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Found 59 results

  1. granted

    leaver nickname: Alpha-xTeme my name: Sperpero game replay: he was flaming as i was defending towers by killing creeps he said go fuck you're dead mother at 26:30 and i haven't said anything to him and then on a fight he died and left at 33:54
  2. denied player name: Respect Reason: we waited 10 mins for a game and he was flaming in chat, when the game started he left it
  3. granted

    game replay: Game replay : Boranija96 my username : Sperpero Prety much afk all game he dosen't do anything always in fountain and in minute 41:22 be got me killed on purpose by blocking the way so pugna could kill me it's 100% obvious and we still had a chance to win but i died and they finished the game that's all and thanks
  4. denied

    my name: bgm9kos.emak.3aebeh reported players name: spellbreak911 reason: game ruin, feed with purpose Explanation: 1. specific time he started with feeding from first minute, he played mortred, from the very beginning he feed the baratrum and the gondar, as soon as they kill him, he comes back and the bey of any sense attacks them and dies, in the 17th minute he was killed 11 times, without kiling anyone untill 17 minutes, by the end of the game he was killed about 20 times. 2. It is also very suspicious that only when he was sure that we would lose approximately 25 minutes did he start playing normally, without unnecessary and naive dying. 3. I also suspect that a couple of times he didn't want to help in the fight when we are fighting and then after that or before that he goes and dies. I believe that he died on purpose and that he destroyed the game
  5. granted pugna at minute 23 sells all his items and fills base with sentry and spams spells on team mates
  6. granted

    My username: AlbionPrincipe Report player: modern-samurai Replay link: Time stamps: Tinker feeder. He is on follow to kunka on mid. By minute 6 he already gave Invoker 10 kills on purpose. By minute 20 = 25 kills. Around 30min in the game he starts playing normally and not suiciding himself but already gave Invoker 20+ kills. Ruined the game
  7. granted

    Your RGC Username: asdffdsass Reporting (Username): Denarian1 Room: Eu (public) Reason:feeder and leaver Game id:
  8. MY RGC Username : ~FuckingNooB~ Reporting : amirsigner Room : Iran Reason : Game Ruin 40 - 46 Game ID : 6913368
  9. ban

    my id:aliking12345 fard khati:MAsouD1369 akhar bazi ke oomadan mega kardan 3 tarafo in too base afk karde bood #7571286
  10. ban

    7505617 my id :F‡ his id:slot 2 kolan laj karde az avale bazi az chat ha maloome mine 4 zire towere bala mano block mide ke betonan first blood begiran azam.ino doros ban bedid lotfan
  11. my acc : ღLove reporting acc : Hard^PlayeR game id : 6831369 reason : sare mid feed midad az awale game ta wasatay game mirafta kill midad screen link : ------------ link replay :
  12. my acc : 亗Shah reporting acc : ReeTeeTee game id : 6829268 reason : hiro man treant bud aghanim dashtam hame 6 hay mano az bayn mibor az min 18 ta akhara game harja miresid drakhtaro ghat mikard screen link : ------------ link replay :
  13. granted

    My name : Hanibal_Barca Reported Players : ENTELFERIDUN ANd chromy20 and HannibaLecteR21R21eR21HannibaLecteR21nnibaLecteR21 Link : Reason : CM Left Game and Nort and pudge Kept Pausing and Unpausing during fight
  14. Username:aracais1000 Link de la denuncia: MOTIVO: SEGUN EL DENUNCIANTE AFK Buenas tardes, mediante la presente cumplo con solicitar la apelación al baneo que se me dio a mi cuenta por estar afk mas de 3 minutos. La misma no fue voluntario, jamás atentaría contra mi team ya que hasta ese momento estabamos ganando; sin embargo tuve que atender a un familiar en casa que no se puede desplazar por si mismo ya que se encuentra con sintomas del COVID-19, ruego su comprensión. Acudo a mi primera y única apelación para que se me de el Unban! correspondiente gracias.
  15. denied

    (1).Your RGC username : massacre__(2).The Game-ruiner(s) RGC username(s) : B03050132(3).Replay and Game-Log Link : What Happened : player on Lina leave from game on 16 min(5).Specify EXACT time-stamps for when this user began wrecking your game. (Game-Time or Elapsed-Time) : seen in the game info
  16. Ban

    iD : Lea[D]eR Report : FA3TER_2000 Reason : Game Ruin - iteam khodesho attack dad - bad raft too base [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ iteama mano vardaasht bord attack dad ]]]]]]]]]]]]]] - badesham left kard ba hamchin heyvoonai bayad chikar kard !? Reaplay : Game iD : #7441845 Room : iRaN LoD
  17. my id: 13lack_Ro$e reporting: SaLiii reason: Game ruin game ID: 7437367 min 53:38 va min 54:49 to chat mige man dige fight nemiam ke lose shid va mire jungle ta 4v5 lose she. replay:
  18. ban

    7423842 my id :F‡ his id:slot 2 az mine 30 ta 50 hey yararo hook mikone jaye bug va mikhande va dargirio dame roshan mikhorim va bazio aghab mioftim va mibazim va bam be karesh edame mide
  19. denied

    Reason: Game Ruining (Feeding and Hiding Items) Time Stamp: Min 29 to 30 Game Ruiner Name: PFB Hero: Pudge Please refer to parser replay this pudge hiding items he took mythril hammer also.
  20. Reason: Game Ruining (Feeding and Hiding Items) Time Stamp: Min 29 to 30 Game Ruiner Name: PFB Hero: Pudge Please refer to parser replay this pudge hiding items he took mythril hammer also.
  21. denied

    My name: bgm9 Reporting: aaaafdga Reason: magina whole time stay top, whole time solo game, didn't def push mid 2,3 time... whole game stayed top and enemy wood...
  22. ban

    7351350 slot 1 kole itemasho forokhte va toye base iron branch mikhare.mine 31 dare base jam mishe afk vaysade kolan bazio kharab mikone
  23. pending

    Ogre went farming and let us lose at the end of game and he is flaming the team the whole game leaver.w3g game ruin.w3g
  24. denegado

    DENUNCIANTE: TiobillisDENUNCIADO(os): Dunadan7 INFRACCION COMETIDA: conducta antigamer durante el game, no defiende torres, no apoya en TF, prefiriendo farm en ves de jugar en equipo PRUEBAS Y MINUTOS EXACTOS O APROXIMADOS DEL SUCESO: min 13:00, 15:00, 16:00 17:00 no apoya en ningun caso a su equipo, REPLAY :
  25. granted

    mynick MazaWaza his nick :ThebestPLy link : title ban visag for ruin the game and feed for nothing we ff to make his team win and ban him thanks