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Found 81,472 results

  1. solved

    DENUNCIA NTE: MajesTaD_AncieT DENUNCIADO: _LordBukake_ MOTIVO: vende items y kitea al minuto 13:35 REPRODUCCIÓN:
  2. solved

    nICK del denunciante: bebosor. Nick del denunciado: :: ShaMkerS :: Motivo de denuncia: se entrega a morir a torres de mid enemigas intencionalmente perjudicando al equipo. Minuto exacto: Min 37 Replay:
  3. solved

    Denunciante: Diletante Denunciado 1: Godz_MatriX Reason: leaver (min 3) Replay:
  4. solved

    Denunciante ; FaCuIsBack. Denunciado; gruposombras2.0 Motivo; min 22;55 el necro regala gema y kitea Replay:
  5. solved

    Reported IGN :Xtreme.Lungiz old ign : -kazi / !bne - or Newaz or |-mahtab-| or [email protected]!ng Same reported user with this thread [granted] Bypasser - Solved - Ranked Gaming Board and Bypasser newaz - Abuse Support - Ranked Gaming Board and [granted] Bypasser again newaz - Abuse Support - Ranked Gaming Board . He is MH user.. compban isn't enough for this player.. may be need higher ban for this player. Newaz game log : |-mahtab-| game log :|-mahtab-| -kazi- game log : [email protected]!ng game log :!ng xtreme.lungiz game log : Hero, item build, gameplay same. additional proof : RGC | Admin Panel ( 27:37 PRIVATE Xtreme.Lungiz newaz here 27:47 SENTINEL totoystone123 sorry newaz 28:02 PRIVATE Xtreme.Lungiz dont mention my name
  6. solved

    hello , admins i cant join RGC nomore from my Ip , it giving Error that saying you are Compbanned and im not Compbanned , maybe because my Ip Banned still ? please fix that i cant join RGC from my Real ip . Thanks . @Dr.Spy.
  7. solved

    Report: havin Room: Iran TD What Kind of Abuse: !Timeban [Invalid Ban] Explain your situation (images/replays/logs/proofs...): i got banned by havin for 10 days. He is senior manager of iran td. Also he banned me without valid screen shot. His ban reasons and periods are invalid and un-based of the rules The bans must be based on RGC general rules not a created Nonesenses section rules and i have a qustion: He as Iran TD Manager dont know how to ban users !!!!??? its 100% abuse he ruined my ban history, please punish him ?And my other question is: When he does not know how to ban people, how he is a senior manager He always shows himself as an angel please clean his abuse from my ban history @Casper @Dr.Spy @Hakka @SirQ
  8. solved

    ban : eyup room : Eu pub reason : game ruinne , anti-gaming, avoid to def-help I dont have right words to describe this player. Gone wood, stay there 40 min, 0 help to team untill end. He gone in their wood to farm and let us play and lose without any help. CANCER . Please watch syllabear after min 25 till end. Thank you
  9. solved

    DENUNCIANTE: [GANNICUS-_-] DENUNCIADO: DaikiAomine-NoA, BrisaVeloz[Noa] MOTIVO: kiters REPLAY:
  10. solved

    Denunciante: Modo_NaZe-_- Denunciado: emanuel..123 Gyrocopter Kiter
  11. solved

    DENUNCIANTE: holyshitnigga DENUNCIADO: ArielFaLL , NuNoTcA Motivo: davion termina el game 1-16-7 y lvl 13 neru se ve en minuto 23-25 como deja que tiren medio y que maten a su team mientras se va a farmear bot, minuto 42 se manda solo contra el naix siendo que tiene gema y se deja matar, provocando que todo el team muera y rompan base REPLAY:
  12. solved

    PARA DENUNCIAR AFK / ANTIGAMER NICK DEL DENUNCIANTE (DE RGC): ALTOFASOWACHO NICK DEL DENUNCIADO(S) (DE RGC): .::COURIER::. y Crixalis-03 MOTIVO O RAZON: Invoker vendio todos sus items y compro sentrys Sniper dejo de jugar MINUTO APROXIMADO: A partir de min 10 REPLAY:
  13. solved

    Game ID : 7201064 USer : aligol
  14. solved

    Denunciado: ツ-coyote[ツ - *-mitsuki-* Denunciante: {Alice} Replay: Motivo: la queen no respeta mid se lo pedi reiteradas veces y minuto 9 kitea el zeus
  15. solved

    username:mr.victor hi,dear admins. im mr.victor I didn't leave the game on purpose,When the game started, there was an error in my war3 this is my I don't know why this happens, but I am trying to solve this problem. When I enter war3, there is a probability that an error will occur and my game will automatically close. I know that the game ended prematurely because of me, I'm sorry。I have re-downloaded the rgc Warcraft and I promise that this error will not occur again, thank you players and admins for your forgiveness :D
  16. solved

    Denunciante: PartyMdQ (Batrider) Denunciad:o 1: *-Sasori-* (Nortrom) Denunciado 2: 4N70N1024FTER (Rylai) Motivo: Stats Feder Nortrom y Rilay Replay:
  17. solved

    denunciate:Alchemist_CN denunciado:Alvar01 motivo:fede replay:
  18. solved

    Nick del denunciante: The^^BeaR^sky Nick del denunciado : _jIVARITo_ Motivo : el jugador pone varios wards en base, en forma de antigamer minuto 28 y roba items a akasha minuto 34 Link del replay :
  19. solved

    NICK DEL DENUNCIANTE (DE RGC): S_Y_UNICK DEL DENUNCIADO(S) (DE RGC): pebee MOTIVO: El neru de la nada viene solo para poner 5 wards en el mismo lugar y luego se regala TIEMPO APROXIMADO: min 16REPLAY:
  20. solved

    NICK DEL DENUNCIANTE (DE RGC): kiLLmAn64 NICK DEL DENUNCIADO (DE RGC): __HOMERO_. MOTIVO O RAZON: pone sentris donde los neutrales para perjudicar el farmeo de su team poniendo en desventaja al mismo. MINUTO APROXIMADO: Minuto 20 REPLAY:
  21. solved

    DENUNCIANTE: RompedordeOGT DENUNCIADO: thenightw1 Motivo: Kitea del Game sin razón. REPLAY:
  22. solved

    Denunciante: Modo_NaZe-_- Denunciado: Nikogamer Kitea del Juego Apenas empezado
  23. solved

    Why I cant log in? pls help.
  24. solved

    Your RGC Username: Sophiet Abuser RGC Username: -linch- Room Name : iran Proofs : 54:07 SCOURGE Iran (ISLAMIC Republic Of) -LinCh- kiram 4:10 SCOURGE Iran (ISLAMIC Republic Of) -LinCh- too avalo akharet 54:19 SCOURGE Iran (ISLAMIC Republic Of) -LinCh- oskole 54:21 SCOURGE Iran (ISLAMIC Republic Of) -LinCh- palasht 55:11 SCOURGE Iran (ISLAMIC Republic Of) -LinCh- khare first time staff to member =)) 55:13 SCOURGE Iran (ISLAMIC Republic Of) -LinCh- Explain your situation: This is RGC M.E staff IRAN 56:00 SCOURGE Iran (ISLAMIC Republic Of) -LinCh- bade game 56:01 SCOURGE Iran (ISLAMIC Republic Of) -LinCh- migam bet first
  25. NICK DEL DENUNCIANTE (DE RGC): a†um NICK DEL DENUNCIADO(S) (DE RGC): -CAZADOR_ MOTIVO O RAZON: varios choques no apoya curando perjudica al team, vea como en el minuto 28 muere intencionalmente sin hacer nada regalandose a los enemigos, actitud antigamer MINUTO APROXIMADO: 28:00 REPLAY: