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Found 10 results

  1. must read

    Proper Format of Unban Request : RGC Display Name: Room: Reason of Appeal: Game ID / Parser of where the violation took place: Example :
  2. must read

    We would like to clarify in this post how we define spamming in Pacific channel. If we see you doing any of the following, we will KICK you from the channel for spamming as a warning. Repetition of this violation may lead to a ban. WE CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING MANNERS OF CHATTING AS "SPAMMY": Typing random letters in multiple lines, even if it does not reach four lines and even if not consecutive, is also considered spamming. Example: Riza: asdasd Riza: asd Riza: sad We also consider it spam if the player copy-pastes his chat repetitively even if the lines are not consecutive, as long as they all appear on-screen. Example: Riza: Tara g Riza: Tara g Player: ano na Riza: Tara g Player: blablabla Riza: Tara g Typing a single chat without sense and consuming a lot of space on screen will also be considered spam. Example: Riza: asdhsajkdshdasdhsadkjadkasdhsajadssadkjahdaasdhsajkdshdasdhsadkjadkasdhsajadssadkjahdaasdhsajkdshdasdhsadkjadkasdhsajadssadkjahdaasdhsajkdshdasdhsadkjadkasdhsajadssadkjahdaasdhsajkdshdasdhsadkjadkasdhsajadssadkjahdaasdhsajkdshdasdhsadkjadkasdhsajadssadkjahdaasdhsajkdshdasdhsadkjadkasdhsajadssadkjahda Using very long clan tags. In this case, you will be warned and asked by the staff to leave your clan. Failure to comply will lead to a ban. Please understand that we slightly modified the rules on spamming because many retarded players abuse and take the "4-line rule" too literally. The explanation above is not exclusive. If the admins see that the chat constitutes spam, they will kick. Complaints on abusive admins may be posted here in the forum or may be referred to me directly.
  3. How to get Permanent Team Captain Rank? 1. 1600 points 2. 3 wins (mode -cm) The channel staff are trying their best to maintain a high standard of gaming experience here in Pacific. - Currently, we are using ladder stats (1600 points) to get permanent Team Captain rank. - But now probably we added one option, you need to get at least 3 wins with a mode of -CM only. Guidelines: 1. First, every game that you've done should be uploaded on replay parser. ( ) 2. Second, replay parser must be posted in Forum. ( ) 3. Lastly, wait for the grant of Staff. Example: Follow the simple guideline then you will get a Permanent Team Captain Rank. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to whisper Riza , JedTiotioen , Ikamuzu , Gio[PH]- , [Pontifex] .
  4. Your IGN: Ikamuzu RGID No: #230222618 Reason: Kindly grant my request Replays: (Mode -CM) 1. (won) 2. (won) 3. (won) Take Note: - We will not accept any mode other than -CM for requesting TC rank. - The validity of replays within 1 day only. - Request must be posted in Forum.
  5. must read

    We would like to clarify about the prizes we are giving every week and every month. To avoid misunderstanding between players and Staffs. PRIZES ARE Patron, Room Champion, RGDS and Global Rank. First Of ALL PRIZE is not really TRANSFERABLE. But there some cases we EXCEPT because we think that is FAIR to Everyone. 1st Rule : Prize should be given to the player who has more games in the Bracket/Challonge. 2nd Rule : If the player cannot play in the FINALS and need to use Reserve, we do allow to transfer the prize to the player who got more played games. (Team captain will decide or Staff Discretion) Clarifications about 2nd Rule : • It doesn't matter if it's not finals, semis , 1st round , 2nd round etc. • We always use the Final replay as proof where to give the prize • We do check challonge as a reliable evidence where replays are being attached. 3rd Rule : If you already have Global Rank, you cannot transfer your RGC PH Champ Global to your another Account. in this case choose (Your Global Rank or RGC PH CHAMP GLOBAL) or it will be given to your team reserve who played at least once. 4th Rule : Make sure to let the staff know about the Transfer prize mostly it's a Team Captain that PM's the Staff about such cases. WORDS to remember : We don't usually Rely to these rules the purpose of this is to avoid misundertanding and what we think it's FAIR to everyone. Feel free to whisper JedTiotioen if you have any questions! Hope you guys understand it! Enjoy playing in PH Tours everyone!!!!
  6. must read

    TOURNAMENT INFORMATION AND RULES Introduction : Founded in 2016 as a symbol of alliance between Philippines, the largest regional channel in Ranked Gaming Asia, and Pacific league, each season of PH.Tours comprises Four weekly tournaments and one grand final tournament in which the RGC PH Champion team battles with the four weekly champion teams to defend its title. ⇲ PH.TOURS EVERY SATURDAYS 12:00 RMT |6:00PM PH TIME ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ PRIZES : PATRON|200 RGD|GLOBAL RANKS⁵⁰⁰ • Weekly: [Winner] Room Champion + Patron in Philippines or Pacific (their choice) [Runner-Up] Patron in the other room • Grand Final: [Winner] Global Rank RGC PH Champion +100 rgds [Runner-Up] 100 rgds ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ RULES AND REGULATIONS ♠ Time : Every SATURDAY 12:00 RMT (6:00 pm PH Time) ♠ Mode: -CMZM (-cm 2) ♠ Format: Single Elimination Final Best-of-1 (Weekly) Double Elimination Final Twice-To-Beat (Grand) ♠ DQ: [Round 1] 30 min, [Thereafter] 15 min ♠ Swap Players: NOT allowed after Round 1 (reserve players can play at any time) ♠ Latency: NOT allowed UNLESS your opponents agree ♠ REMAKE: NOT allowed after 1ST BLOOD ♠ Pausing: NOT allowed except for emergency. (Mention 3..2..1.. before pausing or unpausing) ♠ ITEM RESTRICTIONS: • NONE ♠ ENTRY CRITERIA Teams from all regions / countries are welcome Must have a minimum of 5 members & maximum of 7 (2 reserves max) Participants must have 500+ games to join tour. New accounts & dummies are not allowed Participants can only play for 1 team. RGC PH Champions & PH.Tours Room Champions cannot play weekly tours of the same season Attempting to use multi-accounts / scam tour will result in permanent bans from PH.Tours Register using the below format. Any questions about PH.Tours, just whisper JedTiotioen, ikamuzu and mighty-kidd. Best Regards RGC.TEAM
  7. Most of the players in Pacific would know that our rules for Team Captains are as follows:► You are only allowed to use !Rmk before the 5:00 mark (after creeps spawn) With valid reason and proper permission (VALID REASONS: DC/Leaver, Spoiler, or others depending on the staff's discretion) ► Once requested by any of the players, hosts are OBLIGED to !rmk the game if someone leaves or gets disconnected, or intentionally feeds below 5mins.► Diamond Members will have their free Team Captain Rank here provided that they AUTOJOIN in this channel. This thread is intended to give a clearer explanation of the foregoing, so please take time reading this so we wouldn't have to explain anymore.1. You are only allowed to use !Rmk before the 5:00 mark (after creeps spawn)The basis for the 5:00 mark is shown in the photo: (see the red box)Beyond 5:00, you are ABSOLUTELY not allowed to remake the game regardless of the reason.For those who do not understand, you may only use the !rmk command until 4:59.2. With valid reason and proper permission (VALID REASONS: DC/Leaver, Spoiler, or others depending on the staff's discretion)Yes, it always depends on the STAFF. We are not bots. We use reason and we accept explanations. We decide whether or not to ban depending on the damage done to the other players.Having said that, we VERY RARELY ban Team Captains who remake before creep spawn.3. Once requested by any of the players, hosts are OBLIGED to !rmk the game if someone leaves or gets disconnected, or intentionally feeds below 5mins.This is usually the source of all confusion.We made this rule ever since RGC limited the use of the !rmk command to the host of the game.This is intended to AVOID DISADVANTAGE to the team of the player who was the reason for the remake (leaver, DC, spoiler, etc.).In order for us to actually ban the host of the game, there are FIVE REQUIREMENTS:- A player must have left, got disconnected, or spoiled the game- The player requesting for a remake MUST COME FROM THE TEAM OF THE PLAYER WHO LEFT, GOT DISCONNECTED, OR SPOILED THE GAME- The request for remake must be done before the 5:00 mark and the host must have been given sufficient time to remake the game before the 5:00 mark (You cannot request for a remake at 4:59 then report the host for refusing to remake)- The request for remake must be done within a short period from the time the reason for remake arose. (This is to avoid players who say it's okay not to remake then change their minds once they are at a disadvantage)- The host must refuse or ignore the request to remake the game.4. Diamond Members will have their free Team Captain Rank here provided that they AUTOJOIN in this channel.Diamond Members must whisper or highlight our staff if they want to be given Team Captain access.They must enable autojoin in Pacific. We regularly check DMs and if we see that you are online but not in the channel, we will unvouch.I hope this cleared everything up. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to whisper Riza.
  8. When posting a ban request for SPOILERS or GAME RUINERS, we have an EXCLUSIVE LIST.If the reported player did not do any of the following, there is no SPOILING:- Destroying, stealing, hiding items that belong to an ally.- Refusing to play.- Intentional feeding.- Intentional AFK.- Saving the game to disrupt the gameplay.- Usage of hacks.- Using spells to annoy or expose teammates. (Toss, Decrepify, Test of Faith, Recall, Relocate, etc.)- Exposing own or ally's items (including couriers) for the enemy on purpose.- Telling the enemies where his teammates are.- Telling the enemies where wards (or any item or skill which grants vision or which is intended to be hidden) are placed.IMPORTANT: A forum post is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for spoiler reports. Do not forget to include the timestamp when the reported incident happened. Staff will NOT watch the whole replay.
  9. must read

    For Pacific Ban Requests, kindly follow the format below:Your RGC Username:Reported Player:Room:Reason:Replay: replays must be uploaded at or Explanation/Timestamps:EXAMPLE: Your RGC Username: RizaReported Player: IkamuzuRoom: PacificReason: LeaverReplay: Ikamuzu left the game at 11:11IMPORTANT: We do not accept SCREENSHOTS for ban requests unless you are reporting chat violations or abuses by our staff.IMPORTANT: For SPOILER or GAME RUINER reports, kindly include the time when the reported incident happened. Staff will not watch the whole replay. Failure to indicate the timestamp will result in the DENIAL of the ban request.* Failure to follow the format above may result in the denial of your request.
  10. Pacific Penalization Rules Leaver/AFK: 2 days ban (+2 days per offense) NOTE: 10th Offense Leavers will be banned for 999w. TC Abuse: 2 days ban (+2 days per offense); 1 week unvouch (+1 week per offense) NOTE: 5th Offense TC Abusers will be PERMANENTLY UNVOUCHED and will no longer be able to regain their TC ranks FOREVER. Spoiler/Game Ruiner: 5 days ban (+5 days per offense) NOTE: Excessive spoiling/game ruining may lead to a 999w ban. Illegal Advertisements: 5 days ban (+2 days per offense) Bug Abusers: 5 days ban (+5 days per offense) NOTE: This penalty applies to ANY KIND of bug abuse. Cheating Points: 15 days ban; permanent TC removal (for Team Captains) or permanent disqualification from obtaining TC rank (for non-Team Captains) Disrespecting Staff: maximum of 5 days ban NOTE: Staff may ban for more than 5 days if the act of disrespect is excessively offensive. Racist Remarks/Excessive Obscenity/Disrespecting Women: maximum of 15 days ban. Posting of Porn Links: 15 days ban Maphackers: permanent ban (999w) Any complaints on bans made by the staff of Pacific may be posted in this forum section or reported directly to Riza.