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I dont know how you reporting me mh for 1 v 1 game vs player i did watched 100 games for him and he every game go bot tower to deward and why i need mh for 1 v 1 game its lasthit game i dont think game 1 v 1 need mh 


Game Kunkka i did tped shrine i saw ward of pugna i just followed ward to destroy it and when he ghosted me he was availble to eye u can check it guys 


if sunshine reported me cus i owned him 1 v 1 and made all his friends report me whitch i never met them before thats his problem 


and u need truths ofc i had mh for test and fun 1 month ago and deleted it cus i ddint know how to play with it its for lows who cant control heroes 


SunShine Ce% got mh and i have screenshots in social media chats insta facebook how sunshine gave it to me and to Crazy.Taxi and how CE% took it from me before i delete it i wish u see this report and answer me and i give u all trues and proves Ty gentilmens


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