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Found 31 results

  1. 1-Your RGC User Name : 100000000000$ 2-Tc Abuser RGC Username : nanuri 3-GameID :7894840 4-Proof (screenshot) :
  2. GID [7889499] LOD public
  3. granted

    RGC Username : Gazzle Leaver Name : Janez2k47 Reason of this post : i reported him 2 times cuz of same thing wich is same TC ABUSE 1st post was denied 2nd one was granted and casper said he is warned on the cilent and now this kid repeat it seems like he is not warned pls ban or unvouch him ty <3
  4. granted

    RGC USERname : Gazzle Reporting : Janez2k47 Reason : last time my post was denied cuz i didn't make full screen >> and now he repeat it and i have full screens HHE repeat it more then 3 times so ban this kid pls
  5. 99231892 1st Control foriegn host
  6. denied

    My Name : Gazzle Reporting : Janez2k47 Reason : Hosting with a retard name like on the screen : to confirm ask staff ' Mr.Rye ' and then saying some wrong words about me in pub chat
  7. Ban request and remove his tc tag REPORTER: LIFEOFTP NAME: Vik.EEEEEEEEE GAME ID: 7735093 and he said he is king nobody cant ban him. If he got banned he will remove this shit....
  8. 7660083 game id host indoshi tc abuse invalid rmk
  9. ban pls MGL_Anujin because kicked me from my host
  10. 1-Your RGC User Name : -Chidori 2-Tc Abuser RGC Username :nagawe 3-GameID :7480060 4-Proof (screenshot) :
  11. [17:55] [7464473] Ogre Powa [08:50] has ended. ban&unvouch
  12. odobreno

    ROOM:SDR RAZLOG:KICK 12 Znaci ovo je 10 put da me kuca komandu kick 12 bez ikakvog razloga ... nit je host gejma niti ima veze sa gejmom DOTICNI JE :Yoshimitsu_srb LINK:
  13. game id : 7387023 my account : Seven Report : <<<Haku>>> reason : use commands in my host
  14. Denunciante: [ZoloNaD]³ Denunciado: DontEk12 Motivo: Abuso excesivo de Team Captain Argumento: El usuario identificado con RGID #24409869 y de nickname: DontEk12 ha infringido las reglas correspondientes a la responsabilidad del manejo del TC, según lo tipificado en las normas de uso del room (SA) RPG MIX. Las razones o evidencias a exhibir son las siguientes: 1. Se observa en la captura 1 que el anfitrión correspondiente a la gestión de la sala le pertenece al usuario Inetella. Captura 1 2. Sin embargo, en la Captura 2 se aprecia que el usuario DontEk12 kickea al usuario zxccv00000a y seguidamente al denunciante de este post: usuario [ZoloNaD]³. Captura 2 3. Por otro lado, seguidamente se crea otra sala. En este caso el usuario l-Happy-l sería el nuevo anfitrión (v. Captura 3). Captura 3 4. Sin embargo, aquí del mismo no respeta su responsabilidad como portador de TC y kickea al denunciante [ZoloNaD]³ nuevamente (v. Captura 4). Captura 4 En ese sentido, por todo las evidencias mostradas, se pide la sanción del denunciado según las reglas del room. Asimismo, queda a criterio de aquellos staffs tengan en consideración si este usuario volverá a tener TC en un futuro. Anexo de pruebas: 1. Primera sala donde se cometió el abuso (ver LOOBY Chat) 2. Segunda sala donde se cometió el abuso (ver LOOBY Chat)
  15. 1-Your RGC User Name : KillingAnts 2-Tc Abuser RGC Username : someone kicked me from my host. pls tc abuse for him!!!! 3-GameID : rmk 4-Proof (screenshot) :
  16. 1-Your RGC User Name : SillyHat 2-Tc Abuser RGC Username : hell0bi+ches 3-GameID : SillyYellowHat 4-Proof (screenshot) : He changed game mode 2 seconds before game starts on count down on my host.
  17. 1-Your RGC UserName : kikino692-Abuser RGC Username : GowShoO3-Room Name :LoD Public4-What Kind of Abuse : First he said host to kick me, then he kicked me himself, and host told him not to tc.5-Explain your situation (images/replays/logs/proofs...) - Please check attachment
  18. 1-Your RGC User Name :Jennie:> 2-Tc Abuser RGC Username :uba_0519 3-GameID :7292244 4-Proof (screenshot) : haven't ss. because he kicked me from my host
  19. my name ; mehdi123344 reason this man Akil has hosted twise on my name . and this time he hosted vaflist Mehdi. he deserv abuse user name*~ game id: game replay
  20. 1-Your RGC User Name : KillingAnts 2-Tc Abuser RGC Username : mehdi123344 3-GameID : rmk 4-Proof (screenshot) :
  21. 1-Your RGC User Name : KillingAnts 2-Tc Abuser RGC Username : how can i know who was unhost my game? 3-GameID : fuckers 4-Proof (screenshot) :
  22. tc abuse nick name in link was last one to act and write unhost cos we disscused we dont like him in game
  23. 1-Your RGC User Name : KillingAnts 2-Tc Abuser RGC Username : rgc-oz! 3-GameID : prv rmk 4-Proof (screenshot) :
  24. solved

    [09:11] [7183194] ru1 anlol Pls check who unhost my host
  25. User :LAPURDA Abuser :korea.gamer ID : 7178678 In lobby chat :