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Found 28 results

  1. granted

    my stepqya he ..._!_... He didn’t specially pump the ultimate ability along with the flaming team that they didn’t help him. He farm for 40 minutes. He earned the last asists when we did mega creeps.
  2. solved

    all my account got this how to fix?
  3. >>†WolF†<< feed leavers buy gem and drop for sentinel buy obs and too look item.
  4. granted

    ember leave Cikaliki
  5. solved

    play game 50+over min next time siker(gt2.) has letf the game and game end and rgc host has left the game crash server or abuse command? rooms replay the base is standing, the throne is in place, only 1 player wrote! ff why did we count the defeat? and what to do with it? what you want? i have replay i have information tell me. new screen My base is worth. Allies defence. No one gave up. How can I explain this?
  6. denied

    stepqya daviebamaikata1 sell your item. buy sentry ward. and leave
  7. granted

    stepqya furion mid leave spectr afk i dont now time afk but his only purchase was the 38 minute radiance i know only one wery long maikatawideba furion A.obaida sptr
  8. granted

    stepqya 000000004 blink in t1 and dead. resp. tp and blink and dead. time line 3-5 min.
  9. me unvouch
  10. granted

    stepqya leave SubjectXIII
  11. room : iran lod Game : 6280522 name : E-S-K-E-L-E-T
  12. room : iran lod Game : 6279394 name : arminjjj
  13. room : iran lod Game : 6276752 name : king_of_kon
  14. DENUNCIANTE: CenT0 DENUNCIADO: wordsad Motivo: kitea sin razon y caga el game REPLAY:
  15. Vase RGC korisnicko ime :mr#44 Zahtev za ban ( korisnicko ime) :+A Razlog :uzeo mi knjigu na 10-i minut i ward koji sam kupio, tako da smatram to unistavanjem svojih itema. pa nek odmori malo. evo 2 dana jos niko od admina da se udostoji da sankcionise. pa da ponovim report. Replay :
  16. Nick de RGC: Ph0t0_Sh0ps Motivo del Ban: Fui denunciado por Feeder Link Del Ban:
  17. Nick de RGC: Ph0t0_Sh0ps Motivo del Ban: Fui denunciado por Feeder Link Del Ban:
  18. Nick de RGC: Ph0t0_Sh0ps Motivo del Ban: Fui denunciado por Feeder Link Del Ban:
  19. Nick de RGC: Ph0t0_Sh0ps Motivo del Ban: Fui denunciado por Feeder Link Del Ban:
  20. PARA DENUNCIAR AFK / ANTIGAMER NICK DEL DENUNCIANTE (DE RGC): Formicario'' NICK DEL DENUNCIADO(S) (DE RGC): sSoPiTa-De-MaNy MOTIVO O RAZON: '' no ayuda cuando ayuda lo matan, se molesta y se va a monte y no regresa ayudar,,, mayormente para en monte '' TIEMPO APROXIMADO: 'min 15 monte no ayuda min 18 dijo que no ayudaría y no lo iso antes del final de la partida en ves de ayudar se fue a monte por favor revisen eso REPLAY: '
  21. PARA DENUNCIAR AFK / NICK DEL DENUNCIANTE (DE RGC): ,peka, NICK DEL DENUNCIADO(S) (DE RGC): yessica100 MOTIVO O RAZON Se queda en base dando vuelTAS Se entrega intencionalmente al Team contrario al sapo minuto 4 TIEMPO APROXIMADO: Minuto 4 REPLAY:
  22. Room EU publick Name: PastMistake from start game he use his speel to block us. Replay:
  23. Room: EU Publick Name: danny2017 Timestaps: All game from start come mid and dont give farm Lina. Hit creeps take runes. With uslles items. Its maybe lock like low skil but if lock for them he can kill creeps and use spels to still crepps in Lina. And all game he feed and play ussles.I think its enemy team frend to abuse points. Replay:
  24. Room EU publick 14.50 sfgsffadsfds has left the game
  25. My Account : A.Punishment Reporting : WOODWOOD Reason : Abuse Room : Iran Room REplay game : Az mine 3:9 ta mine 4 shoro be fahashi