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guide to build viper

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I assume that viper has 3 main styles of build and there might be more than a dozen of sub-builds



the first style is what I have seen many times in pub games and tournaments; start with "Guardian of greave, pipe of insight and vanguard"

and mostly ends with only these items, it is a tank. what bothers me a bit is that why people love buying vanguard. viper, a ranged hero with vanguard will have 50% chance to block only 35 damage unlike melee heroes buy vanguard. why don't just buy poor man's shield to get 100% block 10 damage?

it looks not worth enough an investment.
 the potential of this build is either of these 2, which is very scary


viper has 47% magic resistance without Pipe of insight, viper never fears heroes like
Zeus, Skywraith, Maiden, Pugna, Puck, it fears physical damage because it has very few armors in the early game.

so I think Pipe is only for the team to add 10% magic resistance aura and 4 health regen aura only that. which I think it is unnecessary.


ok, let's continue, Shiver's guard has aura Attack speed reduction 45%, Eye of Skadi also reduces attack speed by 45% and corrosive skin also reduces attack speed if someone attack viper by 32%.

plus a combination of The Eye of Skadi and poison attack will reduce the movement speed of any hero to 100 which is the maximum movement speed reduction.

also the skill ultimate of viper can reduces attack speed and movement speed by 80%. 

you can just run around on the battlefield and say "please Hit me, hit me, I wanna get hit badly" 

it is very scary with 4685 health and 80-82% physical reduction, 47% magical reduction. unable to kill, can't hit it either and its talent at level 20 makes its Ulti deal damage from 160 to 260 per second for 5 seconds or 1300 damage at that with Aghanism's scepter it can fly this shit thing every 10 sec.

but enemies are not stupid, it certainly has many ways to deal with this viper in late game or early game with heroes like morphing, terror blade, Crink, phantom lancer, arc, wind runner, invoker, weaver, chaos knight, Lc, Riki.

or stun you to death.


-Morphing is a very strong hero with little items it can be very strong, it has a max attack of 0.22 second per attack with little items at that, and it can just come in and out in the early and late game.

-terror blade will just kill you without much thinking, if you act, it will sunder you back and move forward to next the target, and with Manta it's able to dodge your Ulti as well, so to build tank or damage against a pure hard carry is impossible to work.

-Crink will buy armor reduction builds and it will EZ kill you and end the game fast.

-you will have a very hard time against phantom lancer.

-Arc can just use its second skill or just kill you from afar


Next is a physical build or a so-called stand fight.


viper needs a lot of attack speed in order to reach the maximum. which is 0.24 seconds per attack.

with 1 moon shard will make viper has 0.40 seconds per attack. with 2 is 0.30 and 3 is 0.26 and it will not go down again included that to reach the maximum is not worth it; we should just look to other modifications.


-the first build to counter those rat heroes like Puck, Riki. Anti mage, Queen of pain that come in and out they can deal certain damage between each time they dive and back off, so this build is recommended. as you can see, it is only 0.49 attack speed. it is bad comparing other range heroes, but it is very effective against those rats; with just one hit you can slow them to 100 movement speed, and with hex and blood thorns, they will have a hard time escape.


-the second is like the first just changes manta to Mjolinir to increase damage output and attack speed. we all know that sometimes items to sustain in the fight are no use when enemies just flee aways from you miles away by just seeing your shadow.

manta is a good item for viper, a greeny and weird pattern animating when attacking can leave people dumbstruck for a few seconds. while most choose to flee after seeing viper actives manta, some remain. to overcome this we just need to cancel auto-cast the first skill and use it manually. with Eye of skadi we can slow an enemy's movement speed 45%, so even we don't active poison attack, it is still, the easy target, but some enemies run pretty fast. poison attack will active for 3 seconds, you just need to use it once every 3 seconds to make an efficient kill.


-the third is for when our teammates have disabling skills to EZ kill enemies, the viper just needs to attack.

 you can change blink dagger and hurricane pike if you like, but these items for your safety and fast approach enemies to follow teammates' patterns.


-the fourth when you know that enemies mostly aim you and your team only have you to that can stand fight, it is like you are carrying the whole team. The one special there, Hunso, hex is for they strong carry when they are too strong to fight, like slark, the bear of lone druid, it can make rat heroes scared as well.


-other builds are just changing one item to another along with the current situation, just minimal advice.



The last style is my favorite builds.

this style has 4 core items: orchid. ethereal blade, hex, and blink dagger.

what makes this build so strong is that it can deal damage around 2500-3000 damage, 2200 damage against those players who buy The Hood (47% magic resistance)

in the early game, you just have to farm fast and get Orchid. as we know viper can farm pretty fast. those who know how to stack 3 camps can get it around 10-12 minutes, while those who win in lane can get around the same time, so if you don't know it, viper can farm jungle and it farms pretty fast at that.


with no Orchid, you can deal 700-900 damage if the target is friendly (no retaliation just getting hit to death)

with Orchid, you can deal around 1200-1400 damage. in the early game, no enemy will have manta, Bkb, or Linken, so this is an advantage.

then go blink dagger and Aghanism or blink dagger, ghost scepter and Aghanism

then go for hex or upgrade to the ethereal blade then hex(Hunso) later


this combo is unique I think. you can use this combo around 800 range or longer; I am not sure, but it is pretty long.


you no need to approach the enemy and hit them, you just need to use orchid ult at this moment it will attack 1 time without your command and finish it with your second skill.

then back off. 


if you make Lothar or silver edge it will make the atmosphere scary. you will become like a ghost who only appears once when combo and blink back every 22 seconds there will be someone die.

the advantage of this build; you can kill anyone anything even including rat heroes or hero that we are hard to fight with as I mentioned earlier: morphing, terror blade, Crink, phantom lancer, arc, wind runner, invoker, weaver, chaos knight, Lc, Riki.

and its biggest advantage is that it needs only 1 second to use all things: orchid, the ultimate, ethereal blade, hex, and your second skill. if you guys can't make it, just practice. you can make it by using Shift, but also needs the be skilled on using Shift. however; most of the time you act when suddenly enemies surround you or pop out of nowhere. in the condition to use all of these fast is to know the range of all of your skills and items. if you use it longer than its range, it will not work and it will become very ugly when you have to use it in a very tight situation. imagine if either of your items or skills doesn't work in that moment.  yes, you will waste an opportunity plus expose your location to enemies for free, and the target that you are hitting will counter you back with its skills and items, so always keep your distance. don't act like you are a big shot who has a hot item to show off. a weapon is a weapon. if you don't know when or which time is appropriate to use it, then you can't improve. don't an idiot who can only generate 1 solution at a time and suck to it.


the disadvantage is that if enemies are experienced. they will know that doing anything will not help, they will just dive or focus on towers, which is very bad for this build because it can only use ultimate every 10 seconds and the full combo every 22 seconds.

I once lost with this kinda build because of enemies, cos all enemies dived madly and my gun could only fire every 10 seconds full combo 22 seconds.


that game is 2 vs 5 because enemies didn't vote remake to me, so I didn't give them ez points and it ended around 40 minutes.



 the first build is tanky and also scary, but most of the time enemies just keep hiding even when all their barracks are broken, therefore making Lothar is recommended against these kinda enemies.




quote from DR. Jodan Peterson: "crystalized knowledge is what you accrue across time. so you could say that fluid intelligence is what programs your brain, it fills it with facts, let's say, it fills it with knowledge, but you can get an estimate of your intelligence by sampling your domain of factual knowledge".


alright, good luck everyone. stay safe 

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it's really useful, and seems everyone can use your knowledge in dota. :x


I hope you make a guide about hero Omniknight & Ogre magi .


Thank you for your guide.


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Nice guide. Please do some more hero guides like Morph, ES, or other heroes that you like.


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Nice guide brother, do more with diff heroes!



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