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Found 9 results

  1. Display name: Dogstyle. Room: Mongolia Reason: Quit Reason of Appeal: my friends were playing as 5 and we were losing game game was already end our all barracks destroyed and they were hitting in our TREE it was absolutely gg and i said about rmk and hosted and waited them but staff banned me i left from ended game
  2. solved

    RGC Username : motagandaX Ban Reason + LINK : banned for being afk.. Reason of Appeal: Extremely sorry as the door bell rang and i went to see who is at the door and the game started.. by the time i was able to come back i was already kicked as being afk so i left the game and joined another.. u can see the logs also i am extremely sorry as this wont happen again.. Proof: I have already apologized to the admin who banned me Mr.Rye. i would like to request u aswell to lift the ban as this was unintentional and wont happen again.. Game link :
  3. granted

    Display Name : T·ks Room : Lod Asia Reason : Leaver Reason of Appeal : Im not in the game , ip address Problem. Replay :
  4. granted

    Display name: Corona.nCoV Room:- Lod asia Ban reason: leaver - replay: Reason of Appeal: I remember I had left the room but suddenly I hear "the game is starting" when I do my work.I have read the rule that If I leave before 5 secs after the game starting, I wont be banned. And I leave. But I still be banned This is the first time I have been banned, pls give me a chance to be granted!
  5. solved

    IGN: Corona.nCoV Reason: leaver Ban link: I remember I had left the host but suddently I hear "the game is starting". I have read the rule that If I leave in 5 secs after the game starting, I wont be banned. pls give me a chance.
  6. BataA·1-Your RGC UserName :8B^NNH_8B882-Abuser RGC Username :༒༺God༻༒ , @Odin 3-Room Name :Lod public4-What Kind of Abuse : racial no talk english, its really ? he trying to help team see first 20mins space orc trying , keep , and killing helpful, but 23 min start most lagged he lost of twr defelnd war and cant use ult see this send ping 200+ 23: 55 then 1000+ 25mins after he lost control for lagged every 1 sec , and enemies fighter are graned to most dmg , see this ༒༺God༻༒ 38:00 mins no item only arcane boots he dead too much . and then too enemeis range heros can kill me only 2 or 3 hit , no chance one to me i just help blink and ravage anchor and died and i have mana problem too much 5-Explain your situation (images/replays/logs/proofs...) enemies are too much have winds blink , i will tryed buy sentry wards and deward . ( HE SAID (4).Explain What Happened :no defen, feeder + dont work with team OMG just watch replay full see it i will try ed too much defend how can i alive ? they first kill me only two hit OMG dont work team ? see this assistance and watch replay staff @Odin may be i noob ? or weak skilled but i so tryedr every time and lagging so hard dis game they not help me. I THINK @ODIN NOT WATCH REPLEY ? i think im not game ruin i know real game ruin see this UUGAA.LOL this is real gameruin. calculatin on me.!!!!!! @Odin @Casper @BataA· @Loveca_ @~MeRCuRy~ please solve it
  7. granted

    Display Name : T·ks Room : Lod Asia Reason : Leaver Reason of Appeal : Im not in the game , Ip address problems . Please do unban me please. Replay :
  8. denied

    game id : 6192746 من توی سه ماه اخیر بن نشدم به هیج دلیلی شما بچه سال بی جنبه ادمین میکنین که بدون ریپورت واسه خودش 9 روز بن میکنه بعد ما که بد تر از این فحاشی ها رو ریپورت میدیم طرف 3 روز بن مبشه یا جمع کنین این مسخره بازیو یا واسه همه یکسان باشه
  9. Su nombre de RGC mas RGID: noeloca Nombre del infiltrado mas RGID:mit99 Repetición del juego: Motivo: se queda afk solo se mueve si le das afk en chat y no ayuda a defender Minutos exactos de la actuación: minuto 17