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FOA FSA 1.3a

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Change Log : - Sawada W Nerf Knockback, R Range Buff, T Buff AoE, and F Buff AoE. - Change Cero F Ichigo TYBW to F Target Skill Getsuga Tenshou - Mafia Boots Recipe is now 1k Gold - Fix Satsujinki F Mode ( Hard to Click ) - Nerf Rinnegan Sasuke delete reduce damage - Zancrow Buff Cast 350, and delete reduce damage New Hero : - Dio Brando - Broly - Alibaba Saluja Next version Heroes that will be added for upcoming updates : - Gogeta Blue - Kumagawa Misogi - Ichigo Dangai - Mhx Alter - Escanor - Kamen Rider Build ( Rabbit Tank Version ) - Kamen Rider Chronos - Kamen Rider Oma Zi-O 


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