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Found 15 results

  1. StormCan you unban me i was baned not deservedi must go afk i give share to another players team if they coud do someting but it was importand that i go afk I Must go i never go afk bro pls i need unban this week i am on a vacaton from job i want to play dota pls
  2. solved

    can you unban me and give me a chance plz?
  3. unban me give me a chance plz
  4. Dear All, hope you are all ok; During my last game There was a user called Porav whom obviously spammed religious flames & some racist slurs, Kindly check the ingame chat and goodluck! Regards, Saftoo7 Link to the replay below; Cheers!!
  5. granted

    > Your RGC username : Ragnar> The RGC username of the one you are reporting : ZeNTo{Divine帝 > The link to the replay : > Game id:> Explain in a thorough manner exactly what happened (what he did that can be accounted punishable): leaver > Specify precise time-stamps for when this user began wrecking your game. @captain please check if he will bypass
  6. denied

    1. my rgc name : U_Talking_To_Me 2. name of leaver : YZ14017 (-barathum hero-) 3. he non stop die agressive 5-15 score, and leave after he die, when game is not over jet . 4. time when he leave 47:12, +, - 2-3 sec. >>> 5. thanks , and he is agressive rage leaver.
  7. Nickname: -Style. Bypass ban? I got clientban and i dont know which is the reason, as i never get ban by bypasser, i got good kda, good rank, and i just got bypass ban without any proof by the other side if you think i done something wrong i say sorry sir. So please sincerily i shall i will be unbaned thanks.
  8. solved

    hi dear admins, this guy created a account same my account and flamed racist to users /p U_TaIking_To_Me >(fake acc-that is not my account) my rgc account going with small L , U_Talking_To_Me,( on fake acc that is big word * i * (Ta I king) so that is illegal word actually he flamed himself, look , look the last 5 messages , 2 different names U_TaLking_To_Me- and fake U_Ta I king_To_Me, and after that he call the friend admin yang and i got ban without reason better to punish this guy to avoid future similar cases, he deceived admins, . BIG PROBLEM WITH THAT MAN Nvm.RefresherZ~ WHO HAVE 5,6 ACCOUNTS AND HE IS BYPASSER LOOK, please to learn him lesson . thanks for understanding me ..
  9. granted

    Your RGC username : [RGC]^ツJRツ(2).The RGC username of the one you are reporting: Raping.(3).The link to the replay: (4).Explain in a thorough manner exactly what happened: he keep on feeding in the mid lane from the start of the game, after that he quit(5).Specify precise time-stamps for when this user began wrecking your game: he start in feeding from the beginning then quit
  10. solved

    myname : [RGC]^ツJRツ room: (EU) Public reason : auto disconnect my RGC replay : i am sorry for leave the game, its not my fault. i have just problem on my RGC auto-close. once my RGC close, my game will Disconnect also. see the attached file for the LOGS 30.7.2019 - 19.33.43 --- LOGS.txt
  11. Hello everyone! I am currently playing SA rpg mix room, what i can see is that there's sometimes a big lack of team captains, so we cant start our game. My question is how can i become one? Some people said a GM have to give me that rank, but none of them is replying my messages. I hope "help desk" is a good place to set my topic, I couldnt find it anywhere else.
  12. im abused from player NvM.RefresherZ~ AND admin YanG , that 2 mans is a friends. that admin YanG is give power to the player refresher to can from my account written racist message to yourself, for make a reasson to give me a ban , or Yang is do that alone i dont know , but i think that the YanG give the power to refresher to do it , That's what the chat confirms last 3 message is written yang to the player, refresher, to he can give reasson to give me a ban , yang and refresher is friends and refresher ask yang to do it for him , to make me ban, and yang is do it , make 3 message from my account to him( I DONT KNOW HOW HE DO IT ) to him (refresher) , and i give ban 5 days , for nothing , how that yang can do it , and did eny can stop yang to do it .... please check the chat, what is he answer me when i ask him why you do it me , ( i think why you make me ban with your friend admin yang )for nothing ,, and check what is refresher say , when im ask him did you open my acc , and, why you do it me , please to check the chat , all proofs is in chat ,please to help for big abuse every time . read the chat on, 04:53 , 04:57 , 04:58 , and 05:13 for find the proofs., ban is not a problem to me , i have problem with abuse from admin yang and player refresher who have 10-15 fake accounts . admin YanG have power (admin access) he give my password to NvM.RefresherZ~, AND he make messages from my acc , to himself that is this , the last 3 messages from me to him, look >, # YanG: u wanna know how [08:56] # YanG: i opened [08:56] # YanG: the acc ? [08:56] # YanG: feel the magic [08:56] # YanG: [08:57] # YanG: U_Talking_To_Me [08:57] # YanG: Feel the magic in the airallez, allez, allezlevez les mains en l'airallez, allez, allez [08:57] U_Talking_To_Me: see [08:57] U_Talking_To_Me: what u doing ? [08:57] U_Talking_To_Me: you do it [08:57] U_Talking_To_Me: i know that did u see what u send me [08:58] U_Talking_To_Me: that is proof [08:58] # YanG: bhhahahaha [08:58] # YanG: take a break for 5 days my friend [08:58] # YanG: and feel the magic [08:58] U_Talking_To_Me: and you and ref [08:58] U_Talking_To_Me: friends ? [08:58] # YanG: no [08:58] # YanG: magic friends [08:59] # YanG: and magic love, see guys he have power to show my password to rgc players free , he make message from my account to refresher , or refresher do it , but can eny stop him to do it , i know that he can see my password with setaccess, , but please guys stop that admin share his power setaccess to other players ( refresher) for free , to can abuse me and others easy >?... ? ... ? please
  13. solved

    look,, here is the one of first chat that moment of me and NvM.RefresherZ~ [04:33] NvM.RefresherZ~: ez [04:34] U_Talking_To_Me: scared [04:34] U_Talking_To_Me: of new acc [04:34] U_Talking_To_Me: haha [04:34] U_Talking_To_Me: u never play on this acc [04:34] NvM.RefresherZ~: [04:34] U_Talking_To_Me: save for what ? [04:34] U_Talking_To_Me: pts [04:34] U_Talking_To_Me: winrate [04:34] U_Talking_To_Me: or something [04:35] U_Talking_To_Me: all rgc say for you that is you biggest spamer here [04:35] NvM.RefresherZ~: ez [04:35] U_Talking_To_Me: haha no ez [04:35] U_Talking_To_Me: go search more players vs me [04:35] U_Talking_To_Me: for u cant win me alone [04:36] U_Talking_To_Me: come 1 time in life win me alone 1 v 1 mid [04:36] U_Talking_To_Me: please ? [04:36] U_Talking_To_Me: PLEASE [04:36] NvM.RefresherZ~: i rape u ez [04:36] NvM.RefresherZ~: cry all day now [04:36] NvM.RefresherZ~: [04:36] NvM.RefresherZ~: i follow u [04:36] NvM.RefresherZ~: hard [04:36] U_Talking_To_Me: folow me [04:36] NvM.RefresherZ~: u leave vs ducan [04:36] NvM.RefresherZ~: rofl [04:36] NvM.RefresherZ~: u stacker low [04:36] NvM.RefresherZ~: [04:36] U_Talking_To_Me: come alone [04:36] NvM.RefresherZ~: retard serb [04:36] NvM.RefresherZ~: [04:36] NvM.RefresherZ~: talk [04:37] U_Talking_To_Me: no with friends [04:37] NvM.RefresherZ~: WAaxax0a [04:37] U_Talking_To_Me: come alone [04:37] U_Talking_To_Me: i not remember games when 5 v 1 [04:37] U_Talking_To_Me: i only remember 1 v 1 [04:37] U_Talking_To_Me: that is not happened [04:37] U_Talking_To_Me: so [04:37] U_Talking_To_Me: u not win me [04:37] U_Talking_To_Me: bye [04:37] U_Talking_To_Me: indian dog [04:37] U_Talking_To_Me: spamer [04:37] U_Talking_To_Me: im better than you [04:37] U_Talking_To_Me: come from your real acc pussy THAT IS CHAT OF ME AND NvM Refresher~, all chat where him first call me idiot serb, + after every game me vs him he spam me , he stopped game (pause) game when make every kill , he stop the game and chat like ( hahah, nooob , idiot , dog , cunt ...) i dont know why , And after that chat he call eny of admins or i dont know who , and open my account and written racism things from my name ( account ) to make me a ban, AND WHEN IM ASK him did you open with your friends (admins) my account ,and for why you make me ban for nothing , look answer from him after ban for racism [04:53] NvM.RefresherZ~: U_Talking_To_Me [04:53] NvM.RefresherZ~: bye [04:53] NvM.RefresherZ~: see you later [04:53] NvM.RefresherZ~: [04:53] U_Talking_To_Me: u open my acc ? [04:53] NvM.RefresherZ~: yes [04:53] NvM.RefresherZ~: hahahahahahaahahaha [04:57] U_Talking_To_Me: np bro [04:57] U_Talking_To_Me: i give 5 day [04:57] U_Talking_To_Me: ban for nothing [04:57] U_Talking_To_Me: np [04:57] U_Talking_To_Me: good. [04:57] NvM.RefresherZ~: [04:57] NvM.RefresherZ~: Don't mess with me [04:57] NvM.RefresherZ~: faggot [04:57] U_Talking_To_Me: ok [04:58] U_Talking_To_Me: extra NvM.RefresherZ~: U_Talking_To_Me [04:58] U_Talking_To_Me: NvM.RefresherZ~ [04:58] U_Talking_To_Me: what u want more ? [04:58] NvM.RefresherZ~: say sorry [04:58] NvM.RefresherZ~: i will unban you. [04:59] NvM.RefresherZ~: say SORRY [04:59] NvM.RefresherZ~: i unban you [04:59] NvM.RefresherZ~: low [04:59] U_Talking_To_Me: ok [04:59] NvM.RefresherZ~: post a unban req [04:59] NvM.RefresherZ~: and say sorry [04:59] NvM.RefresherZ~: to me [04:59] NvM.RefresherZ~: say I'm sorry Spencer [04:59] NvM.RefresherZ~: I will make [04:59] NvM.RefresherZ~: you suffer [04:59] NvM.RefresherZ~: for this [04:59] NvM.RefresherZ~: trust me [05:00] NvM.RefresherZ~: this doesn't end here [05:00] U_Talking_To_Me: np [05:00] U_Talking_To_Me: just chill [05:00] U_Talking_To_Me: 5 days ban for nothing [05:00] U_Talking_To_Me: that is good . [05:00] U_Talking_To_Me: my bro [05:00] U_Talking_To_Me: np [05:02] U_Talking_To_Me: look first you say me serb retard [05:02] U_Talking_To_Me: im not say something like that for you . [05:13] U_Talking_To_Me: NvM.RefresherZ~ [05:13] U_Talking_To_Me: for what u do it to me ? [05:13] NvM.RefresherZ~: ? [05:13] NvM.RefresherZ~: because [05:13] NvM.RefresherZ~: you don't respect me [05:13] U_Talking_To_Me: what im say to you ? [05:13] NvM.RefresherZ~: do you even know who i am? [05:13] NvM.RefresherZ~: I win EU Tours 11 times [05:13] U_Talking_To_Me: ok [05:13] U_Talking_To_Me: that is not prob. [05:14] U_Talking_To_Me: i belive that [05:14] NvM.RefresherZ~: you call me noob [05:14] U_Talking_To_Me: but why u do it to me ? [05:14] NvM.RefresherZ~: in eu room ?| [05:14] U_Talking_To_Me: can we play 1 v 1 [05:14] NvM.RefresherZ~: because you disrespect [05:14] NvM.RefresherZ~: [05:14] U_Talking_To_Me: to see who is better [05:14] U_Talking_To_Me: i dont care for ban [05:14] U_Talking_To_Me: u fuck me 90 % [05:14] U_Talking_To_Me: and im fuck you 10 % [05:14] NvM.RefresherZ~: come 1vs1 [05:14] U_Talking_To_Me: and i give ban ? [05:14] NvM.RefresherZ~: if i win [05:15] NvM.RefresherZ~: you get a computer ban [05:15] NvM.RefresherZ~: Ok? [05:15] U_Talking_To_Me: bro i never fuck you , [05:15] U_Talking_To_Me: say that [05:15] U_Talking_To_Me: is real or no ? [05:15] U_Talking_To_Me: only say me that ? [05:17] U_Talking_To_Me: NvM.RefresherZ~ [ERROR] That user is not logged in. Whisper failed, admins trust me my last message its be : on (05:50) where I say, I KNOW YOU GOOD . after that refresher call eny of his friends admins i think ( yang) open my account, highlight from my account himself 2 times, and make 3 last message from my account to i can give ban , last 3 message im not written thay is do that for fun, for nothing ............ ??????????????????????????????????????????????, my last message its be : so i know you good . time 05:50, but last 3 message from me , im not send him that , they is do that . proove : : : [04:53] U_Talking_To_Me: u open my acc ? [04:53] NvM.RefresherZ~: yes [04:53] NvM.RefresherZ~: hahahahahahaahahaha [05:13] U_Talking_To_Me: for what u do it to me ? [05:13] NvM.RefresherZ~: ? [05:13] NvM.RefresherZ~: because [05:13] NvM.RefresherZ~: you don't respect me [05:13] U_Talking_To_Me: what im say to you ? [05:13] NvM.RefresherZ~: do you even know who i am? [05:13] NvM.RefresherZ~: I win EU Tours 11 times [05:13] U_Talking_To_Me: ok [05:13] U_Talking_To_Me: that is not prob. [05:14] U_Talking_To_Me: i belive that [05:14] U_Talking_To_Me: but why u do it to me ? [05:14] NvM.RefresherZ~: because you disrespect [05:14] NvM.RefresherZ~: please for unban , they abused me , look the chat , and say its that racism from me , or from him who is first start racism look [04:36] NvM.RefresherZ~: retard serb ? ... and please admins to forbid such things from the fun because it is not fair that they first enter my account and write 3 messages offensive only to get a ban, and if you read the whole chat and his messages sent to me you will see that I am right for this they got into my account and they did it for me for fun , all proofs and evidence is in chat , ( please read the chat and you will see that I am right and that I did not do anything bad, ) .
  14. hi admins , i need for help , 15 computers in my internet caffe is banned for me , same ip adress, can remove ip adress ban, and give me personal ban , please for that , for others can play dota in this playground ? i need for answer. i can proove that with video of 15 computers banned . if need , please , im banned first time in life , here is my report for my ip ban, if need a proove for i have banned 15 computers i can give here i please for answer . Thanks .
  15. solved

    Hello its my third post for unban my friend he banned 2or3 years ago & ban still same same story anyway we found his displaye name finally illisios i hope you can give smhelp for unban or smthing i tired for finding solution thank you ----------------------------------------------------------------- my last post