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Found 1 result

  1. Hello guys, Basically I'm writing you because, I'm experiencing lag and freezing oftenly during the game. First of all I work in the IT industry and a lot of things are clear for me and when I have a problem basically I need to solve it 100%. It really makes me mad and will describe more info below but first, let's start with mentioning my pc specifications because a lot of you would ask what kind of shit pc you have so here we are; AMD A8 7850K - never overclocked 8GB DDR3 GTX 970 4GB - replaced with a new one by MSI SSD 128GB POWER SUPPLY 750W Windows 10 - UEFI / Windows 7 - UEFI ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My internet speed by the ISP is 70Mbps --> already checked on I tried almost everything changing drivers, releasing memory stopping chrome app. But the lag still remain in game. It's on time to time, but he's there and it's like freezing for two seconds, but enough to lose my teamfight. I played this game on Windows 10 and stopped a lot of services in order to check if the issue will be fixed without any result. In order to prove the problem is not from the windows, yesterday I installed Windows 7 and tried again, and again the same song on the different voice. Freeze and delay. To mention one more thing when I was with Windows 10, I tried custom (local game) and I had no any delay or freezing at all. I also tried the same procedure on Windows 7 playing custom game and had not lag at all. So I believe it's something wrong with the platform either bad developers or inexpensive server which gets overloaded. Let me know if there's any fix for this, but it's really confusing to play a game with a high specs pc and still have lag on it, because somebody else didn't do his job properly or either tell me to help somehow and solve this problem.