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Found 5 results

  1. Yo instead of having admins jerking off to themselves, playing in stacks while thinking how good they are, can we have some normal (not braindead ones) that actually help out? I mean this can't be a coincidence; every time I join a game, there is a clear imbalance in points. If I join the team with the high points, it's a boring game, If I do the opposite it is an unwinnable game no matter how well I play. Anyway I bet nobody will recognize this as a problem, since most people in charge of the EU public, are themselves point collectors who will do anything to get the +5. Actually I got banned today by some retard admin, after playing a game like this, so I guess I'm salty right now that's why I'm making this post. PS: if you deliberately join easy games to get high points, I'm afraid nobody is gonna suck your dick for your high point account, so fuck off
  2. My points suppose to be 2793 but it is 2783 now. I do not understand that please someone check my game history and tell me why.Thanks for attention.
  3. .

  4. Hello again! this is my suggestion for new map. why not put double points system like in dota2 ? for example when you started the game why not stake your points. lose double points when you lose or win double points when you win. since at the start of the game it says "connection to server has been established chuchu" so i think it means its connection to RGC is established. why not make a staking option at the circle. so double win points or double lose. im pretty sure people might think this idea is good for RGC. seems a good idea? since dota1 is still evolving. you might say its not fair to does who earned there points that are 15k now. well i say its same as dota2 it started with normal match making to ranked making then started to introduce the double mmr system. again im not much a genius at coding but might be similar to excel coding [IF /ELSEIF] functions when start of the game choose at the circle (win / lose) something like that for points. since points is given at the end of the game. why not make it double if you win. =IF( <cond1> ; "then1" ; IF( <cond2> ;"then2" ; IF( <cond3> ; "then3" ; "else3" ) ) ) well its my suggestion anyways. why not evolve Thanks for reading this
  5. Hello again! I have this another suggestion to add in RGC Shop Ingame Points Protection. What is it? when ever you play a game and you lose you lose/DC you lose 3 & 10 points right? Why not make people Buy from shop RGC Points Protection you decide how many days and how much will it cost for RGD what will happen is instead of losing 3 & 10 points you lose only 2 for lose 4points for dc I say pretty much not bad idea make it cost alot so only people who really care about their points will buy it Thanks for reading this