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Found 7 results

  1. solved

    guys in the morning i hav a problem so i must leave by a game i dont leave games and i want to unban me Frozen spoke with you plz unban me and if i get reporteds again ban me for 1 month!!!
  2. solved

    hello my username in RGC:Luffy...hello my brother used my pc and left a game and my account now is banned too..i hope sirs u can give me 1 more last chance because u know its corona and we r at home 24hours play dota nothing i bag u who read my message to give me a chance and i promsie leaving will never happen fact if its happen from me or my brother u can banned me 1 month ..just look at my case as if its humanitratian situation and will respect ur disituion even if u denined it with all regards luffy
  3. denied

    My RGC Profile: gurban969696 Reporting: hendevaneh Reason: Understand that every game does the same trick, look at the man's past. I also showed the video. We waited for the opposition and we couldn't wait. understand that forces everyone to quit the game cunts Replay:
  4. This Not First Time This Is second Time whyy I Dnt Know ERROR] [(EU) Public] You are timebanned from this channel until 04:26 on 29/03/2020. Reason: leaving (2nd/logs) Replay_2020_03_23_0143_Legion Commander.w3g
  5. solved

    Mali necak,je igrao dok nisam bio tu,pozvan je na rucak i otisao afk.Ako mozete molim vas da me unbanujete nece se ponoviti obecavam,izvivanjam se.Hvala
  6. granted

    Your RGC ID: Dark-axe Reporting: critic89 reason: leaver replay:
  7. I Have 6200 Points Which Mean Over 4000 ... need vouch on iran higher