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Ban clear

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Since lots of moderators tend to abuse or miss-diagnose a report.
There should be an option to remove a ban punctually .. 

So far the mod's excuse was "We cannot remove your ban, cause clear ban removes all bans".
Well, why isn;t there a clear 1 ban specifically option in 2020 ?

How are users supposed to live with their ban-history tainted by some incompetent mods ?
How hard is it even to make a ban-remove for a specific ban ?

Mod X bans player Y. 
Player Y already had some previous bans , so he can;t get history cleared.
Player Y is proven innocent, gets unbanned, but his last ban remains.
2 weeks later he actually gets a correct ban, but since the previous ban was there.. the Mod Z will extra-ban him for having recurrent bans in history.

If that ain't stupid, i don;t know what is.


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