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[Guide]Fog Click/MH Detector

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Not All Fogclicks Are Maphack

Download Mh Detector ----> Click here

Steps to install Fog-click detector - before going through the post.

1 - Dowload the zip file and extract the file Mh-Detector. mix

2 - Put the Mh-Detector. mix in Warcraft 3 main folder  as shown in this picture

3 - Do not start Warcraft 3 from the start button in RGC . it will delete Mh detector file . Always use the desktop shortcut.

4 - When the fogclick is triggered it will be written in a txt file inside wc3 name foglog.txt. also u can see clicks ingame.

5 - If your Operating System Windows XP  download and install vcredist_x86 from this link [Do this step only if your OS is Windows XP ]

Kindly Avoid Posting your entire fog-log into your post. One valid click is only needed for the ban. However post 2-3 per map-hacker, to make sure its valid.


Not All Fogclicks Are Maphacking. Main reason is that there are delay clicks and bug clicks.

# Delay clicks: this is the most common error which may happen during the game. When a player is at the boarder of the fog in a game and if an enemy clicks him and in the mean time he went into the fog the detector will trigger fog-click. This is not map hacking but a short delay in process which leads for triggering fog-click. 

# Bug clicks: bug clicks usually occur from the usage of war-keys. the keys can be assigned to sentinels/scourge houses and when the key assigned is pressed
[SPOILER=Examples]12:45 |cFFFFA500Medyo^^Famous^^ (Jakiro)|r clicked Intelligence (Sentinel - 2)
12:47 |cFFFFA500Medyo^^Famous^^ (Jakiro)|r clicked Intelligence (Sentinel - 2)
12:59 |cFFFFA500Medyo^^Famous^^ (Jakiro)|r clicked Intelligence (Sentinel - 2)[/SPOILER]

secondly the war-key can be assigned to shops only after its visible. after that when the shop is in fog and if the user press the key it will trigger the fc.
[SPOILER=Examples]6:6 |cFFFFC0CBSAINTS>F.GAMERS (Windrunner)|r clicked Goblin Laboratory
35:0 |cFFFFC0CBSAINTS>F.GAMERS (Windrunner)|r clicked Leragas The Vile

# Desync: This is a situation in which the reconnected player will be having an entirely different game with respect to others in-game. For him he will be winning the game and others in his team will be feeding, and for his team he is feeding and they may be loosing. This happens due to lag/disconnection of player in mid game. For asia we deni the fog clicks of the reporter/reported after his disconnection.
[SPOILER=Examples]reporter: |cFFFF0000RGC: You lost connection to the game server. Please stand by as we are trying to reconnect you. Please stand by as we are trying to reconnect you.


reported: |cFFFF0000RGC: theparrot has lost the connection to the server at gamestate #3106 :: has lost the connection (timed out)
|cFFFF0000RGC: theparrot is trying to reconnect. His local gamestate is #2971. Attempting synchronization.

How to find Hidden files :Replays and foglog.txt files are being hidden in the main folder of WC3

This happens when Warcraft3 folder is write protected. If you disable write protection it will work like normal. else follow steps below.

Windows Vista/Windows 7/windows 8 and windows 10
1. Click Control Panel.
2. In category View , click Appearance and Personalization, then Folder Options.
3. In icon view, click Folder Options.
4. Select the View tab.
5. Select Show hidden files, folders, and drives.
6. Click Apply, then click OK.

7. Click Drive C: ( local disk ).
8. Click Users.
9. 3 Folders shown. Click between the default folder (hidden) and the Public Folder
10. Click AppData folder
11. Click Local folder
12. Click VirtualStore Folder
13. Click Program Files (x86) (x64)
14. Click Warcraft III folder


Best Regards,

 RGC Team.

Edited by Dr.Spy


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