Invoker's Level 20 Talent Tree (Cataclysm)

By TheLandofSky- in Archived,
Map Version: Dota Allstars 6.90a8 Map Replay: Game ID: #65529311 Explanation: Based on parser and my game. Talent 20 (Cataclysm) doesn't work on by DOUBLE CLICKING THE SKILL LETTER "T" and USING LETTER "T" ON HERO. I think that was a bug or some tool-tips doesn't work? You can double check on timestamps given: [ 23:56 | 25:03 | 25:27 ] = Not working [ 26:03 ] = Works @DracoL1ch   Thanks and more power RGC Dota 1 Community, -Jh4ypee
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