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-[Errors.C]- The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)

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The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)

error 1.png


This errors is happening because rgc is trying to run a dll files 32 bits, but the files is located in folder 64 bits, so the first step is located the file that is generating the error, in rgc is the file msvcp120.dll , to other .exes you need to run a program to detect what is the exact files.

To solve the problem you need to follow the next steps:


Step 1: Go to the disk that you have installed the window and find the folders Windows\SysWOW64


  • Inside the folder SysWOW64 , search the file msvcp120.dll , if you have that files inside that folder, you need to delete manually, you need to be administrator to do it.


solution part 1.png


  • After delete the file, select right click or anti click - refresh to check if you really deleted the file



Step 2: When you delete the files msvc120.dll inside the folder SysWOW64 ,now you need to fix the original file; so go to control panel / uninstall programs, and uninstall visual c++ 2013, version 86x , if you dont have this programm go to step 3


solution 4.png


Step 3: When you uninstall visual c++ 2013 version 86x, now you need to install it again,, so open the link and download Visual c++ 2013 version 86x EVEN if your system is 64 bits


solution 3.png


  • When the download is over, install it. Remember is mandatory that you install version 86x , even if your system is 64 bits, rgc is working with 32 bits, so you must need version 86x too.


solution 5.png


When you finish all the steps, try to run again RGC

Best Regards,

RGC Team.



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