Unban request due to bad and bias behavior of admin -majcomtech-

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Display name: wamaka
Room: Ph
Reason: Bias admin -majcomtech-
Reason of Appeal: I just want to report admin -majcomtech- for banning me from playing in PH. We played with him for 2 games and he lost 2 games. There are a lot of trash talks happening during the game and after the game. This admin is also doing Trash talk that keeps me doing it as well. He lost his patience (napikon) and kick me 3 times then ban me for spamming (for sending 4 lines) which he is also doing (see screenshot). Disrespect staff (Respect is not given it is earned. Walk the talk. How will players respect you if you are also doing trash talk then if you lost you will kick or ban your opponent?)He is sending multiple message of trash talking. My point is trash talking is part of the game even in basketball but using his position as admin to bias kicking and banning players whom he lost to will destroy the game. He is known in the room for being "pikon" when he is loosing the game. This is not the first time and a lot of players want to report him also. 


Hoping for your fare judgement on this case RGC Team. TIA











unban request.png


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Hi RGC Team,


Update on this please. TIA


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I hope you had read channel rules and regulations properly.

Fightings can be inside the game.

In channel, there are set of rules and regulations.

The staff didnt ban you directly.


Since you are now unaware of the channel rules, i am giving you one chance.


wamaka has been unbanned by Aladdin.


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