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Found 165 results

  1. pending

    name: Jvilta replay : Explain : he picked dusa after sniper saying he is mid then he went midlane did nothing just ruin the farm , after that he start to afking at tower standing not doing anything , buying items and selling them without anyreason whole the game , then afk at fountain also buying and selling items this man ruined the game so hard and make it so hard to be played
  2. solved

    hello admins 3 days ago I suggested 2 people for a ban and this your Windfucker- he took a banal and me I don't know who gave him the rights but this is not good you will refuse me to play like that it is not right
  3. pending

    nodef,gameruiner,afk ,, player with tinker Replay_2020_08_11_1754_Ogre Magi_35m 5-8-4.w3g
  4. pending

    (1).Your RGC username :carsija (2).The Game-ruiner(s) RGC username(s) :&JONGKOOK***, Onubax** (3).Replay and Game-Log Link : (4).Explain What Happened :after score 1-8 ogre sty afk and no hellp team to def same magina after farm and feed and score 0-4 hes sty afk and no def (5).Specify EXACT time-stamps for when this user began wrecking your game:please ban gameruiners for next time ...
  5. pending

    Please perma ban this furion and Naix. Both kept farming. furion made 1st item divine and drop it intentionally in jungle for scourge to pick up. Naix game ruiner. made 1st item blink and never came in any fight. both laughing at rest of team and saying we will ruin game. go do whatever you want to do. Replay_2020_08_11_0602_Troll Warlord_29m 6-4-2.w3g
  6. pending

    (1).Your RGC username : MattReef (2).The Game-ruiner(s) RGC username(s) : StopCryNoobs*(3).Replay and Game-Log Link : What Happened : I said at the begining I will solo mid. This Nortom come too withour respecting I asked for the line. Later on he just behave like an antigamer he die on first blood, he bought no wards, no sentry at all, never use ultimate to save team mates. You can check the items he has by the end of the game he did not even bother to play the game so we consecuently lost at the end.(5).Specify EXACT time-stamps for when this user began wrecking your game: On the replay
  7. Display Name: wwow!!! Reported Display Name: Yhonny225 and HunterT_2018 and LeoxTova18 Room: (Asia) Public Replay: Timestamps: 12:45 bara leaver Reason: leave,spoiler,they are non asia player ,,they just destrubing game,drow not use silence in battle ,husker only feed in match,,,pls ban from asia,,pls . request >>>
  8. pending

    Rgc username: †..MataR..† Reason: leaver ???? NOTE that I never leave a game. I am banned stating that I am a leaver. It is false. Please act fast.
  9. pending

    Both should get banned .. they are mates + they ruined up to 3 games
  10. DENUNCIANTE: [Bz]Cecs DENUNCIADO(os): Th3Fenix Razon Y MOTIVO DEL BAN: Abuso de Tc(no manda 5 vs 5) PRUEBAS : El jugador con [ RGID 230159498 ] de nick " Th3Fenix " creo una partida 3 aliados sin enemigos en el room peru con [GID 67523760] , segun las reglas ► Nivel 2 # Toda partida privada debe ser obligatoriamente jugada 5 vs 5. El hecho sucedio a las (, [01:50] IWCGTh3Fenix: !host test [01:50] [67523760] test has been hosted. [GID 67523760] 3 Players are inside test [16:49] Team 1: NicoRobin- Finn.darck Th3Fenix Replay :
  11. pending

    Bypasser Account : 亗Kael - - [ @Rubick @Subasa
  12. pending

    ASUNTO DEL POST: KITER DENUNCIANTE: RedRibbon~ DENUNCIADO: .-Schneider Motivo: No participa en tf teniendo aegis en team y pudiendo ir hasta caminando, prefiere quedarse farmeando porque estaba enojado con el team, repite las acciones en los min: 29 al 31; despues min 33 se va top cuando ya acabamos todos mid ( como figura en screen) REPLAY: WC3ScrnShot_072220_174239_02.tga WC3ScrnShot_072220_174314_03.tga WC3ScrnShot_072220_174405_04.tga WC3ScrnShot_072220_174422_05.tga WC3ScrnShot_072220_174619_06.tga
  13. closed

    Your Display Name: riki_haiauphisuReported Display Name: Whiye Room : Asia(Public) Replay: Timestamp: 41:41 Reason: AFK
  14. pending

    Nickname: picolo341 Moderator: none @Hakka Pre-Note: I'm not here to accuse mods of bad faith, bad moderation or pointing fingers at them. This thread is about clearing an misunderstanding and my profile from weird bans. I still consider the solution given as incomplete. And I'm not content with "you did wrong, but you get an unban" solution. I DID NOTHING WRONG You can't possibly treat players so biased and discriminatory: > If someone is noob/beginner and plays the same game as me moderators will come and say "ya, he did nothing wrong, he played his game as he knew." You get that a lot if you check ban-reports. Where skelet players literally afk-jungling 20min straight (not even pushing free lane towers) are ok. > If some good player gives less than 99% of his skill and refuses to listen to feeders and his team that are being toxic non-stop, it's antigame and bad faith. ---------------------------------------------------------------- What I'm being accused for: 1) Typing at some point in game "enjoy loss low". What's that got to do with anything ? I got flamed and full toxicity from team all game, after min 10 when I released how bad they are in team fights. It's me being toxic-back to them. If that can even be called toxicity. 2) One or two cases where I misplay / make wrong decision. This just shows the discriminatory supposition in the beginning of the topic. I'm expected to be flawless and play my game perfectly , while nobody expects a 3/16 tuskar and 1/13 bristle to do better. To top it up, I am expected of high level plays and perfection WHILE MY TEAM IS NON STOP TOXIC TOWARDS ME To make things worse: So it's not about my gameplay, it's about the win/loss ? Excuse me.. .what Is this bullshit ? IN A PUB ? We are talking about a PUB GAME. So it's antigame only when you lose ? WHAT? Overall the conclusion of the moderatoion is this: 3/16 Tuskar / 50 farm / LVL 21 0 WARDS / 0 SENTRIES had better game contribution than 6/7 Furion / 340 farm / LVL 25 6 WARDS / 4 SENTRIES 4 TOWERS 2 RAXES and the loss is TOTALLY furion's fault And the 0/0 wards, shows he was obviously not playing support. He was that bad. If that's not a bad game evaluation/analysis, i don't know what is. As I said in my unban request, EVEN THE ENEMY EARTHSHAKER PRAISED MY GAMEPLAY and blamed my team, after game, in Eu Public chat. The real questions are these: > Was I tilted ? YES > Was game winnable If I have played full team, as the lesser player tuskar wanted ? NO And you can't prove me otherwise. And it's easy to tell, because If i were to play team, I would feed a lot more. And 1 death on a hard-farmer like furion costs a lot more than on a tuskar. Being 40s inactive as a furion can cost you up to 1500 gold that you did not farm. Adding the death-penalty and you can easily get down to 2K gold for each death. SO if I would have played with them and die 10 more times (like tuskar did) .. you do the math of my economic situation that game. Some genius guy will come here and say: Sure.. but what If you actually not die in fights and make kills instead ? Well, you have no clue how ez a furion dies vs a team of 4 daggers. Especially when enemy team sees they have to focus you down to ez win game, since the others are garbage. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Topic conclusions > You have no right to call it a pub-game but enforce players to play a certain game, or do a certain build. It's either PUB or NOT PUB. If I join the game to play and relax and instead I get FULL TOXIC PLAYERS that have no clue about dota, nobody, I repeat... NOBODY CAN FORCE ME TO PLAY FOR THEIR 'ENTERTAINMENT'. 2) You might re-consider your rules regarding "not defending / not playing with team" etc. Those have no place in PUBS. If it wasn't obvious when you made that rule.
  15. denunciante: ROEDORX100PRE denunciado: **RayCe** motivo :ROMPE ITEMS , REGALA DIVINE minutos exactos del suceso: min 44 sniper deja en el suelo 2 items los cuales lo rompe uno el legion y el otro el panda min 53 regala divine replay :
  16. pending

    Hi Admin, Please ban this players Reason : They quit on our game.
  17. solved

    My Name :CrystalBlueMeth unban user name : :priyut_slonov this is a request from a friend for unbanning him according to him a player ruined mid and he get mad and leave the game , please look into this and do what is possible for him . he is good person he deserve a chance please , ban request :
  18. granted

    Your Display Name: mudz-vhayne Reported Display Name: HAOVUONG Room: ASIA Replay: Timestamps: start of the game Reason: quiter
  19. pending Kick por afk: Vialuris (guarda el Replay antes de que se termine Full el game) Aca el registro completo del game: (en el ladder no se toma registro del mal Uso de Pausas) en el parser tampoco ya que el jugador sube el replay antes de que se termine el game, evitando los registros de kick por afk / mal uso de pausas/save game. minuto 11:10 piden pausa y no se respeta. Mal uso de Pausas/Save Game: DAKARDARK Mal uso de Pausas/Save Game: †-,..,-†
  20. granted

    Your Display Name: -Kris!Reported Display Name: `[G]enera[L]ツ GOOGLEZZ! Reasons: BYPASSER Account that have been banned: CHIEF_GWAPO?
  21. denied

    Hi iam sorry for leaving wont happened again. can u please give me a chance
  22. solved

    (1).Your RGC username :孤单心事_ (2).The RGC username of the one you are reporting :ShitHappenS (3).The link to the replay: this 1500rank player picked sf then die,I don’t know if he is lag or what.But he can't rmk a pub game under any circumstances.He might be a friend of the admin or what? But he wasted 9 people's time? Then there is no reason to rmk?