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hi respected administrations and Moderators i am suggesting some commands if admins can add it will be good for people's


        Case EQUALI($COMM, ".lastgame", 1, 1)
            $COMM = StringStripWS($COMM, 3)
            If $COMM = "" Then $COMM = $USER
            If $COMM = " " Then Return
            If Not HASACCESS($USER, $START, ".lastgame") Then Return
            If Not USEREXISTS($COMM) Then Return ROOMSEND(StringFormat("/ann %%s : you are looking for %%s who isn't here!", $USER, $COMM))
            $Q = _QUERY(StringFormat("SELECT user,lgid,lgd,game_id,mode from %DB_PREFIX%users,%DB_PREFIX%games where user='%%s' and game_id=lgid", $COMM))
            If $Q.eof Then Return ROOMSEND("/ann No previous game found!")
            ROOMSEND(StringFormat("/w %%s Last game of %%s is: %%s%%s%%s on %%s", $USER, $Q.fields(0).value, $_SETTINGS("game_prefix"), $Q.fields(4).value, $Q.fields(3).value, $Q.fields(2).value))
        Case EQUALI($COMM, ".info", 1, 1) Or EQUALI($COMM, ".gamedetail", 1, 1)
            If Not HASACCESS($USER, $START, ".info") Then Return
            $COMM = StringStripWS($COMM, 3)
            If $COMM = "" Then ROOMSEND($START & "Usage: .info [gamename]")
            GAME_INFO($COMM, $USER)


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