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-[War3]- Warcraft 3 Download

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This is a simple guide to download Warcraft 3 (Patched version)

1- Click on this LINK



2- In the top-right corner, click login and provide one of the account details listed below.


3- Once logged in, click Download


After that your download should begin.


Here are several accounts to sign in to Mega site.

1. [email protected] 2. [email protected]

3. [email protected] 4. [email protected]

5. [email protected] 6. [email protected]

7. [email protected] 8. [email protected]

9. [email protected] 10 [email protected]

                   Password rgcsupport737


Important Notes

-If you didn't sign in before clicking download, you might be prompted to create a Mega account or sign in to resume the download

-Please do not change the password so others can use it.

- After the download finishes just unzip the Warcraft III folder into any drive, it's already patched.


For any further help kindly type '/join Support' into the client chatbox.




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