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Found 76 results

  1. Título do Tópico: Pedido de ban para Sir_^[Luisito]| Nick: Sir_^[Luisito]| Infração: afk Link do replay: Link print screen: Comentario:
  2. NICK DEL DENUNCIANTE : [RmX].DioFloCo NICK DEL DENUNCIADO : _ANGEL_REN MOTIVO : El jugador _ANGEL_REN se quedo afk durante 3 minutos MINUTO AFK : 23 a 26 (en el minuto 23 al 26)d REPLAY :
  3. qq3Krasav4ik he used !unhost in my friends host
  4. Your RGC Username: sohilejuneReporting (Username) : #caesar<>enzo#Reason : abuse فحاشی GameID: #6546393 time : 08:06 - 29:54 - 40:10
  5. granted

    this player >>>> SaDStevE7 Everyday join room /j Syria and flame me and flame my mom and my family and i dont know who is him and join my PM flame + Abuse and when i ignoer him he open new account or used other account and do that again and 500k hl everyday i want let this fucking stop please Compban him Because I could not bear this anymore please (Compban him) Lets this player forget RGC Thanks for Read my Post please let him leave me With Regards: Alex
  6. Hi, I've been playing in Europe for a month now, in my time I have seen such abusive players, cursing each other. this is totally unacceptable, people come here to play and have a good time not get abuse from players. This is not how a gaming community should be. so I request to start taking action against these kinds of players. I am attaching the most recent game replay, where Ralzo0.O (player) started abusing me out of nowhere for no reason. Please ban him and make him an example of this unacceptable behavior. I play a lot of other games, never I have felt such abuse in a community, RGC needs to take action and decide for themselves what standards they wanna set here because from what I have seen it is going down. Thankyou, Hope everyone is safe, PN
  7. Your RGC UserName : [email protected] Abuser RGC Username : syduck Room Name : EU Public (Dota) What Kind of Abuse : Swapped me into scourge to get high players in his team and make the game totally unbalanced. Explain your situation (images/replays/logs/proofs...) : I joined the game as player-4 in sentinals and !ready quickly. When Game starts I realize I am in scourge, the scourge team is filled with not so good players while sentinals had all top players etc. the game was completely unbalanced and I later found out from admin panel that the player "syduck" swapped me from sentinal to scourge to make the unbalanced team. Check Lobby Chat : 00:57 time mark. room admins should not be allowed to swap players in public games and make game completely unbalanced, so their team wins easily.
  8. solved

    Your Display Name: [PH]Pr0_GGR4M3D Reported Display Name: Hanex_Reason: He uses Swap command in Room Philippines #19, even though that is not his created game, The persons he swap ( 亗Reborn -tOtEn ) from the scourge to sentinel.Room: Philippines
  9. granted

    My name: GrimmThaReaper Reporting: gagongdragon Reason: Abusive and racism coments and insults I am insisting on ban for this "person"
  10. Your Display Name: Neth-Reported Display Name: KillerKinRoom: (Asia) PublicReplay: Pause during clash at 24:40 and spamming unnecessary pause at 36:41Reason: Paused Abuse 24:40 The reported user(KillerKin) paused the game while clashing at the top Jungle site. 36:41 The reported user(KillerKin) pausing the game unnecessary.
  11. abuse Game #7214238 name :#AnGu$._.Alone time : 09:58 10:01
  12. Game #7210012 Abuse name : (((ARYAN))) time : 20:28 20:22 20:26
  13. 1-Your RGC User Name : Xvareon 2-Tc Abuser RGC Username : ℳɤ.ᴩʀᴏ 3-GameID : 4-Proof (screenshot) : Going rmk for no legit reason. He goes rmk for no legit reason, and then also insults in public room chat.
  14. abuse LOBBY Chat Game #7198478 name :*Arbabe.jang*
  15. My acc : IS Abusiver Acc : [Noyan] GAme id : Time : 19:24
  16. My acc : IS Abusiver Acc : <<Mr.Witch>> GAme id : Time : 31 :59
  17. 1-Your RGC User Name : Xvareon 2-Tc Abuser RGC Username : -(-Ronin-)- 3-GameID : 7189831 4-Proof (screenshot) : Not mentioning the game of the mod while hosting, refusing to rmk. I'll update the game id when the mentioned game ends.
  19. Geozamar21 Reporting:TaTa He is always using his power to whatever he wants to ban now even spells that he doesn't want he banned it because he was defeated because of it guess , yet that skill has only 350 damage that is lightning grapple , it is not Overpower obviously it has the same function as skewer of magnator ,no wonder why only in LoD asia that the spell is banned. everyone is protesting to it and questioning it . Even his Fellow staffs are protesting yet he doesn't care and they cannot do anything about it because he has the highest position in LoD asia and has a Global rank . i hope support team take action to this.
  20. Abuse player name : StorM.t Game #7186756

    Mislis da si lud sto si Admin? Pisam ti se po faci 

  22. Your Display Name: CrinklesMuffin Reported Display Name: KhnMkiSchRyuMko Room: Philippines Reason: I just wanted to report abuse from one of your Philippines staff. He unreasonably banned me for simply not being able to go and gank the enemy team at the bottom. Accused me of spoiling the game because they are not so happy/satisfied and that they blame me. To validate my report here's the replay for you double-check that I did my role in the team I hope you can fairly look at this. Thank you!
  23. Game ID :6357104 USer : Akhund دقیقه 3و 44 ثانیه فحش میده میگه بای پس دارم
  24. Game ID :6357104 USer : Akhund دقیقه 3و 44 ثانیه فحش میده میگه بای پس دارم
  25. Abuse : LOBBY Chat player name : |_Warrior_| Game #7170801