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Found 32 results

  1. ** fosh Room=iran lod Name= Miss_Sanaz Game =#7428455 leave %100
  2. granted

    Display name: strong_joseph08 Room: Philippines Reason: Ban as Massive Spam Reason of Appeal: As you can see to the indicated printscreen, me and other players were talking personally in our language (tagalog) I can say that its not spam since were talking seriously and there is no foul words, even though the admin already warn us not to spam but since we are talking with the other players, i think its not fair to have a 5 days ban for that i understand if its 3-24hrs but 5days is too long for that offense. I dont blame the admin/staff's since its their duty to keep the Room peacefully, but all i want is some consideration. you can translate our conversation and i assure you there is no spam or foul words againts the staff since the conversation is all about being handsome. Still, i apologize for the incident if i violated the rules. Thank you for your understanding regarding this matter @Aladdin @Riza @Jackpro555 thanks for accept my apology.
  3. granted

    Display Name: Kami_Sama14 Channel: Asia Reason: leaving the game at around 11 minutes Reason to appeal: there was a power cut due to rain and i even played until my backup when dry
  4. account man az iran lod ban shude khastam az chance estefade knm bara unban mmnun
  5. multipost

    RGC username : strong_joseph08 Room: philippines Ban reason : Afk reason of appeal : hello, I had to do some work at home and go to the supermarket and my father were waiting for me to go out. so thats why i were afk. i hope u unban im a good player in rgc im sorry for my mistakes i hope u understand me, please give me a chance
  6. 1-RGC Username : strong_joseph08 2-Room: Philippines 3-RGD Reporting from : 4. Reason + Link : Leaver : afk 5-Reason of Appeal :he didnt use any chance in year in thats all thank you .
  7. denied

    RGC username : strong_joseph08 Room: philippines Ban reason : Afk reason of appeal : hello, I had to do some work at home and go to the supermarket and my father were waiting for me to go out. so thats why i were afk. i hope u unban im a good player in rgc im sorry for my mistakes i hope u understand me, thats all thank you .
  8. denied

    i didnt spoil the game because the game is already ending i paused to talk when the game is ending everybody knows thats not spoiling to win next time i`ll be careful in pausing the game
  9. solved

    unban request plz i feed buc we was losing min 10 and this is the first game i feed unban plz D
  10. closed

    Display name: EαʂყOɳҽ Room: PH Room Reason: Quit/Left the Game Reason of Appeal: Did you watch the reply? You said you give one chance in the same offense? I quit last april because of Hotkey and that's a early quit. This time I quit because of stop dance. I left the game for my team mates to high chance of winning. Before I left the game we are sure we already lose and game is already end so our last plan to give my basic item for my team mates and the facts I'm useless too because of stop dance. And last you said to check my Connection before playing? Before that game I played different game and no problem the problem is some player in rgc experience dc. Please Understand my point and my experience in rgc. I thought sometime rgc have a problem of that scenario. I no Intention to break the rules and I'm good player and I repect all staff in different channel. Thank you and I hope you recognize my Concern too,
  11. denied

    Display name: EαʂყOɳҽ Room: PH Room Reason: Quit/Left the Game Reason of Appeal: I Quit the game because of Stop dance although my ping is 20 to 24ms, and I inform my Teammates before I left the game to high chance to win my team because of my item. I try to continue the game but still have a problem why rgc still lag lately ? More player dc? Before I left the game I already dc but before that my plan is to left the game for benefit of my team mates. Please check the Reply 1st minute of the Im always check my Ping !ping because stop dance although low ping. And is not my Intention to left the game to burden my teamates or lost the game. check my game log how my initiative to win my each game. Btw Sorry for that. But I suggest to fix why some players is too lag although our ping is low. Thank you.
  12. solved

    RGC Username: Mamba_glock Ban reason + Link : AFK + Reason of Appeal : Went to Toilet as i mentioned in the beginning of the game, said for 2 mins Please check my chat @ 3:11 and @ 3:16. Proof: I came back from toilet and said thanks even!!!!! still they kicked me by not even reading my chat. see chat @ 7:44 I am sorry if going to toilet in game is also wrong.. i cant say anything else.. if still my ban prevails.. Thanks @ admins
  13. !denied

    RGC USERNAME:bssanju89 BANNED USERNAME:D3ATH_KING Banned room :Asia (public) I was banned for leaving game after 22min (enemy team already had 4 players and when i left it was even) .since i had to leave home to collect quarrantine food relief material as part of government lock down .I had no other choice than to leave it that time . please consider this request for one time as dota is the only relef during this hard time . thanks in advance .
  14. denied

    Display name: [xYz]Atikon Room: Philippines Reason: Bypasser / Bad Behaviour Reason of Appeal: (Please read my request below) Hello @Froz, I would like to request to unban my IP/Computer due to bypassing. I would like to let you know that I and my younger brother have access to my computer and he is the reason why my computer or IP got banned. I have asked him why this happened and he told me that he was banned due to unpleasant manner trash talking to players on room philppines and as a result he got banned for that. He said he tried to bypass the ban that's why he got permanently banned. I would like to take the opportunity to apologize for what have happened. I am requesting if you would consider unbanning my IP or computer. I would be very glad if you could grant my request. If ever you will grant my request, I will promise to you that I would never let my younger brother have access to my computer to make the same mistakes again. Hoping for your consideration. More power to you and your team! Sincerely yours, [xYz]Atikon
  15. NAme Team: Fieles Amigos_ LEadeR : _Wisperwingツ 1: legô[email protected]$ 2: [sir]_.fer~ 3: DsZ_Rolyveratom 4: DANPRO 5: ¿checa100pre
  16. solved

    hello bro @Casper please Unban Request ranvasyaran^_* becuz he leaver in game and he cant again this and give him chance You are timebanned from this channel until 16:21 on 18/04/2020. Reason: leaving (2nd) he play in cafe un ban my pc i dont worry if not unban acconte Thx<3
  17. granted

    My nickname: Buco_sk Hello guys! Please unban me... I dont leaving games... this is my first leave... I leave in 0min becouse game was started without my friend... he was dont type ready and players kick him... I dont see this... I apologize for leaving..
  18. plz unban me from asia public room. my internet got disconnected .. not my fault .. plz unban me from asia public room
  19. Hello admins, I have had a ban recently, and it was just a misunderstanding. I had lost my connection, and it was considered as leave. I would like to ask you to unban me. I am sorry it was an unintended action. URL:
  20. Hey 1st time i got stuck with my router. now its fix. Pls unban [ERROR] [(Asia) Public] You are timebanned from this channel until 11:33 on 17/03/2020. Reason: [Intentional AFK]
  21. denied

    title : unban request my account : Arnold² and also this account : primefaya I need you to read this. it has passed months from the time I have been copmbanned and also banned from forum. I have t been even able to defend myself. I have waited until now . because I respect the law and I hate to bypass since it is very easy way to me to download bypass program . but I would rather wait till I get unbanned. because I believe I don't deserve this and I think I have been banned without enough reason. I have been playing in rgc more than 3 years playing more than 3000 games and also always trying to improve rgc bye sending posts ( 3145 posts and about 450 posts with my other account ) and I can say I knew no one in rgc more active than me . this link is the reason why @SirQ compbanned and also banned me from forum. I did what I thought was right thing to do. no one should be punished for what he thinks as long as no one else is hurt. the title of my compban is : disrecpect to humanity. I m sure iran admins have talked to @SirQ and I m sure they have said bad things about me to him. but I m sure what they said about me is not the truth. iran admins are my enemy and they had waited too long for comobanning me. I only named : ghassem solleiani what the world calls him. whith proof I even said I m sorry. is that person more important than GOD? even if I had insulted god >>>>>>>>> I would not be compbanned!!!. I tried to contact : @moon and @sirq and I emailed them and also sent private massages to them. but they never responded my mails. this is my email to : @SirQ I MAID THIS THREAD ONLY BECAUSE : I TALKED TO @MoON AND I EXPLAINED ALL THINGS TO HIM HE TOLD ME TO MAKE A NEW POST AGAIN. AND I DID. MY POST WAS GOING TO BE ANSWERED By @MoON PERSONALLY. AND HE LOCKED MY POST. BUT I DONT KNOW WHY @SirQ ANSWERED THAT POST AND BANNED ME INSTEAD. I trust your conscience and your morality to decide about me according to what I said above. @Hakka @SirQ @MoON>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>you must remember the time when I mentioned this post to you and you said that you will personally check this issue. but I am banned instead . ( my account name in rgc was Arnold² and we had private chats in the client about this )
  22. 1-RGC Username : BinaryPotka 2-Ban Reason + LINK : [ERROR] [LoD Public] You are timebanned from this channel until 07:17 on 07/03/2020. Reason: lvr 1st 3-Reason of Appeal : I did not leave the match rather I was trying to connect myself back to the game however after few mins "You are disconnected" dialogue box popped up. 4-Proof: In the attached images it can be seen me trying myself to connect back however it was not working
  23. please unban me. i realized my mistake and i will not do it again. i really want to play dota 1. i am begging you to unban me please. thank you so much for your kind consideration i really realized my mistake i will not use bypass again never.. i will be a good player please give me another chance i am begginh you pleas
  24. Display name: Dogstyle. Room: Mongolia Reason: Quit Reason of Appeal: my friends were playing as 5 and we were losing game game was already end our all barracks destroyed and they were hitting in our TREE it was absolutely gg and i said about rmk and hosted and waited them but staff banned me i left from ended game
  25. solved

    RGC Username : motagandaX Ban Reason + LINK : banned for being afk.. Reason of Appeal: Extremely sorry as the door bell rang and i went to see who is at the door and the game started.. by the time i was able to come back i was already kicked as being afk so i left the game and joined another.. u can see the logs also i am extremely sorry as this wont happen again.. Proof: I have already apologized to the admin who banned me Mr.Rye. i would like to request u aswell to lift the ban as this was unintentional and wont happen again.. Game link :