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Found 22 results

  1. nick de rgc : yoteganooo motivo del banned : troll pause 1ra ves link del ban : Pwn~: !timeban YOTEGANOOO 1d12hs Troll pause (1ra vez) motivo : queria trolear 1 pokito pero pido disculpitas jst
  2. closed

    I got a 12 day banned cause a player accused me of being a "ruiner" Note that I have played only a couple of games so I don't have a clue on what's going on, is this thing happening all the time? Is there a chance that I can get un-banned or not really? Thanks
  3. solved

    guys un ban me please, I just leave by disconnecting my router! my nickname Chechnya-95
  4. denied

    Your Display Name: Support`BuddyReported Display Name: Xclint.KhenRoom: PhilippinesTimestamps: 01:32Reason: Game Ruiner, Quitter (Date:7-17-19)
  5. Can you please remove my ban. I was banned with ip from an admin 1-2 years ago for having an argument during a game. Can you please remove my ban so I can keep playing
  6. please lift my banned account sir. i learned my lesson sir. pls allow me to play again. thank you.
  7. granted

    hi I got banned in lod Europe and the reason is left but I didn't leave the game so I hope u d something
  8. my nick rgc:gurban969696 banned:YanG explanationso: much talk. No contribution to the team. The team does not come to battles .Flamer
  9. tiny feed and left 9.13 minute. Nick name RoHHiRRiM LastReplay.w3g
  10. Hi, I Have this suggestion for Auto bot. i know autoban. banned people when they reach certain disconnect level. since your team added email verification to avoid dummy accounts. means your team wants to avoid people who ruins the game for fun. so my suggestion is improve the auto ban. every time a game starts there is a bot that connects the player to your server to get the points who ever wins. why not let the bot banned the players who Leave / afk. when the game is finished? afk - 2 days banned leave - 3 days banned so people will stop quitting RGC because of some spoilers... make it strict for the bot to ban after each game who ever leaves / afk so much more nicer game. losing more players in RGC because of spoilers. if the persons ban is finished and he quits again. then double the days. give him until 7 chance before the bot client bans for good. if he is really serious about playing RGC then let him file a clean ban history. if he really wants to enjoy the game and NOT RUIN FOR OTHERS he will get good internet connection before playing. dont tell me you cherish the spoiler players instead of real players who still wants to play this game. Bow.
  11. denied

  12. aceito

    nick: T.K.M.MARISOL motivo: compra ramas con todo el dinero que tiene y termina kiteando replay: 0
  13. Your Display Name: »eðmar« Reported Display Name: Sansu Room: PhilippinesScreenshot: Period: 25/11/2017 01:12 02/12/2017 01:12 Comments: I don't know what is my fault to this idiot guy (Sansu) this is my game log»eðmar«. There is no quit nor abuse here. admin/mods pls check this. Update: I can't even find post/reports related to my account with this guy, he doesn't even have any post yet. Very Hassle RGC admins/mods! Sansu Content Count: 0 PS: Interesting this guy is a Head Admin seems like idiot
  14. banned

    I didn't do anything different from what I usually do,but I got banned for no reason at all.
  15. Hi it's been a long time since I play my acc in RGC but when I open it it's saying that I'm banned. I attach the photos.
  16. Hi it's been a long time since I play my acc in RGC but when I open it it's saying that I'm banned. I attach the photos.
  17. you'r Rgc Name : Easy.King the resson for report : ANTI GAMER SOME ONE DESTORYED ITEMS nessaj mintue 25.35 when i saved the game this is the time but i think this is lesh 90% replay link: i hope you admins find him Thank you
  19. Nick de RGC del dueño del Cyber: <R>_Hart_<A> Nombre del Cyber: Revolution Online Denunciado: DendiLuna.GNS (15:08:04) # Cedric: !clientban DendiLuna.GNS DendiLuna.GNS has been banned by Cedric. (15:08:11) # Cedric: !compban DendiLuna.GNS DendiLuna.GNS's computer has been banned by Cedric. Razón: COMPBAN VENTA DE CUENTA ACC ROOM BOLIVIA Buenas tengo la pc 13 de mi cyber baneado desde ya hace unos dias por un cliente que intento vender cuenta de rgc y que no pude hacer nada al respecto solo me di cuenta cuando ya estaba baneado por favor ayúdenme con mi problema gracias. seguido les dejo las fotos de mi Cyber y capturas de pantalla
  20. Nick de RGC del administrador del cyber: <R>_Hart_<A> Nombre del Cyber: Revolution Online. Razón : tengo la pc nº13 permabaneada desde hace unos días siempre trato de controlar lo que hacen mis clientes en RGC pero esta se me escapo no pude hacer nada solo me di cuenta cuando ya estaba baneada, por favor les agradecería que me ayuden con mi problema es como tener menos una pc gracias. Seguido de las fotos del cyber portada, ambiente y maquina baneada desde cámara mostrando la autenticidad de ser un cyber.
  21. granted

    Denunciado: Player 4 Denunciante: Player 1 Replay: Motivo: antigamer feder (vende todo y compra sentirs ) ase de todo pausea se regala fedea es un caso antigamer tauren.w3g
  22. DENUNCIANTE: Nickholaie DENUNCIADO: imuñoz - jkmios - [ce]*-*peq=ño FALTA COMETIDA: Estos 3 individuos empezaron a fedear desque que comenzo el dota razor que fue mid fedeaba, no ponia wards y no avisaba cuando bajaba, el skeleton y balanar eran puro fedder, no sabian utilizar sus kills y perdieron linea y nunca se armo el razor a pesar de que fue MID. PRUEBAS Y MINUTOS EXACTOS DE LOS SUCESOS: Las pruebas y sucesos es notable desde que empieza el dota, empiezan a morir desde el min 3 en adelante o antes, los 3. REPLAY: