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Forum Rules

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    1. All posts must be written in English, only if the sticky in a forum allows you to post in other languages you are allowed to.
    2. Don't spam/ abuse any other member via e-mail or Private Messages. This includes sending illegal content (as links, attachments, etc.) via PM/ email. Please do not annoy staff members with PMs or Emails. They may give out infractions if they feel annoyed by you.
    3. Do not try to get attention in threads with excessive usage of phrases such as (!!!!, ?????, OR WRITING IN ALL CAPS,..)
    4. Spamming, thread derailing, trolling, flaming, posting offensive contents such as Porn, Gore or anything else that could seriously offend a group of people is not allowed.
    5. No discussion, sharing or referencing illegal software such as hacks, keygen, cracks and pirated or software.
    6. Giving out personal information of anyone is not allowed.
    7. Advertising anything (commercial or noncommercial) without the agreement of any Staff member in the forums of RGC will lead to an instant ban.
    8. No reposting of deleted posts.
    9. If you found a DotA bug, make sure to report it at the correct place, by PM'ing IceFrog at for example. Doing otherwise and posting or referencing any DotA bug at RGC's forums will lead to an infraction.

    Stickies in any Forum do override these Rules, if said so in the sticky.
    Credits : Charbel/RGC Staffs

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