 :- Forum = You can find many stuffs inside forum. Each section in the forum will have different topic / information about the platform / region. For new-comers you can always find help via platform staffs at support room.


1 :- Asia Region Section
2 :- Europe Region Section
3 :- North & South America Region Section
4 :- Middle East Region Section


Vision of RGC :- As we all know after the arrival of Dota 2 many gaming arena / client has sank due to lack of players & also players moving to DotA 2. But RGC hasn't failed to shine & light up the hope of peoples who still love playing DotA 1, along with the time RGC management teams has always tried to come up with new ideas / strategies to stable the platform for an better gaming environment. And also we are more than happy to let our users share their ideas / thought for the better development of the client:) .


Ranked Gaming Client Where Gaming Matters


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