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Found 133 results

  1. Can i get one chance i apologize about of my "leave" but i was angry some of players was fail lane hard and i was leave players played without "ganks" say "ss" or something, i was die 3/4 times and zeus on lane 0/4-0/5 feeded hard that is it... please chance for pro? <3 My nickname:Heaven
  2. solved

    RGC Username :OKOSOKOLOVO Ban Reason + Link : Can you someone Unban me (EU) Public ?
  3. give me tc Loveca_ check 100 games
  4. solved

    i report this admin windfucker- for ban me 5 days reason spoiler im sure he didnt even watch the replay that i reported for i didnt ruin the game and i left game when it almost end 3 megas 5 deaths gege so i ask for unban cus i dont deserve it and to check admin if he even watch replay or he dont want to waste his time and ban any report he got
  5. Your UserName: [email protected]@ Reported UserName:giveURsoulToME... chocho123456789 Replay: i cant know this players why join games and leave, troll sell all items,feed on purpose, afk. antimage ehen he feeed much leave the game. thnx admins.
  6. denied

    Casper Thank you so much sir. But he didn't give me back my Moderator Rank. I would be grateful if you can help
  7. tc swap pls TOOHOT- ----> Amaraateaching
  9. 1.Your RGC UserName :TOOHOT- RGID #243925021 2. reason for appealing : tc swap to Amaraateaching RGID #244406194
  10. solved

    Hello... Game ID: Borring game 2v5 so we left. Sometimes im out of nerves in eu public. We will try to dodge these leaves and bans in future, so, please unban!
  11. umer_fakih $oXy...!!
  12. just rmk i dont know
  13. leavers In_FoRcE and Gamingtt
  14. 140 [email protected]_666 [email protected]_666 12867 7810 12847 12867 7810
  16. 1-Your RGC User Name :~MeRCuRy~ 2-Tc Abuser RGC Username :mercedes-w221 3-GameID : 7779633 4-Proof (screenshot) : RMK without reason
  17. It is unfortunate that you are telling me that I am accusing admin Bataa. I told you that I have chat CONV ss (To unban me) in my office computer, however It was deleted. Anyways, me creating all of these forums hopefully avoided admin Bataa to make money out of free service. I am pretty sure that he will be scared and will not take money from since he now knows that there is people who can complain. Hopefully no other admins like him will be vouched anymore. If I get any other proofs from another players, I ll repost again and let you know. Again shame on you BATAA. You are just a beggar Thanks Rampage|dude
  18. I am not very satisfied with this result. Is not this BANK SLIP enough proof I transferred money to Admin Bataa s KHANBANK account assuming that I was suppose to transfer money to get unbanned in November 2019. I do not know him personally at all and its obvious that he provided me with his bank details. In the denied form saying that not enough proof. I have provided 3 unmovable proofs : 1. Real bank slip that I transferred money to his account 5025865948 JAMBALDORJ BATBAATAR 2. Another player contacted me that he has SS of Bataa asked money when he asked to get TC. 3. Here is LOD-KING who I was arguing with offered him Money to ban me, 2 mins after he banned me. If I chat on public chat to get banned, so LOD-KING should be banned with me. Yet he did not get banned and it was only me who got banned. This is very logistic that he accepted money from him and only banned me. The amount of chat that I wrote and he wrote on the public chat was almost the same. Therefore it can be assumed that he worked on his side. If three of these legit proof denied, I would like to see Bataa s explanation on these 3 proofs. Specially the one he took money from me in Nov 2019 ? it is 100 percent legit and unmovable proof. I am here spending my time and reposting forum against admin Bataa as I am an honest person and totally believe that he should not be profiting from another players for unbanning , banning, giving TC that are already free of charge. I know that lots of admins and lod stuff working in RGC to give us better platform to play our loved WR3. However If admins like him do not get penalties for what he did, It will be very unfair for those who have been spending their time and working for many years free of charge to make RGC better. Thanks Rampage
  19. solved

    Hey Casper i hope you doing well I just wanted to know if its possible if you can unban me. I was afk for just under 5 minutes due to family emergency but got back as soon as I could. I told my team mates that i will be afk so i don't know why one of them would ban me and i think its pretty unfair as i have told them sincerely Death_upon_You
  20. Can you someone unban me Lod public ty?
  22. my rgc username:EcsIceBlue abusers username:liuxinyu9833 replay: Explain what happen: he decided to afk woods and refuse to join team fights and defend base with team Specify Exact time:from min 18 you should ban this guy he start to flame us all and no let anyone farm in woods
  23. my rgc username:EcsIceBlue abusers username:Krokodail replay: Explain what happen: he got me stucked in mid with hes sprout to let voker kil me Specify Exact time:minute 10 you should ban this guy cz if i do it admnis will ban me asap
  24. my rgc username:EcsIceBlue abusers username:Krokodail replay: Explain what happen: he got me stucked in mid with hes sprout to let voker kil me Specify Exact time:minute 10 you should ban this guy cz if i do it admnis will ban me asap
  25. solved

    RGC Username : CancerPlayerDz Ban Reason + LINK : Reason of Appeal :i left game and i apologize for that my reason because i had an emergency call from my parents i never left game since i joined RGC i hope you unban me and give me a chance Thank you