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Found 5 results

  1. granted

    sorry for calling in serbia room lorezo islam dog , wont happen again , if possible unban me ,tnx 1. RGC Username: -MaNiaC-_- 2.Reason: banned for religion saying 3.Proofs: the prtn is in his ban req
  2. Hello, Your RGC nick: MORTHAGBrief text about yourself: My name is Onur, 29 years old, living in İstanbul - Turkey, Turkish DotA experience: I play DotA since 2012, played in Garena,, Iccup, Wepla (Turkish Platform), and now here. My RGC acc from since 2015 (so %60 winrate is low for me -because never played with friends till 2020 in rgc- and didnt reset it yet)DotA skill: ms+DotA roles: Every role i can play, but i love most carry and support roles.RGC stats: Thanks.
  3. odboreno

    nick: CHAKI.! room: SDR razlog : pukao jebeni nemacki net,molim admine da skinu ovaj sramotan ban od 4 dana, Puci ce opet sigurno,zato molim admine da me ne banuje ,to je jos nekih 3 meseca dok se ne vratim u Srbiju ,e kad odem dole ,nema vise PUCANJA NETA, HVALA UNAPRED link gejma: :
  4. granted

    shenelqermezi ban fahashi shakhs khati Lubu181 GAme id 6219712
  5. Your RGC nick: #forfunBrief text about yourself: *Amin, 19, Tajik*DotA experience: I used to play Dota in other clients before, now iam playing LoD in Rgc, but if Dota tournament is back iam in!DotA skill: msDotA roles: Support, roamer/gangerRGC stats: thanks