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Found 31 results

  1. solved thanks. @Hakka , @Cedric , @MoON ,
  2. hi dear admins, @[email protected]@[email protected]@Darkness @[email protected]@Captain i found the hacker man, please to resolve this ,i already reported this, in EU abuse section like big threat to all the admins and players, but this is a hack? and here's another one just in case , NEW GENERATION OF HACKING 2019 ?? ! Thanks for understanding me ..And i think i deserve a thanks from all of you for this report, and i may need to be appointed support staff since i found you the biggest threat , since there is RGC PLATFORM. >>> thanks .
  3. solved

    Dear admins , @[email protected]@[email protected]@Darkness @[email protected]@Captain I just want to repeat the report for man who made an account with same name as me U_Talking_To_Me with one letter difference, you can clearly see there is a difference in letter L. Because the admin Ace will either not understand, or don't know what it's about. Because he sent me a print screen for my ban reason, and this is it from there is this prtscr, it's the same as this which I reworked into prtscr to better explain how the man hacked me, and both of them prtscr see the same thing in letter L ,And if i'm wrong why that account is not banned from USAip adress, from that account is maked racism messages fake acc, from my account is not , i give prt scr and explain 3 times in a row, and how then if i'm wrong i'm not banned on account from usa than my real one from serbia., One more time , this is my account and this is fake account like me , who made NvM.RefresherZ~, both of these accounts are his because both are from the USAip. But me is from Serbia ,I'm sorry . Time when he made that fake illegal account is time when he chat with me , after 1 min all about , after his 4 message i give momentally ban after 3-4 sec. and this report is exclusive for he stole my name , hack me, and bring me ban=5 days ?, not for bypass of which he speak non stop, avoids this topic, talking about something else, this is a bigger thing than bypass, bypass is second dangerous thing, which should come to order, but after this . And im please to admin @Ace to not to close my report so easily, because he give me a reasson for my ban, and i put it here to all can see And show that i was right. Because maybe you didn't even realize there were 2 same but different names and that's why you said so easily that I was a racist and give me printscreen reasson, and closed my report for bypasser-hacker. And if you dont know how to solve report, or you didn't understand becouse it happened quickly , better put report on PENDING, its better than solved or closed but wrong, with wrong reasson. But that is not a problem ,, .. just correct this mistake please Since im right. Dear admins, @Hakka @Cedric @MoON @Captain @KKS @Darkness @Casper @Ace I would like this kind of hacking to stop, and i expect after that you will thank me for finding you a danger for rgc platform. Thanks for understanding me
  4. solved

    myname : [RGC]^ツJRツ room: (EU) Public reason : auto disconnect my RGC replay : i am sorry for leave the game, its not my fault. i have just problem on my RGC auto-close. once my RGC close, my game will Disconnect also. see the attached file for the LOGS 30.7.2019 - 19.33.43 --- LOGS.txt
  5. Your RGC iGN : 渦輪 Abuser : mashinica Room : (EU) public Ban Type : Timeban Reason : Kindly please clear the ban made to this computer, first of all this computer is one of the pub gaming by my clients, it is unfair that 3 of my computers cant launch RGC and my other players cannot play. at least if ban is needed, should only be the account owner not the computer. Please grant my request to unban this computer and be more aware of some selective ban initiator as per some of other players complaint. thank you
  6. solved

    Hi, first of all i am not familiar about this game. I am requesting to unban this computer and i went to the wrong forum, a gentleman one your your staff redirected me on a link and so i'm here. Please open the attached file for the link of our conversation. I am requesting to please unban this computer so that customers on my internet cafe can use it to play on your game as some of them are waiting on a cue to be able to play in RGC. Please grant my request and unban this computer. thank you
  7. solved

    complainant: mani77821 DENOUNCED: EL:PERUANO REASON: HDban please create many topics in the Bolivia forum on how to get rid of rgc MOI The global MOI has already given clients many accounts of him but he can not give hdban for that reason I ask for his help. TESTS: LINK:
  8. Your RGC iGN : Teabagger Abuser : Cedric Room : (EU) public Ban Type : Account + Client Reason that your innocent : i was minding my own game and didnt even interact with any one from opposing team, cedric(was in enemy team) suddenly banned me x days without reason and i was forced to leave the game that i was winning. Hence i demand unban and 72 virgin maidens afsdfadfgdfh
  9. Display name: Jaan`l0st`l0v#Room:Comp banReason:used bypassReason of Appeal:1 chance needed, wont repeat it! give a chance nothing more to say.
  10. granted

    My RGC Username: Rooonaldooo7 The RGC username of the one I am reporting: Eminem10 Reason: I(juggernaut) took by mistake the first bounty in that crowd and Eminem10 was playing Alchemist after that he didnt want to play and started feeding with 0-18 result you can see the full game we tryied to win the game with tiny and ancient but it doesnt makes sense with him free feeding all the game. Link to the game:
  11. solved

    denunciante: »EMPERAÐØR« denunciado: Th3.M1ll3n1um link: Motivo: afk min 29:57 y lo voto el rgc ban porfavor
  12. solved

    Display name: MR.Lowrank Room: /j lod asia Reason: unnecessary ban, admin abuse Reason of Appeal: I'm not there at the room that you tagged me as leaver you can even check the last time i played. the last time i played the map there was 6.86b2 and on the map you tagged me as leaver it's 6.86c1 it 's so unfair that i can't play because of not watching the replay right and banning the wrong person
  13. Mongolia gamer acc: TEMUUJIN• Compbanned acc: mega_cicija Reason: TEMUUJIN• mongolia flag mega_cicija croatia (hrvatska) flag TEMUUJIN• banhistory mega_cicija banhistory TEMUUJIN• un compban @Cedric @Hakka
  14. denied

    denunciante: Gabriel!. denunciado: I_Am:_NoOb_ motivo: feeder minuto: minuto 1:57 viene mid Y Fedear En Adelante (4 VECES) replay:
  15. solved

    my idi : Mr.Hi†man reportin : mehran1110 game idi : min : 41:38 plz ban she
  16. DENUNCIANTE: drumer87DENUNCIADO(os): MEGAULTAk1llINFRACCION COMETIDA: ACTITUD ANTIGAMER CONFESA ( NO APOYA AL EQUIPO) PRUEBAS Y MINUTOS EXACTOS O APROXIMADOS DEL SUCESO: min 24:58 -> hace referencia en chat que no apoyará más al equipo min 33 - 35 --> Demuestra en juego que no tiene interés en apoyar al equipo, estamos defendiendo y el está por otra zona crepeando min 35: - > Reitera que no quiere apoyar al equipo. En general durante todo el tiempo min 25 hasta min 35 se puede ver que no participa de ninguna batalla y está por su lado crepeando. REPLAY:
  17. solved

    My Account : Mr.Hi†man Reporting : Yourwellcom Reason : feeder & fahashi Room : Iran Lod Game ID :
  18. granted

    سلام. اینرنت من امروز اول صبحی به خاطر بارون شدید قطع و وصل میشد. اینترنت رو وایرلس دریافت میکنم واسه همون دی سی شدم. مشکل نت برطرف شد. ممنون میشم آن بن کنید با تشکر
  19. axe farm farm farm, all game-.- ..... items ..... tarrasque, sange and yasha AXE ANTIGAMER/ GAMERUIN Replay_2018_03_25_0244.w3g
  20. Hello SA Admins, Dear for whom it may concern, while i am checking my RGC profile i found that I am banned in Venezuela without any reason and i never join Venezuela room. Please remove the ban from my History because i am always looking to keep my profile very clean without any single ban in any room. My RGC Name: [email protected]@$HMI Abuser Name:- (((((sven))))) Best regards
  21. Name: CommanderDucan Abuser:XaVaS Room Name: (eu) public Explain your situation: We lose a game in late game, but he cry and then ban me for 15 days. replay link:
  22. granted

    DENUNCIANTE:ThE*GaLLoS*nET* DENUNCIADO:BIOAZHARD MOTIVO: entra con el tiny va mid avandona mid para patearnos a los enemigos vuelve consecutivamente a vase y regala 2 gemas TIEMPO:exsactamenter desde minuto 3 asta el final de la partida REPLAY:
  23. solved

    Denunciante: Thodar1 Replay: Motivo: Kiter Denunciado: groñero10
  24. plz unban tnx