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Found 256 results

  1. denied

    Your RGC Username : gurban969696 Reporting (Username) : ReeXX Room : Eu (public) Reason :always dead team did not come to the defense knowing that always upset morale please find remedy for players like this Game id :
  2. O jogador começou o inicio do jogo se matando em cima da torre em seguida começou a fedar meu time.
  3. denied

    Your RGC Username: COCKCOLA Reporting (Username) : 4ng3lz. Room : Eu (public) Reason : 1.Feed on purpose: at begin the game to the end(for sure min 25 and min 35) 2.Game ruin: Sliencer all game didnt learn 2 and ulti, on purpose for game ruin 3.Flames:Low talk and mute all, min 12, then he did make shit items, made a helm of dominator 4.No defend base: all game play solo, no joining Fights, not interfering in team affairs Never saw a gamer like him, plz ban him 15-30 days with rule Game id : Game Replay :
  4. denied

    Your Display Name: RatutzReported Display Name: kaiusuanRoom: PhilippinesReplay: 30:36 , 38:18 , 41:06Reason: Game ruiner (intentional feeding). Feed whole game by charging the enemy even though where either too far or dead. NB: It is not fair if you only ban him in three or four days, there will be no deterrent effect (no regrets from him). I lose the game because this idiot kid who left and I suffer almost 1 hour in game. It will make your job easier if you ban him in maximum days (7 days or more). So rarely players will quit to avoid get banned in long time,
  5. vasle dash.ravani feeder(az amd miraft vasate doshman koshte beshe) iranlod
  6. DENUNCIANTE: ^Xhilem^DENUNCIADO(os): - im.INHELL INFRACCION COMETIDA: - Mortred fedea todo el game, Malgasta sentrys,,regala gema,,se regala, compra excesos de TP durandote todo el gamePRUEBA Y MINUTO EXACTO DEL SUCESO: - Mortred Feed min 22:00 18:00 se regala 24:00sentrys en neutrales REPLAY:
  7. id me MahyarRJ id ban amir.4422bgg GID 6743627 feed از دقیقه 10.50 شروع به فید دادن کرد نمونه واضح دقیقه 17.50 نمیدونم چنتا نمونه نشون باید بدم ولی اگ بازیو کلا چک کنید میرفت جلو میمرد فقط همین تا اخر بازی پشت هم هی میرفت جلو میمیرد اگ حوصله داشتین کل ریپلای رو چک کنید ممنون
  8. ban

    acc me: VIKING_RAGNAR1 afshin_h70 feed ID #5991397
  9. ban

    acc me: VIKING_RAGNAR1 sahraeam feed ID #5991397
  10. ban

    acc me: VIKING_RAGNAR1 sadra2632 feed ID #5991397
  11. granted

    اکانت من:el_nini اکانت شخص متخلف constantinkh دلیل بن:game feed از قصد از دقیقه 5 game id:#5985277
  12. DENUNCIANTE: By-CaOs_Nap84DENUNCIADO(os): - XandErツ INFRACCION COMETIDA: - Alchemist fedea desde min 29:00 regalando 3 divines rapier PRUEBA Y MINUTO EXACTO DEL SUCESO: - Alche min 29:50 regala al enemigo para entregar Divine Rapier REPLAY:
  13. my account:***)(DeaTh)(*** reporting:NeD_1290 reason:feed game id #6726533 avalan ke ba leaver ply midad az amd hey hok mikard ma ro dovomn hamash kill midad bedone inke lvl bezane hame dashtan besh fosh midadan lotfan ye kam ba deghat baresi konin
  14. granted

    Your RGC Username: saeed_scourgeReporting (Username) : amu.joni.jReason : feed GameID: 59666565 replay upload : min 1 fahashi va feed . mine 1:30 kharide ward va tahvil be doshman . min 2 feed . min 3 kharide morgh va heal va feed va drop iteam khoda vakili 15 roz ham kameshe hamchin adame ahmaghi
  15. اکانت من SHadoWaR اکانت متخلف ghadari دلیل feeder روم ایران لود لینک مدرک ye tori ban bedin lotfan bere bar nagarde
  16. اکانت من SHadoWaR اکانت متخلف ghadari دلیل feed روم ایران لود لینک مدرک 6705203
  17. granted

    Your Display Name: [J&D~1007]Reported Display Name: Shateiel Room: PhilippinesReplay: 0:00 - 19:45 Reason: Feeder
  18. ban

    King.Ashkan.K acc me: omid1377k feed
  19. ban

    King.Ashkan.K acc me: omid1377k feed v leave
  20. NICK DEL DENUNCIANTE (DE RGC): Ayuwoki_666 NICK DEL DENUNCIADO(S) (DE RGC): @[email protected] MOTIVO O RAZON: Se hace matar intencionalmente. TIEMPO APROXIMADO: Min 8. REPLAY:
  21. DENUNCIANTE: F-Z-X DENUNCIADO: Cys.CarDia MOTIVO: Fedea(2/18/5) como ningún otro día, lo iba a perdonar pero ni siquiera se digno a responderme, toca las consecuencias. REPLAY:
  22. DENUNCIANTE: XverkrowN-Z DENUNCIADO: Marcos_Clarck MOTIVO: un brasilero le hizo ver su realidad, por eso fedeo, Score 1/12/4 REPLAY:
  23. اکانت من : Ali_.Gush اکانت متخلف : Vangard021 دلیل : Feed روم : ایران لود مدرک : 6660236
  24. DENUNCIANTE: Xverblow-Z DENUNCIADO: -love(strike)- MOTIVO: Feedea porque es terrible cono y no lo admite, ni siquiera colabora al el Team con 1 ward. Score (0/15/7) REPLAY:
  25. SHOL,KON Wp~NeVerMOre~ iran lod 10 min avale game kolan feed midad