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DotA_Allstars_7.00a4 Changelogs


Fixed desync with players who played the map before
Fixed more UI tooltips
Added Shops QWERTY option into F9 config
Updated hotkeys system once again, old bugs fixed, new bugs added
Heat Seeking Missiles will no longer fire at invulnerable enemies
Aftershock hotkey from A to T
Aghanim'd Enchant Totem can now be casted when rooted, but it won't jump anyway
Sniper's left talent level 20 from -1.5s Assassinate Cast Time to +30 Shrapnel DPS

Fixed Sprint not granting bonus within Roshan's Pit even with a Puddle nearby
Fixed Chakra Magic still providing bonus mana pool
Fixed Blur animation not being changed
Fixed Rubick and Attribute Shift stealing


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DotA_Allstars_7.00a5 Changelogs



  • Clarity now regenerate 180 mana over 30 seconds instead of 190 mana over 50 seconds
  • Every hero nominated for baning now has 50% chance to get banned, instead of banning only half of voted heroes randomly. This means it can ban 0-10 heroes.
  • Echo Slam now works on Ethereal enemies as well
  • Reverberates (secondary echoes) of Echo Slam no longer hits the source of the reverberate (means a single enemy will only receive basic damage instead of basic + reverberate)
  • Added alt-click for fogged rune spawns to say "Check Bottom/Top power rune"
  • Fixed Poison Nova not dealing damage on debuff apply tick
  • Assassinate now properly highlight the target with True Sight (it gave HP-bar vision only before, when targeting invisible enemies)
  • Multiple casts of Demonic Purge on the same target now properly deal damage


  • Fixed selection group hotkeys not working
  • Fixed Shops QWERTY reacting on key up event as well
  • Fixed crash with Tiny and Lotus
  • Fixed Adaptive Strike reflecting twice
  • Fixed incorrect stacking of Press The Attack
  • Targeting indicator now properly displays bonus AoE for abilities with talents for AoE
  • Spirit Bear can no longer benefit of Illusion Rune
  • Rubick now benefits from Aghanim with Black Hole
  • Fixed Rubick's Tempest Double with Aghanim having Rune Forge ability
  • Fixed Rubick's Wrath of Nature (Agh) not spawning treants
  • Fixed Rubick's Electric Vortex had no aghanim version
  • Fixed Rubick's Purifying Flames had no aghanim version
  • Fixed bug with Bottle's charges
  • When a rax dies, ingame text now displays what kind of rax is it (meelee/range)
  • Fixed Slark stealing AGI when killing clones
  • Fixed bug with Tempest Double causing the clone to lose invulnerability when not being summoned
  • Improved Reincarnation detection
  • Fixed Rubick incorrectly using morph abilities (some of them had no proper effect)
  • Fixed Mana Drain with multi-draining Talent not working properly, not detecting valid targets around the primary one
  • Fixed abuse with CM mode and Tome of Knowledge/Raindrop's cooldowns
  • Fixed bug with casting Track without learning Jinada causing attacks not to crit
  • Fixed Voodoo Restoration manacost being 10 more than intended
  • Fixed bug with Split Arrows when you couldn't apply an attack modifier onto the target affected by Split Shot recently
  • Fixed Stifling Dagger dealing the same % damage on every level
  • Fixed miss chance for ranged when attacking runes from the river level
  • Fixed Blast Off! could cause Techies to stuck
  • Fixed Adaptive Strike not starting the second's ability cooldown when casted
  • Fixed Axe's talent for attacks with Counter Helix didn't work when attacking non-heroes
  • Added slow effect to Mystic Snake, removing 30% of affected unit's movespeed for 3 seconds (turn speed doesn't change)
  • Fixed Focus Fire pausing it's passive attack part if Windrunner has right-clicked onto an allied unit while moving
  • Fixed Retaliate's buff visually disappearing from Centaur when Aura talent learned
  • Fixed Retaliate's active part not being dispellable
  • Fixed Arctic Burn incorrect learning when Aghanim'ed
  • Fixed Spirit Bear not dropping droppable items on death
  • Death Pulse no longer target Tombstone Zombies
  • Fixed Spell Steal and Attribute Shift interaction
  • Fixed Mortal Strike could be stolen by rubick
  • Fixed Meepo and Slark's passive abuse
  • Fixed creep selection caused KDA/CS/Networth labels to display incorrect data instead of your own
  • Fixed Crippling Fear cooldown not being changed
  • Removed critical strike icon from Shapeshift and Wolf's Bite
  • Fixed Poison Touch bug when it couldn't be prolonger by attacks
  • Fixed Blur not refreshing itself when killing a hero when stolen by Rubick with Agh

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DotA_Allstars_7.00b0 Changelogs


  • Fixed (?) bug with Shift-stucking causing unit to place banners all around
  • Fixed bug with Aghanims and it's recipe when they couldn't fuse into a buff


  • Slightly improved landscape
  • Added Aghanim's Scepter to Broodmother: increases max webs/charges from 2/4/6/8 to 6/10/14/18, grants unlimited MS as well while in the web
  • Chronosphere no longer affects invulnerable units (Storm's Ball Lightning)
  • Fire Lasso (agh) will no longer target invisible or invulnerable enemies
  • Fire Lasso (agh) secondary target Lasso will no longer interact with Linken's Sphere (it used to block the spell)
  • Reduced neutral creeps follow time from 3 to 1 second, means they will return to their camp earlier now if walked away

Bugs Fixes

  • Fixed Ignite's interaction with Lotus Orb
  • Fixed Unrefined Fireblast manacost being calculated imrpoperly with Manacost reduce effects equipped
  • Fixed Phoenix couldn't use Supernova (agh) while Sunray active
  • Fixed bug with Chemical Rage, True Form and death
  • Fixed Rubick not receiving Poison Sting for wards when stealing Plague Wards
  • Fixed Roots Debuffs not stacking properly
  • Hex should no longer prevent Gem's holder from revealing enemies nearby
  • Remote Mines AoE increased from 400 to 425
  • Mass Serpent Wards now automatically attacks the closest enemy to the targeted point
  • Mass Serpent Wards now autoattack on spawn even if autoattack is disabled
  • Fixed Focus Fire attacking without losing invisibility from Windrun
  • Blast Off no longer interrupts when Techies dies
  • Fixed Static Link visual could be invisible
  • Fixed Tether Link visual could be invisible
  • Fixed Tether Link visual refreshing - it only displays the last known tethered enemy's location now
  • Courier will try to add items twice when delivering (should help with wards not being transfered properly)
  • Improved FPS perfomance of some heroes (Visage, Phantom Lancer) and mechanics to improve overall perfomance

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DotA_Allstars_7.00c0 Changelogs

  • Fixed bug when some uncontrollable units could be actually controlled
  • Fixed Stick charging from any distance instead of 1200 only
  • Fixed Last Word dispelling still caused it to proc (now it won't deal damage when dispelled)
  • Fixed Kaya and derivatives items didn't update magical damage bonus value (had to pick/drop Null Talisman to update)
  • Fixed Meepo's clones being removed from selection groups on death

- Fixed Mouse Middle button when used for HotKey
- Various interface fixes
- Fixed alternate camera stucking when using Alt + tab
- MOUSE WHEEL can no longer be selected for Select Main Hero, Select Hero 2-5, Alternate Camera Grip and Chat Wheels hotkeys
- Added second Chat Wheel
- Increased cooldown for Chat Wheel sounds


Balance Updates



Primal Split's Fire Spirit's attack damage increased from 75-85/115-125/155-165 to 75-85/125-135/175-185.
Primal Split's Fire Spirit's  Reduced  Permanent Immolation damage interval from 1 to 0.5 (same DPS in total).
Level 20 right talent from +1500 Health to Primal Split Units to +1750
Level 25 right talent from -65s Primal Split Cooldown to -75s


Increased base attack damage by 3
Increased base armor by 1.
Increased Aghanim's Scepter upgraded Viscous Nasal Goo radius from 750 to 825.
Increased Viscous Nasal Goo armor reduction per stack from 1.4/1.8/2.2/2.6 to 1.4/1.9/2.4/2.9.
Increased Warpath attack damage per stack from 18/24/30 to 22/28/34.


Base bonus attack speed increased from 0 to 25
Level 10 left talent: +200 health increased to +250.


Base armor increased by 1
Increased  Hoof Stomp cooldown from 13 on each level to 22/19/16/13.
Reduced  Double Edge base damage from 150/200/250/300 to 120/180/240/300.
Increased  Stampede mana cost from 150 on each level to 150/200/250.
Level 20 right talent: +80 Retaliate damage increased to +90.


Base damage reduced by 4


Increased base intelligence and gain from 17 + 1.3 to 18 + 1.5.
Increased movement speed from 310 to 315.
Increased base armor by 1.

Increased Hookshot stun duration from 1/1.5/2 to 1.5/1.75/2.
Reduced Battery Assault cooldown from 32/28/24/20 to 24/22/20/18.


Crystal Maiden
Reduced base armor by 1.
Increased base attack speed from 100 to 115.
Reduced attack point from 0.55 to 0.45.

Reduced Aghanim's Scepter upgraded  Freezing Field  Frostbite timer from 2.5 to 2.


Dark Seer
Changed movement speed bonus from 70% to a flat 250.
Increased cooldown from 16/14/12/10 to 19/16/13/10.


Death Prophet
Increased base armor by 1.
Increased base intelligence from 21 to 24.

Reduced Carrion Swarm cast time from 0.5 to 0.4.
Reduced Silence cast time from 0.5 to 0.4.

Reduced Spirit Siphon charge restore time from 60/52/44/36 to 45/40/35/30.

Exorcism now also grants 20% movement speed.


Increased attack range from 600 to 625.

Thunder Strike now slows the movement speed of all enemies within the area by 100% and attack speed by 100 for 0.1 seconds on each strike.
Increased  Thunder Strike mana cost from 130 one each level to 130/140/150/160.


Static Storm
Increased radius from 450 to 500.
Increased max damage per second from 200/250/300 to 200/275/350.
Aghanim's Scepter no longer increases  Static Storm duration from 5 to 7.

Level 10 right talent: +200 health increased to +225.


Earth Spirit
Increased agility gain from 1.5 to 2.4.
Increased base intelligence from 18 to 20.
Reduced  Stone Remnant charge restore time from 30 to 25.

Level 10 left talent: +40 attack damage increased to +65.
Level 10 right talent: from +10 Intelligence to +400  Rolling Boulder distance
Level 15 right talent: +7 armor increased to +8.
Level 20 right talent: +15% spell damage amplification increased to +20%.


Ember Spirit
Sleight of Fist can no longer be cast while rooted.
Increased agility gain from 2.1 to 2.6.
Reduced base armor by 1.

Searing Chains
Reduced  Searing Chains damage per second from 60/80/92/100 to 50/75/90/100.
Reduced mana cost from 110 on each level to 80/90/100/110.
Reduced cooldown from 14/12/10/8 to 11/10/9/8.

Level 10 left talent: +250  Flame Guard magical damage absorbed increased to +350.
Level 25 left talent: -20s  Fire Remnant charge replenish time reduced to -16s.


Increased base attack damage by 1.
Increased base armor by 1.

Enchant can no longer be cast on siege creeps.
Reduced Enchant cooldown from 22/18/14/10 to 20/16/12/8.

Reduced Nature's Attendants heal per wisp per second from 10 to 7/9/11/13.
Increased Nature's Attendants duration from 10 to 11 seconds

Reduced Impetus distance to damage from 16%/22%/28% to 14%/20%/26%.


Reduced intelligence gain from 3.9 to 3.6.
Increased base Intelligence from 18 to 19.
Base Damage increased by 2.

Increased  Malefice damage per tick from 30/50/70/90 to 30/55/80/105.

Increased Black Hole mana cost from 275/325/375 to 300/400/500.
Increased Black Hole damage per second from 50/100/150 to 100/150/200.

Level 10 right talent changed : +25 movement speed -> +200 Enigma Eidolon attack range.


Faceless Void
Increased strength gain from 1.8 to 2.4.
Reduced agility gain from 3.2 to 3.

Reduced  Time Lock stun duration from 1.0s to 0.65s.

Increased  Chronosphere cooldown from 140/130/120 to 160 on each level.
Increased  Chronosphere radius from 425 to 450.
Increased  Time Lock proc chance from 10%/14%/18%/22% to 12%/16%/20%/24%.

Reworked Aghanim's Scepter upgrade:
Old: Reduces Chronosphere cooldown from 140 to 60.
New: Now causes Time Walk to perform Time Lock on all enemies within 250 radius around the destination point. Does not pierce spell immunity.
Note: It's not an instant attack, but a Time Lock effect only.

Level 20 left talent: +500  Time Walk max distance reduced to +450.


Increased strength gain from 2.3 to 2.5.
Reduced attack backswing from 0.97 to 0.65.
Increased base attack speed from 100 to 125.

Flak Cannon
Reduced attack count from 3/4/5/6 to 2/3/4/5.
Reduced duration from 15 to 10.
Reduced cooldown from 40 to 20.

Call Down
Increased second missile damage from 100/150/200 to 200/275/350.
Increased cooldown from 55/50/45 to 90 on each level.

Side Gunner attack interval from 1.1 to 1.2.
Now prioritizes the furthest enemy within the radius, instead of being fully random.
Increased radius from 600 to 700.

Level 20 left talent: -25s  Call Down cooldown increased to -50s.

Increased base armor by 1.
Increased strength gain from 3.1 to 3.2.

Reduced Berserker's Blood max attack speed from 160/220/280/340 to 140/200/260/320.
Increased Life Break movement speed slow from 40%/50%/60% to 60% on each level.

Increased base armor by 1.
Increased base attack damage by 5.
Increased base intelligence from 14 to 15.

Increased Cold Snap damage from 7/14/21/28/35/42/49/56 to 8/16/24/32/40/48/56/64.
Reduced Exort attack damage bonus per instance from 4/8/12/16/20/24/28 to 2/6/10/14/18/22/26.


Increased strength gain from 2.8 to 3.
Dual Breath now deals its first tick of damage immediately as the fire debuff is placed, instead of 0.5 seconds after.

Level 15 right talent: +40% experience gain reduced to +35%.

Keeper of the Light
Attack damage from 39-55 to 41-48


Level 10 left talent: +6 armor increased to +7.
Level 25 left talent: +60%  Tidebringer cleave damage increased to +80%.


Reduced attack backswing from 0.77 to 0.6.
Increased agility gain from 2.3 to 2.8.
Reduced Pulse Nova activation mana cost from 70/90/110 to 70.

Level 20 right talent changed: 25% evasion -> +400 health.


Attack Damage increased by 2


Reduced attack point from 0.75 to 0.65.
Reduced attack backswing from 0.78 to 0.6.
Increased strength gain from 2.0 to 2.4.
Increased turn rate from 0.5 to 0.6.
Reduced base attack damage by 2.

Level 10 left talent: +125 cast range reduced to +100.
Level 10 right talent: +30 attack damage increased to +35.


Attack Damage reduced by 1
Finger of Death no longer receives bonus damage from killing non-real heroes (Tempest Double)

Increased Shockwave slow duration from 0.6 to 0.9.
Reduced Empower cleave damage from 15%/25%/35%/45% to 10%/20%/30%/40%.


Increased attack point from 0.3 to 0.35.
Increased base attack speed from 100 to 115.
Increased base intelligence from 19 to 22.
Increased base attack damage from 40-49 to 42-50.

Reduced Starfall cast time from 0.5 to 0.4.
Reduced passive Starfall trigger interval from 10 to 8.

Elune's Arrow
Reduced base damage from 50/140/230/320 to 60/150/240/330.
Increased maximum bonus damage from 140 to 180.
Reduced max stun duration from 5 on each level to 3.5/4/4.5/5.
Rescaled cooldown from 17 on each level to 18/17/16/15.
Reduced projectile speed from 950 to 900.

Reduced Leap attack speed from 60/80/100/120 to 25/50/75/100.

Increased Moonlight Shadow mana cost from 75 to 125.


Naga Siren
Reduced agility gain from 3.7 to 3.5.

Level 20 right talent: -7s  Ensnare cooldown increased to -9s.

Nature's Prophet
Reduced attack backswing from 0.77 to 0.6.
Reduced base attack damage from 55-69 to 50-60.
Increased base agility and gain from 18 + 3.3 to 22 + 3.6.
Increased intelligence gain from 2.9 to 3.7.


Wrath of Nature
Now grants the caster 4/5/6 attack damage for each unit killed by it for 50 seconds.
This bonus damage can be purged by an enemy
Increased cooldown from 60 to 8


Night Stalker
Increased strength gain from 2.8 to 3.2.
Increased base intelligence from 13 to 15.
Increased base movement speed from 290 to 300.

Reduced Hunter in the Night attack speed from 30/50/70/90 to 20/40/60/80.

Level 15 left talent: 15% lifesteal increased to 25%.
Level 20 right talent: +40 movement speed reduced to +35.
Level 20 left talent: +50 attack damage reduced to +40.
Level 25 left talent: replaced -8 Crippling Fear cooldown with -60s  Dark Ascension cooldown.
Level 25 right talent: +140  Hunter in the Night attack speed reduced to +110.


Nerubian Assassin
Reduced base strength from 19 to 18.
Increased movement speed from 305 to 315.

Reduced Impale stun duration from 1.6/2/2.4/2.8 to 1.4/1.8/2.2/2.6.
Reduced Spiked Carapace duration from 2.25 to 2.

Increased Vendetta cooldown from 70/60/50 to 90/70/50.


Ogre Magi
Reduced base armor by 1.
Reduced base strength from 25 to 23.
Reduced base attack damage by 4.
Increased intelligence gain from 2.3 to 2.5.
Increased agility gain from 1.6 to 1.9.

Increased  Bloodlust multicast radius from 575 to 700.

Increased Multicast interval between casts from 0.5 to 0.6.
Increased  Multicast 2x chance from 70% to 75%.


Reduced movement speed from 300 to 295.
Increased base intelligence from 21 to 26.
Reduced base attack damage by 5.
Increased base attack time from 1.4 to 1.7.

Increased  Fortune's End mana cost from 75 to 100.

Level 10 left talent: +25% experience gain reduced to +20%.


Increased attack range from 500 to 525.
Increased base armor by 1.
Increased base strength from 19 to 23.
Increased base attack damage by 2.

Reduced  Icarus Dive cooldown from 36 on each level to 36/34/32/30.


Increased agility from 16+1.0 to 24+1.3.

Increased  Nether Ward max mana loss per second from 0.25%/0.5%/0.75%/1% to 0.6%/0.8%/1%/1.2%.


Life Drain
Reduced cooldown from 22 to 7.
Aghanim's Scepter now also increases damage to 200/300/400.


Rubick can now steal Phase Shift
Rubick now benefit from passive Sprint as well



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DotA_Allstars_7.00c1 Changelogs

  • Fixed crash with OpenGL
  • Fixed triggered attacks not revealing Smoke of Deceit effect from the caster (primarily affects Focus Fire and Stifling Dagger)
  • Fixed Chen's teleportation moving some invisible dummy units as well
  • Fixed Tricks of the Trade (agh) interaction with enemy's Linken's sphere


Lothar's Edge

  • Attack speed bonus reduced from 30 to 20

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DotA_Allstars_7.00c2 Changelogs

  • Fixed bug with Winter Wyvern causing some ingame effects to malfunction
  • Minor text files fixes

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DotA_Allstars_7.00c3 Changelogs

  • Fixed double click not working for Cataclysm and other non-unit targetable spells
  • Fixed Mass Serpent Wards still not attacking the spell target with autoattack disabled

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DotA_Allstars_7.00c4 Changelogs

  • Fixed Rupture couldn't be properly refreshed with Refresh
  • Fixed Plague Ward not autoattacking with -aat disabled (they should always autoattack on spawn, it can be cancelled manually)
  • Fixed Drum of War not working randomly when used
  • Fixed Paralyzing Cask could target a spell immune enemy, but could never actually cast it towards him
  • Fixed Chakra Magic reducing it's own cooldown when applied on Kotl
  • Fixed Crippling Fear's silence could be dispelled for a split second

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DotA_Allstars_7.00c5 Changelogs

  • Fixed bug with Minefield and mines
  • Fixed Shukuchi transfering it's bonus MS onto illusions created while Shukuching
  • Fixed bug at low-mana when casting autocast-attack modifiers
  • Fixed Stone Gaze could remember it's previous spell cast and enstone an enemy faster if he looked on her at the previous cast
  • Fixed Mana Break ignoring Break effect
  • Land Mine now explodes when destroyed by a neutral creep
  • Changed Stasis Trap visual effect on targets from Stun-like to Shocked-like effect

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DotA_Allstart_7.00c6 Changelogs


  • Fixed Nature's Prophet aghanim not spawning treants
  • Fixed interaction of Death Pact with some invulnerable-like buffs on creeps
  • Fixed Invoker losing 1 skill point at 17th level
  • Fixed Gravekeeper's Cloak stopped working on Familiars
  • Fixed Soul Assumption charge bar appearing and stucking randomly on the screen
  • Roshan can no longer be moved by Ice Shards
  • Fixed Broodmother's Spider control center interaction with Swapping
  • Slightly improved Frozen Throne position
  • Allied couriers are no longer valid targets for any shops, can pickup items manually only. Your own courier is still prioritized.

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DotA_Allstart_7.00d0 Changelogs


Antimage's Spell Shield reworked into Counterspell

  • Increases resistance to magic damage by 15/25/35/45%. Can be activated to create an anti-magic shell around you that sends any targeted spells back towards enemies instead of affecting you. This protection lasts 1.2 seconds.

* Works like Linken's Sphere and Lotus Orb combined. Can block and reflect any amount of spells while lasts. Cooldown 15/11/7/3, manacost 45/50/55/60.

  • Queen of Pain Left Talent 25 changed from -2s Blink to 15s Spell Block
  • It's possible now to share and stack mutliple Linken's Spheres on a single target

Reduced neutral Centaur's War Stomp cooldown from 20 to 12.

  • Returned "level" column into the primary scoreboard
  • Courier can now refill bottle again, but moves slower while it's equipped
  • Fixed Silencer's Int stealing counter not working properly
  • Fixed Bounty rune not spawning when killed by hand
  • Fixed Waning Rift affecting spell immune enemies
  • Fixed Spirit Vessel not granting mana regen
  • Fixed God's Rebuke not affecting spell immune enemies (attack now procs, knockback doesn't)
  • Fixed Headshot could cause enemy to stuck
  • Fixed Rubick could use Wukong Command with no delay

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DotA_Allstart_7.00d1 Changelogs


  • Added animation to Counterspell's duration
  • Fixed Arena of Blood not stopping units with free pathing (only passes Dark Ascencion, Arctic Burn, Firefly, Familiars and couriers now)
  • Eidolons spawned by attack count will now attack the same target as it's source even if autoattack is disabled


  • Fixed crash with F9 on some PCs
  • Fixed bug with some heroes talents and illusions
  • Fixed bug with spell block not working
  • Fixed Visage's cast range talent not working
  • Fixed Necronomicon's and Satyr's Mana Burn not being blockable by spell block
  • Fixed Ethereal Blast not being blockable by spell block
  • Fixed bug with Finger of Death, Mana Burn not providing visual effect when blocked
  • Fixed Rubick missing Mana Void Aghanim
  • Linken's Sphere now properly reacts on cooldown reset effects
  • Fixed refreshing Linken's Sphere not removing it's charge from the unit it was shared to before
  • Fixed bug with Spirit Bear's vision being reduced after death and quick rebirth
  • Fixed bug with triggered attacks and invisibility rune
  • Fixed Cold Feet stack limiter not working, it's not possible to curse the same unit again until it's frozen
  • Fixed Puck's Rapid Fire working even when Puck is dead

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DotA_Allstart_7.00e0 Changelogs


  • Slightly updated terrain (forest mainly)
  • Trueshot aura bonus reduced from 22/44/66/88% of AGI to 22/33/44/55
  • Added "Boots of Travel Consumable" recipe (Troll Headhunter's Shop)
  •     Costs 1800 gold; requires Boots of Travel;
  •     When combined with Boots of Travel, turns Teleport ability into unit-targeting, grants 100 charges and make it to not lose a charge when Teleporting;
  •     Automatically consumes when picked up by owner with no upgrade;
  •     Movespeed bonus remains the same, doesn't stack with other boots


  • Neutral gold increased by 10-15% (still lower than it used to be at 6.XX versions by 11%), experience by 5% (compared to 6.90 - reduced by 20%)
  • Mid and easy lanes can pull their closest neutral camps now (other camps unchanged)
  • Ground Couriers no longer trigger Land Mines
  • Night Stalker's Dark Ascention will no longer trigger Land Mines (because he is flying)
  • Hand of Midas now causes aggro for other neutrals
  • Telekinesis now provides assists on stunned enemies
  • Roots no longer affect target's priority (autoattack won't pick another unit, affects Troll primarily)
  • Shard Golems (the ones spawning after killing Mud Golem) now properly adds up to player's controlled group hotkey
  • Chat command "-mute #" now also blocks the muted player's sounds from Chat Wheel
  • Added Alt-click support for Bounty runes and Shrines


  • Critical Strikes now use attacker's special animation if he has one
  • Fixed bug with Glyph and CM/CD modes
  • Fixed bug with Spirit Breaker's aghanim not decreasing cooldown
  • Fixed bug with Bottle and Rune not being automatically used after 2 minutes
  • Fixed Focus Fire granting 1000 AS instead of 475 as intended
  • Fixed Walrus Punch not dealing bonus damage when Break applied
  • Fixed Mystic Snake Agh interaction with Lotus Orb
  • Fixed Mystic Snake Agh not using cooldown reduce talent
  • Fixed Infernal Blade affecting some wards
  • Fixed Glyph icon not going into cooldown when Glyph toggled via Circle of power
  • Fixed Tiny with Tree Grab couldn't properly rightclick nearby a fogged tree (now it's disabled)
  • Fixed abuse with Arc Warden and Moon Shard
  • Fixed Juggernaut's Left Talent level 25 not working (1s Omnislash)
  • Fixed Omnislash not giving proper duration with Aghanim Scepter
  • Fixed Shadow Demon's Right Talent level 25 not working (bonus damage for Demonic Purge)
  • Fixed Abyssal, Nullifier not reflecting when being blocked
  • Fixed Assassinate (Aghanim) not being blockable by Spell block
  • Fixed Lotus not reflecting Nether Strike
  • Fixed incorrect reflection with Flaming Lasso
  • Fixed Batrider's damage being higher while Fireflying
  • Fixed Ghost Shroud slowing magic immune enemies
  • Fixed Tiny's illusions not increasing in size with Grow!
  • Fixed missing lightning FX on Thunder Strike
  • Fixed Spectre and some other units not being moved with height-affecting abilities
  • Fixed unit's current movespeed couldn't be properly checked when under some debuffs with 0 movespeed (affects some movement abilities like Fire Remnant)
  • Rubick can no longer steal Templar Assassin's Aghanim ability (it had no use for him)
  • Fixed multiple Demonic Purge not dealing damage in some situations
  • Fixed Demonic Purge not dealing damage to Disrupted units
  • Meat Hook will no longer drag unit affected by Flaming Lasso
  • Fixed one more rare crash on game start

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DotA_Allstart_7.00e1 Changelogs

  • Fixed Consumable Travels (non-eaten) granting Aghanim's stats
  • Fixed Split Shot's damage
  • Fixed some items sell prices not being correct
  • Fixed an issue with Rubick stealing Tempest Double
  • Consumed Boots of Travel will now launch cooldown of other Boots of travels existing on the caster

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DotA_Allstart_7.00e2 Changelogs


  • Added back Butterfly's Flutter ability
  • Fixed Talisman of Evasion still granting 25% evasion instead of 20%
  • Fixed Elune's Arrow cooldown not being updated
  • Fixed Razor's 25's Talent granting old AS bonus as well as the new one
  • Fixed Walrus Punch could miss
  • Fixed Bristleback's auto-quill could cause attack effects not to proc
  • Fixed Phantom Strike could cause Phantom Assassin to stuck inside the terrain
  • Fixed Nether Swap could cause units to stuck inside the terrain
  • Fixed Shadow Word effect not being visible
  • Flying Couriers vision reduced to minimum
  • It's now possible to select Shrines inside the Fog of War

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    DotA_Allstart_7.00e3 Changelogs

    • Fixed bug with crash in public games appeared in e2
    • Fixed (?) rare bug with talent not being learned when clicked
    • Fixed Rubick's passive visually working on allies when it buffs himself only
    • Fixed CM mode picking stage table's bug
    • Fixed rare bug with Meepo Clones killing courier solely causing courier respawn label to not appear

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    DotA_Allstart_7.00e4 Changelogs

    • Fixed bug with invisible units being visible to enemies (from e2)
    • Fixed bug with spell channeling animations (from e0)
    • Fixed stolen Shapeshift not working on Rubick

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