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Found 113 results

  1. DENUNCIANTE: l!v3No.0NewBorn DENUNCIADO: ChiLeNaSo-xD MOTIVO: afk y leaver replay: Minuto: minuto 5:34
  2. granted

    Your RGC username : SeveN The Game-ruiner(s) RGC username(s) : Jh0nNnYyYyY , Spleww Replay and Game-Log Link : Explain What Happened : feed and leave
  3. solved

    Nick del Denunciante: |_Sky-[G]old_| Nick del Denunciado: CHINBO1 Motivo: afker Minuto: minuto 19 al minuto 24 Replay:
  4. aceptado

    DENUNCIANTE: l!v3No.0NewBorn DENUNCIADO: .-LiGtH-. MOTIVO: afker, solo movía su heroe para no acumular más tiempo afk, se fue afk en minutos importantes (en push del enemigo) que fueron causa de la derrota del equipo Replay: Minutos: minuto 27-28, 31:50-33:00, 33:10-35:10, 37:25-38:00
  5. aceptado

    Denunciante: |_Sky-[W]hite_| Denunciado: JARETE Motivo: afker en push decisivo (nos rompen los 3 lados) Replay: Minutos: 38:40-41:30
  6. denied

    (1.) Display Name : .virago. (2).Abusers RGC Usernames: LTCloud1640 (3).Replay and Game-log Link: (4).Explain What happened: spoiler/feeder (5).Specify Exact Time-Stamps for when this user began wrecking your Game: Not against with players who cant play well but if they keeps on feeding intentionally, keeping the team down, and spoiling game by tossing me to enemies aren't professional and nice. Needs to have respect to those who are playing. Tossed me 2x to enemies. 2nd toss between 26th and 27th minute mark.
  7. aceptado

    Denunciante: |_Sky-[W]hite_| Denunciado: HARBY_SPECTER Motivo: pone 2 wards en torre y se suicida en la misma torre Replay: Minuto: minuto 1
  8. Your name : WEMADEFOX.BBZ Ban request : AAARAMBO Reason : went 1-11 and said : "Im done, control me" gave share to all and went afk. At the end of the game had 9k unspent gold and only farmed woods for 20-30minutes Replay:
  9. denegado

    Denunciante: |_Sky-[G]old_| Denunciado: GM-Asencio Motivo: leaver Minuto: minuto 22 Replay: Nota: subo replay en mediafire porque ya van muchas denuncias que no he podido subir porque la página tiene fallas y se queda trabada al momento de intentar subir la replay, se queda congelada en "Parsing replay data"
  10. denied

    IGN: iZon3.Gigabyte Reporting : cela12 Reason : Intentionally feeding the enemy with 0 kill and 11 deaths and leave the game TimeSpan: 22:08 replay : Pleas dont tolerate this kind of player.
  11. denied

    name of player that needs to be banned: Gt50xK At 33rd minute he(GYRO) made divine and gave to enemy players, after he did it once again. Its rage game ruin on purpose and it needs 10 days or 2 weeks ban please! Kindly i am giving you a replay to check it from minute 33. Gt50xK giro game ruiner.w3g
  12. aceptado

  13. My account : IS game ruiner Acc : pablitogame Game id : Replay : REason : 5 min aval game ba sharj sprit sharj mikard zir tw feed midad
  14. denegado

    Denunciante: |_Sky-[G]old_| Denunciado: X_triMist Motivo: Se queda afk hasta ser kickeado Replay: Minuto: inicia afk min 20 - kickeado minuto 30
  15. My account : IS gameruiner Acc : #blackwolf# Game id : Replay : REason : Bug gold min 10 7 k item to jibesh bod
  16. solved

    denunciado:GooDKillerr Denunciante:hiago590 Replay Motiv: min 40-43 Vende todos tus artículos y compra centinelas para poner en la base y luego abandona el juego dañando así al equipo.
  17. solved

    DENUNCIANTE: l!v3No.0NewBorn DENUNCIADO: Turkey_Feather MOTIVO: No ayuda a defender base minuto 20 y 21 por consecuencia nos abren la línea y toma más ventaja el equipo contrario replay:
  18. granted wind runer : id :Ready*Go min 38 - 39 afk bud fight mid khordim badesh az afk darumad raft top ejaze dad mido mega konan
  19. I want to be unvouched from EU higher, As I think myself is not enough to in this level of gaming, and dont want to degrade the pride or name of the HIgher room. I deeply apologise for everything i have done wrong and every games I ruined. Regards. PloXxerol
  20. (1).Your RGC username : foxfireyou(2).The Game-ruiner(s) RGC username(s) : LetMeSupYou(3).Replay and Game-Log Link : What Happened : this player have personal issue with pudge for asking top lane, he refused to give pudge solo farm and the become the anti-gamer, he spend all his money in buying obs and put them in the juggle to block teamates farm. Also, he said he just want to ruin the game and never worry about banned since he could use bypass back into RGC, further more after the game he use the other account to flame for ban. (5).Specify EXACT time-stamps for when this user began wrecking your game. (Game-Time or Elapsed-Time) : he flame and argue with pudge since the game start and start game ruin since minutes 14.
  21. denied

    (1).Your RGC username : .strife(2).The Game-ruiner(s) RGC username(s) : NvM.HuNt(3).Replay and Game-Log Link : What Happened : All the game lion playing solo no support team mates or assisting with spells or saving them when he can use stun or hex, later in the late game we are trying to make the final push we went to take roshan , at 47:06 he used force staff to stall me from taking roshan and then he denied it and almost made us lose the game. Also he used foul language at (34:40) (5).Specify EXACT time-stamps for when this user began wrecking your game. (34:40 Foul Language and 47:06 Roshan Deny) Game ID: Game #68630514 link: Game Replay:
  22. <<<Here Xaliun randomed spells then afking Matte_Purple died 8 times then afking like 8-10 min in shrine
  23. solved

    Denunciado:5AV15 Denunciado:Reborn_live Denunciante: hiago590 Replay: Motivo: Conducta antigamer, Pasaron mucho tiempo jugando el mapa del pelo passeano y trolleando o jugando sin ajuar de su equipo. Min:3-5 Min:5-10
  24. solved

    reason game riuner, kitter, user name yonyrs_derss game id 7706159 replay
  25. solved

    reason game secund game riuner, kitter, denunciante: mehdi123344 user name Let.s-Go! game id 7706159 replay