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Found 39 results

  1. denied

    My Rgc Username : HuntaViru$ Feeder & Ruiner : gulbaali Link : i was riki and he Tossed me 3 times to enemy while i was alone and Enemy were all together Timestamp : after 20 mins game time . he tossed me at 24 min 2nd time. i hope he will get ban. Thanks Replay_2020_05_26_2233_Stealth Assassin_29m 3-5-4.w3g
  2. solved

  3. granted

    my name:Vaskodegama leaver name:Oldschoolmf description:he leave in 4 lvl and we will lose in late please ban for leave link:
  4. denied

    username : R1pper92 Reason: yurnero he was afk for 30 min in wood refuse to help us def he fight with wolf at the start u can check the chat i threat him by report he doesnt care we were 4v5 all game so we cant without our carry win it we suffered cuz of him u can check min 12 in chat
  5. granted

    My Rgc Username : HuntaViru$ Feeder & Ruiner : -alz3eem- Link : He was afk whole game. he was with tinker, tinker said in start that control axe in woods at 6min game time. he feed all the game i dont know why these people join game to ruin when they wants to be afk. tinker was also with him they both were together. Time stamp: all the game he just feed. i hope he will get bann for long. Thanks Replay_2020_05_17_0135_Dwarven Sniper_38m 2-11-5.w3g
  6. denied

    username : jesse_Pinkman_ Reason: mirana he is play solo all time and feed them so they became fat i said him come play with team he said im bored and feed them more i threat him will report he doesnt care he ruined my game i wish bann 2 weeks at least as ruiner u can check min 45 how he dead alone and watch us die every fight
  7. denied

    [GID 66432801] 10 Players are inside (EU) Public #3 -ap [32:00] Team 1: Aloosin999 Nostalgic00 Jelly_vip LordAhrimaan mafia_90 Team 2: King,Ragnar @@@[email protected]@@ EvilElf Sunstreak_11 T1NKER.THE.G.
  8. granted

    My Rgc Username : HuntaViru$ Feeder & Leaver : CASTLE†RapE Link : He ruin the whole game Feed top first ( didnt give me heal while i was dying & cast his spell on himself while he was full hp. after this i go bot then he also leave his lane after 7 minutes and come bot, feed bot top in jungles everywhere & then he left the game on 16 minutes. Time Stamp : after 16 Minute. i hope he will get bann for long. Thanks Replay_2020_05_12_0011_Witch Doctor_35m 5-10-7.w3g
  9. granted

    MY ID : MORTHAG GAME RUINER : Three-words (Mirana) REPLAY LINK : EXPLANATION : Mirana killed my farms from game beginning to end. He doesnt used skills in combat. Toxic player. Attacked bottom gold rune at 15. min while our teammate alchemist going to take. TIME : From beginning to end. Three-words game ruiner mirana.w3g
  10. granted

    Leaver Request format Your Display Name: -Io_Nittai- Reported Display Name: Room: (Asia) Public Replay: Timestamps: Reason: Ruiner Games Ruiner play Tiny Toss Zeus Minute 26 to foutain
  11. granted

    My Rgc Username : HuntaViru$ Feeder & Leaver : Disturbed*Kaco Link : He ruin the whole game Feed ursa on mid, gave first blood at 5 Minute and then feed whole game. at last he left at 21 Minutes without any reason. i hope he will get bann for long. thanks
  12. granted

    Hi there, please ban syllabear first because he left one after he picked a hero, and viper for being afk from 12 lvl, plz. We lost so easy report_syllabear_viper.w3g
  13. denied

    My name is:HannibaLecteR21 Leaver and bad behavior: SULTAN}TherulerSULTAN}Theruler What happened: in 25 min he said we are in wood farm, and discovered our position and one more time he did that i forgot time, towards the end he rained to lose 10 points, he left replay:
  14. granted

    My Rgc Username : HuntaViru$ The Game Ruiner : Crambadat Link : He Ruin The Whole Game & then Leave the game at 39 Minute Without any reason . Time Stamp : 39 Minutes i hope he will get bann asap. thanks Replay_2020_05_06_0508_Faceless Void_49m 7-6-7.w3g
  15. My Rgc Username : HuntaViru$ The Game Ruiner : olga69z Link : He Ruin The Whole Game when Magnus Leaves . hes not comming out from base . he toss our heros to enemy heros and let us die. Because of him we lose the game as he runied all the game when magnus leaves i tell him in chat that i will report you . instead of this he keep doing tosses our heros to enemies . he tossed us on enemy almost 10-12 times . i hope he will get bann asap. thanks Replay_2020_05_02_1824_Skywrath Mage_45m 16-11-9.w3g
  16. Hi there, please drop that treant, never helped team, even ruined mid lane invoker's game. please drop him from server/ thank you Replay_2020_05_01_0207_Nerubian Weaver_41m 9-13-9.w3g
  17. denied

    hi there, please report that phantom lancer, he always was fighting against Bristle until death which is ruined the game. bristle got very fat after, and game ended in 20 minutes. its really sad and disturbing report.w3g
  18. granted

    (1).Your RGC username : 1337_Wangxu(2).The Game-ruiner(s) RGC username(s) : Only8YearsOld 3).Replay and Game-Log Link : What Happened : At 22:23 and following the time,he bought bunch of Sentry wards just to block jungle farm, those Sentry wards should have used to deward enemy, reveal insivible units, but he used it to block jungle farms. It was an unacceptable behaviors, specially with a Donator Player like that. (5).Specify EXACT time-stamps for when this user began wrecking your game. 22:23 (6).Additional information: These screenshoots can help staffs investigate what happened Regards.
  19. hii my name : [email protected] im reporting :Gamingtt reason : he left and ruined the game replay : thanks
  20. denied

    Hi.. Please ban Maria+Juanita - Game ID [GID 66042173] played in with m in scourge and was verbal abusing and slandering us for he/she being noob or unable to play... we actually couldn't play or enjoy the game coz of Maria+Juanita.
  21. My Username : HuntaViru$ Reporting Username : ssnnssnn Room : EU Public Reason : This Person Leave the game without any reason and spoiled the whole game he took ursa. Replay : Timestamp : he left the game without any reason after 5 mins.
  22. NICK DEL DENUNCIANTE (DE RGC): Tardigradoo NICK DEL DENUNCIADO(S) (DE RGC): el.indigena MOTIVO O RAZON: Compra sentrys y los coloca en base(Anti gamer) TIEMPO APROXIMADO: 40-43 REPLAY:
  23. denied

    Your Display Name: Eclipse-Kepler Reported Display Name: kiokuzanagi, wombo~combo Room: (Asia) Public Replay: Reason: void destroy item, tiny quit game Minute: void (kiokuzanagi) 21-22 tiny (wombo~combo) 41-42
  24. granted

    1).Your RGC username : AsozialesNetz10(2).The RGC username of the one you are reporting: Xer2< (3) Replay: in a thorough manner exactly what happened Xer2< ruined the game because he was complaining the hole game and because we didnt listen to him, he decided to not def our lane in minute 35 and minute 40. The game was not over yet, we were playing 4vs5 and we had a good chance! He begged the opponents to finish. Please teach them a lesson!
  25. (1).Your RGC username : Zylcious(2).The Game-ruiner(s) RGC username(s) : bayraabataa(3).Replay and Game-Log Link : What Happened : He left at the beginnign of the game, then he joined rmk and left again. (5).Specify EXACT time-stamps for when this user began wrecking your game. (Game-Time or Elapsed-Time) : Right at the start. Please do whats necessary!