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Found 20 results

  1. solved

    Denunciante : Jessiie Denunciado : platanlto.chas- Otras cuentas : CHILEN01 / chilenooooo / XTUHERMANAHDP , duberlygc. Motivo : El usuario utiliza by pass para librarse del ban a pesar de tener compban Anteriormente se denunció a este usuario por motivo de ByPasser el global Bribe aprobó la denuncia y lo baneó sin embargo este mismo usuario sigue volviendo a jugar en RGC burlando el ban de Bribe. Se solicita el compban HD para evitar este tipo de usuarios, en el caso puntual de Bribe, mucho usuarios que este global banea por motivo de Bypasser siguen jugando en RGC sin ningún problema, no sé si sus bans del global en mención no sirven de nada, no tiene acceso o no está haciendo bien su trabajo. Espero que se realicé la gestión que corresponde, si en caso Bribe no puede banearlo correctamente espero el apoyo de @Hakka Pruebas : Denuncia de bypasser aprobada por Bribe : [aceptado] By Passer / Kitter - Solved - Ranked Gaming Board Usuario sigue jugando en RGC Captura de pantalla por Lightshot ( Captura de pantalla por Lightshot ( Muchas gracias
  2. denegado

    tu nick de RGC: hackeo666nick de RGC del abusador :Bribe ,Cosde Explica exactamente porque el usuario te hizo el abuso: BYPASSER POR FEEDER QUE NO SE COMPROBO 1.1 ME HIZO UN BYPASS A MI ALUDIENDO QUE HAGO LO MISMO CON LAS OTRAS CUENTAS , LO CUAL ESPERO QUE LO DEMUESTRE MEDIANTE PRUEBAS DEL IP , INVESTIGANDO UN POCO ME DOY CUENTA DE QUE ESTE JUGADOR ES AMIGO Y JUEGAN JUNTOS CON COSDE Y QUE SON AMIGOS Y NO ES LA PRIMERA VEZ DE SU ABUSO ADJUNTO LINK DONDE YA LO DENUNCIAN 1.1 I BYPASSED MYSELF ALLUDING THAT I DO THE SAME WITH OTHER ACCOUNTS, WHICH I HOPE IT WILL DEMONSTRATE THROUGH IP TESTS, INVESTIGATING A LITTLE I REALIZE THAT THIS PLAYER IS A FRIEND AND THEY PLAY TOGETHER WITH COSDE AND THAT THEY ARE FRIENDS AND NOT IT IS THE FIRST TIME OF YOUR LINK ATTACHMENT ABUSE WHERE IT IS ALREADY REPORTED 1. El staff con nick Cosde, se ve claramente que abusa de su poder haciendo kicks del room sin ningun motivo como se ve en esta captura antes tambien kickeo con el motivo de manners lo cual no tiene sentido, este staff lo hace personal kickea a los que no le agradan y siempre es cubierto por el global Bribe ya que juega dota con el siempre. 1. The staff with nick Cosde, it is clearly seen that he abuses his power by kicking the room for no reason as seen in this screenshot before I also kicked with the motive of manners which does not make sense, This staff makes him personal to those who don't like him and he is always covered by the global Bribe since he plays with him always.
  3. closed

    Your Display Name: D-mewReported Display Name: FAREWELL?Reason: TALKING ABOUT MH Proofs: PS
  4. denegado

    EL global @Bribe hae una total injusticia al amenzar y banear en foro solo por qe lo reportaron, acaso un global de mayor rango no deveria ver y cerrar el post @MoON @Hakka @MOI Por favor revisen el caso que el GLOBAL BRIBE CIERRA SIN QUE OTRO GLOBAL DE MAYOR RANGO LO REVISE ES UN TOTAL ABUSO DENIEGA LOS POST.
  5. closed!

    Good Day RGC ADMIN Im Salvirgaming Please Unban my Account Dew HotKeys error... I Was trying to Use my ALT-Q item Then suddenly My hoykeys Was .. Disabled Dew to Quit In Game please Accept my Apology Thank You
  6. denegado

    I published a room on my facebook, I did not know that that room was prohibited from disclosing, because of this I have compban.I have deleted my publication from my facebook and I promise not to disclose that type of information again, which as I repeat I did not know It was forbidden to make this room general knowledge.I ask that you please remove the compban, I have been working on many projects to improve the RGC, the most current is the BETA TESTS with readmoon and others guys and at the end of the following month a tournament was projected for 150 dollars. @hakka
  7. solved

    denunciante ganker denunciado slark y Gatoconpulgas mi denuncia es como banean y no respetan tiempos como banean si ustedes mismo hacen spam @sanin @hakka @bribe hola vengo hacer una queja entre al rom de peru y vi arto spam y dije ahi si no baneas seguro que yo tiro 2 veces y me metes ban y asi mismo fue pruebas del abuso de publicidad no es parejo para todos ellos hacen spam y joden el chat y uno lanza 2 veces y queda baneado x 10 dias pruebas del spam que no recibieron kick ni ban aqui claramente se ve al mismo stf haciendo spam y no hay ban para ellos solo para los demas donde quedo la igualdad donde quedo respeta el tiempo si ellos no respetan por que uno deberia de respetar no es parejo aqui le digo al usuario slark veo mucho spam seguro q si yo hago eso me baneas y asi lo hizo por mas no baneo ni metioo kick a toda esa gente que staba haciendo spam mas pruebas If we are going to make a fair world, the ban has to be for all those who do Spanish, not just for some thx
  8. closed

    Ign: Sean._ Good day. I want to start by saying this, I am sorry. I apologize for bypassing comp and room bans several times. I would like to apologize to @Froz for making so many accounts to bypass. When i discovered this bypassing app i didn't think hard enough about the consequences if i get caught. That was stupid of me. And until now, i've been bypassing to play. I've disregarded and disrespected all the rules of this platform and i am deeply sorry for causing a lot of fuss. My only regret is that i let my immaturity get the better of me. As of now, rgc is the only game i'm playing, i don't play much games and i don't like this feeling of playing because it feels like i'm not a part of this community anymore and i regret it so much now. I love the game. i love this platform and the people i've met in it. Since my current situation is online classes, rgc is the only app i have in my tab. Here are a few things that i would like to address: -I'm sorry to the staff who i've disrespected personally as well as those staff who i've trashtalked in games. -I'm sorry to the regional staff for the countless chances given to me and still i've broken the rules and lost their trust ( @ALADDIN and @Jackpro555 ) -I'm sorry for making such a fuss in a public channel until it got to @Hakka -Starting now, I will be deleting these bypassing apps and i will not be using them anymore I don't want this feeling of not being part of the community anymore. I've started playing since 2012 and now im the only from my peer of friends here who still play dota 1 today. I am really sorry for mocking the platform rules. I've been an arrogant person when it comes to games and i feel like i need to be mature now. i am sorry
  9. English / Inglés Hi everybody, i am hunter1_2_3 Staff from the Room México, and this is my suggestion to improve RGC platform: Suggestion of Global statistics, no regional statistics If the statistics in RGC where Globals and not regionals. This would motivate players to do their best in all games, regardless of the room they are in. Some users do not take some rooms seriously, so they tend to have anti-gamer attitudes. IF K / D / A and Creeps Killeds statistics and overall scores where Globals, This would be more correct, faithful and accurate to represent the players. And as a second added benefit there would be fewer complaints by kiters, afks, and antigamers, which would result in LESS WORK for the STAFF as they have to attend fewer complaints in the forums Suggestion made by your Sexy, masculino, virile y macho neighbour: hunter1_2_3 Español / Spanish Hola a Todos, soy hunter1_2_3 staff del Room México, y ésta es mi sugerencia para mejorar la plataforma de RGC: Sugerencia de estadísticas globales, no estadísticas regionales Si las estadísticas en RGC fueran Globales y no regionales. Esto motivaría a los jugadores a hacer su mejor esfuerzo en todos los juegos, independientemente del Room en el que se encuentren. Algunos usuarios no toman en serio algunaos Rooms, por lo que tienden a tener actitudes anti-gamers. SI el K / D / A y Creeps Farmeados y denegados, estadísticas y puntajes en general fueran Globales, esto sería más correcto, fiel y preciso para representar el nivel de los jugadores. Y como segundo beneficio adicional, habría menos quejas de los kiters, afks y antigamers, lo que resultaría en MENOS TRABAJO para los Staffs, ya que tendrían que atender menos denuncias en los foros Sugerencia hecha por su sexy, masculino, viril y macho vecino: hunter1_2_3 @Hakka @Charbel @Admin @MoON @Sanin @KKS @MOI @Bribe @Thror @Casper @Aladdin @Jackpro555 @Froz
  10. Display name: LGGLBB Room: Philippines Reason: Racist Reason of Appeal: Please see below justifications: I urge the admin to review again the detailed information for the following ban scenario. It was clearly a fabricated image provided to ban me : Firstly, please look at the image provided by joinmeasian69, the circle area in the image shows that the square brackets indicating the timestamps consisting my messages are not aligned with the timestamps of other messages. Also, the closing square bracket for the first timestamp at 14:18 is weird. The font size of the numbers for squared timestamps (my messages) are obviously little smaller from the rest shown in the chat. Just take a look at '4' for the last timestamp at 14:18 and the '4' in the following timestamp 14:22 and also '8'. This is obviously a fabricated image! Secondly, there is no body within the chat quarrel or argue with me. I completely don't understand Philippine language. Why do I suddenly come out with this message to provoke Philippinos in Philippine room? It doesn't make sense. Thirdly, I'm well aware that this provocative message will lead to a ban. I also reported other racist player: Forthly, I urge admin to review the chat in the room on the time provided. I swear that I never type these messages!!! Finally, I well convinced that joinmeasian69 is fabricating fake image/ information to frame me so that I'll get banned. Please unban.
  11. denied

    I was reported for spoiling game and got client banned. I did said that I want to feed but I have never feed intentionally even once. I said I want to feed just because other team mates provokes me. But please review the replay carefully, I was killed for the first time because of good team work between Nerubian Weaver and Dragon Knight and I'm using Lion which is very weak at the beginning. The subsequent kills were not done intentionally. I killed by Dragon Knight many times because he is indeed a very good player. In the whole game, you should be able to notice that I try to go to the whole map to assist my team to kill but my team mates themselves were not helpful except Phantom Assassin. Please see the link below: I may considered noob in this game. But if you look at other player like Juggernaut, he keep feed and don't help when I go to his lane to kill enemy. Why wasn't this considered spoil game? Please consider unban Please also consider the following previous ban scenario: The staff Neth- in games keep provokes me, and reported me and banned me by himself after losing game. Review by 2 other staffs shown that I did nothing to spoil game but try my best to play the game. Still, I got banned. Please consider this as well. @Hakka,
  12. !denied

    rgc name : Eagleeye19 He rgd announced that he was going to sell, he was my friend and I made him realize that he had done something wrong sorry unban pls
  13. granted

    room - (ASIA ) public reason - using spells on teammates and letting teammate die spoiler user name - amateur.asakura hero name - tiny request for ban asap to promote good gaming clients .. ( he kept tossing allies inside the enemy base ) LastReplay.w3g
  14. MINI GAME sniper /w upgrades Similar to pudge wars/ potm wars / sf wars
  15. name-god^hunter room-Asia pub request for unban in asia pub, the reason i went afk is because i had family prayer time, ( which i also informed my teammates way ahead of afk time, because it was urgent ) i am a regular RGc gamer, and has no intention on leaving or spoiling games, no matter the consequences, also request admin to check the verbal of the person who reported me , and to warn him a warning @turbobeast
  16. hey hakka I cant reply on the first request becuz u closed it anyway there is a misunderstanding the clean history request is for ME not for q(l_l.q) the link on the first request was wrong , you said 2 pages with bans and 80% are vaild bans that is not me you checked for this guy for me i only have one ban the one i made the request for please recheck again and you will see the right link : thnx and sorry for bothering ^^
  17. my id : prince.of.magic my mate q(l_l.q) at legion td banned me for 10 min reason leaving and i didn't leave game disc me it happenes in our room with rpg maps cuz there is no reconnect system he was joking he said and he said sorry but still i had a clean history and now its ruined please remove that ban thank you.
  18. solved

    Your Display Name: dead_poet Reported Display Name: Sima--Yi Room : Asia(Public) replay : Reason: game ruiner - intentional feeding (his score is 0-20-1) - you have to see this replay, i am not giving all the timestamps, he was running around the enemy heroes.. - he bought all wards and sold them immediately (so, team did not get any ward) - bought gem, and die @22min - check his ban history, (4 active bans out of 87 ) + 2 computer bans - he just got unbanned from compban @18-02-2020 I KNOW HE IS ALREADY BANNED FROM ASIA ROOM, BUT IT'S NOT ENOUGH , he will come again and spoil again. ;// @Hakka @Froz compban him for years
  19. My ID : prince.of.magic 1- mini circle td 2- super td Category: other
  20. granted

    The Great Race v1.5 Map Name: The Great Race Map Category: Race Tileset: Icecrown Glacier Link: Upload this map plox. @Hakka