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Found 21 results

  1. solved

    can you unban me and give me a chance plz?
  2. unban me give me a chance plz
  3. Dear All, hope you are all ok; During my last game There was a user called Porav whom obviously spammed religious flames & some racist slurs, Kindly check the ingame chat and goodluck! Regards, Saftoo7 Link to the replay below; Cheers!!
  4. orgil0823 void ulti
  5. help me pls ip ban
  6. solved

    RGC Username : kt.lighter.Ban Reason + LINK : Reason of Appeal :i had some issues with my mouse+keyboard connection via bluetoth i tried to fix it but i couldn't and it just fixed after restarting pc so please unban me. thank you.
  7. solved

    RGC Username : ultra_poopBan Reason + LINK : Reason of Appeal :i had some issues with my mouse+keyboard connection via bluetoth i tried to fix it but i couldn't and it just fixed after restarting pc so please unban me. thank you.
  8. granted

    1.My rgc username : U_Talking_To_Me 2.Name of afk player : MamaMiaWoop It was uncertain game, where we was stronger, we broke them mid and make mega creeps. That player blood sekker (hero), haved a good items to little help us to win a game easyly. But he was afk just when we need him in couple of last fights. He was afk almost from 52-53min to the end of game . Where we could win easyly, only that he appeared. 3. Uploaded replay : 4. He was afk almost 7-10 min, where game be uncertain, where we almost win . 5. Thanks.
  9. solved

    Hello, Im owner of a lan network cyber caffe here in Amman, Jordan. One of the customers abused an rgc bug so i got a computer banned please remove it. This is my business . please dont IP & Computer ban. Take an action to his specific user name thank you! Many thanks!
  10. denied

    1. my rgc name : U_Talking_To_Me 2. name of leaver : YZ14017 (-barathum hero-) 3. he non stop die agressive 5-15 score, and leave after he die, when game is not over jet . 4. time when he leave 47:12, +, - 2-3 sec. >>> 5. thanks , and he is agressive rage leaver.
  11. Your Display Name:Adam • Reported Display Name: Gray_wolf_simon Room: (EU) public Replay: Timestamp : 8:00 to 27:00 Reason:Tiny Anti gamer afk + tossing teammates to die on purpose
  12. solved

    hi dear admins, this guy created a account same my account and flamed racist to users /p U_TaIking_To_Me >(fake acc-that is not my account) my rgc account going with small L , U_Talking_To_Me,( on fake acc that is big word * i * (Ta I king) so that is illegal word actually he flamed himself, look , look the last 5 messages , 2 different names U_TaLking_To_Me- and fake U_Ta I king_To_Me, and after that he call the friend admin yang and i got ban without reason better to punish this guy to avoid future similar cases, he deceived admins, . BIG PROBLEM WITH THAT MAN Nvm.RefresherZ~ WHO HAVE 5,6 ACCOUNTS AND HE IS BYPASSER LOOK, please to learn him lesson . thanks for understanding me ..
  13. solved

    hello i got emergancy call and left the game i already told the team im leaving and get banned because i left i know it was a mistake but thier was a reason why i left i hope u unbanned me sir and this will never happen again thanks for helping us every days we love DOTA 1 and RGC
  14. solved

    hello sir ive been banned before 4 hours im in cyber place the guy who banned the cyber is our friends name ssnnssnn i can prove im in cyber place by taking a video or selfie plz sir help us and unbanned me because i did nothing.i hope u answer me as soon as possible because all the cyber is w8ting ur decision sir thanks we appreciate eu admins and the way they help us everyday
  15. granted

    (1).Your RGC username : p.l.u.s (2).The Game-ruiner(s) RGC username(s) : Bombara (3).Replay and Game-Log Link : 63352669 / (4).Explain What Happened : flaming and blame all of team and after 3 death he left game in 10 min at the begin of game(5).Specify EXACT time-stamps for when this user began wrecking your game. at 10 min can you guys plz ban him
  16. Your RGC UserName : p.l.u.s Abuser RGC Username :colonelpatron Room Name : EU room pub What Kind of Abuse : Abusive power Explain your situation (EU) Public #45 -ap (Lobby) i was in lobby game with team scourge and one of player of team scourge ask me to rejoin game and i replaied by no. after that colonelpatron ( admin he used his power and swap me from team scourge to team sentinel without my permission . i asked him to return me my place and he refuse and i warned him by saying report him and he ignore and dont care about it . abusive power this against rules .i look forward to hearing from highest rank admins to solve this issue what he did as admin is Disgraceful and improper against rules i have screenshots from lobby chat and attach them ( i did rename name snapshot to number 1 ,number 2 and number 3 )
  17. solved

    1.Name <<<<<^___*>>>>> room: EU PUBLIC reason: gameruin please give me chance i will never do it again NOTE:asked me in pm to post a unban request he can't open the website
  18. solved

    RGC UserName :Azogg Abuser RGC Username : Kuroosh Room Name : LoD IH What Kind of Abuse : Use forbidden cmd Explain your situation : First what i see in this room good palayers good admins... evrything is good but after 3 4 games i see that... How he ply game like this and use forbidden comands, why we with me friend Konfucy cant ply in IH room First Open min 02:13 from Kuroosh After it i join AGAIN 02:16 Azogg JOINED LOBY After it LuxRay. U LEFT NOBODIY KICK U 02:58 Kuroosh !open 5 02:58 Azogg LEFT LOBY 03:07 Kurossh !open 3 03:07 Konfucy LEFT LOBY and why Hakka set prize 150lvl when he can FIX evry one from Games with forbideen comands ?? when the boss is here and does whatever he wants in his presence??? any one game can be born and so they will win the prize very easily, therefore the meaning of this prize is meaningless. Game can see here in LOBY how he use forbidden cmd after it SPAM in room we ply IR vs SA but i see palyers from Peru Argentina France Mongolia Vs any SA players. So when its Room for IR and SA players u can set in Room Name SA vs IR no need to se LOD IH create from Lod Public
  19. solved

    myname : hızır_çelebi oyundan çıktığım için yasaklanmışım ama fare ile ilgili problemim vardı ben sürekli çıkan bir oyuncu değilim 4000 oyundan fazla oyun oynamışımdır ama kasıtlı hic oyunu terk etmedim elektirik kesintisi internet veya bilgisayar arızasında yaptım sadece dünde fare bozuldu sol tus takılı kalıyor veya tıklamıyor du buyuzden daha fazla beslememek için çıktım yedek farem yoktu ne yapabilirdim ki translate ing : I'm not a regular player, but I was banned for Exiting the game, but the mouse-related problem I'm not a player who has always played more than 4000 games, but intentionally did not leave the game power failure internet or computer malfunctions just yesterday left the mouse broke down, stuck in the left mouse button or clicked du so much more pls unban me replay
  20. Hello Casper! I don't understand why I get banned.. I am not game ruiner.. I type FF and didn't defend barak on the end because my team was low all game and didn't have team play... if this is reason to ban ppl.. be honest you need to ban 80% RGC players... this happens all the time... its not fair to be banned for this reason! please consider my message and think about it ...look it again please... I want to play ...Thanks
  21. Ako moje da mi mahnete banna bqh afk izvestvno vreme se naIoji i zatova nea se povtara