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Found 109 results

  1. closed!

  2. closed!

    Nick: united.play2 Motivo: MH Aos 7 min: hook perfeito no Gondar invisivel. Aos 18 min: Gondar sai invisivel da fonte. Confirma que não estão vendo porque, quando Tinker usa míssil, não pega nele, mesmo estando perto. Aí do nada pudge estoura dust bem em cima dele. Replay:
  3. pending

  4. @Hakka massive bypasser and leaver, i reported this user already 3 times this WEEK
  5. [email protected]** keeps bypassing and leaving
  6. ban this spoiler please T.Y. feeder.w3g
  7. pending

    Denunciado: Alchemist_CN because he is not banned, this user that his ban for mh was accepted
  8. pending

    that W-R-A-T-H is really hacker, he slow down my accack apeed and wind's attacking speed at the begging, and late ,when we fight together ,i keep doing that ,i cannot attack hero and only can slowly move, please ban him .I save that game but cannot find it ,how serious is it .
  9. solved

    ERROR V.673] (0x2) Failed to patch Warcraft III. Please make sure RGC is allowed to modify its contents. This error may appear if your game is installed on the C:\ drive and you have active restrictive UAC [-- No DirectX Choice --] If you clicked 'Do Not Ask Again' ... You can get the choice back by going to Menu -> Settings -> DotA how to fix that
  10. El configurador del archivo config.dota no tiene la posibilidad para cambiar los nuevos botones del árbol de de talentos y el botón de tp EL PROBLEMA ES QUE SE ENLAZAN CON MI CONFIGURACIÓN DE BOTONES DE ACCESO DIRECTO EN ITEMS ESAS DOS LETRAS SE JUNTAN CON LAS NUEVAS DE ÁRBOL DE TALENTO Y TP POR FAVOR NECESITO ALGUNA SOLUCIÓN.
  11. pending

    When I play dota LOD 6.87B3 it does not show the hero skill, information about the hero's skill and the hero's stats, showing the skill name and mana cost. how to fix it.
  12. Your Display Name: Edward--SReported Display Name: S0L4b00 , Kenny?Reason: Ban Edward--S (me) and (Wayne)~ for 99weeks, for something we didn't do.Room: (ASIA) Higher This is what written when i type /j (asia) higher :[ERROR] [(Asia) Higher] You are timebanned from this channel until 11:08 on 30/10/2021. Reason: cheating points($$) w/ (WayNe)~, Make long story short, I was accused cheat points with (wayne)~. This banned suprised me, Both of us have high points in (asia) higher.Last season, I finish TOP 5, (Wayne)~ finish TOP 3. This season(till this posted), I still TOP 3, (Wayne)~ TOP 1.Suddenly, S0l4b00 timeban me for 99weeks, and when I ask for explain, he said "Talk to Kenny?". For Your Information, "Kenny?" is TOP 4 Last season. So, we are competitors. I think he was mad because he did not reach TOP 3(beaten by Wayne).So, I did talk to Kenny?, he send me screenshot proof (he said), you can see it right here : chats (he said it's his proof) proof nothing. You can check it later. There is one chat, I think can be misunderstanding.I typed to (Wayne)~ : tomorrow, u transfer me 350-400.Yes, I did type it on a game in 5 Dec 2019. But it's not about (Asia) higher prize or anything about it. It's just personal life between me and him. There is none of my words say about the prize, or anything else. And How can he accuse me to cheat? I rarely lose to (Wayne)~ (You can check it later on my gamelogs). I always play fair and try my best to beat my opponent whoever they are.I respect Kenny? and S0l4b00 as Admins and Moderator in (Asia) higher channel. But, I think Kenny? can't be objective in this case. Because, he was too upset not reach TOP 3 last season. And try looking for anyone mistakes.I just played 3 months on RGC. Maybe I dont know much about rule here. But, I still hope there is a justice for this case. I didn't do anything wrong. Pls recheck the case. ThankyouLast one, I also submit some of screenshots my conversation and (Wayne)~ with kenny? : chats proof that Kenny was mad at his position TOP 4 last season. I think he was hoping he finish TOP 3.Please Recheck the case, Thank You Again Before
  13. pending

    My Rgc id :(Wayne)~ Reported Display Name: S0L4b00. Reason: ban 100 weeks in AH ( asia higher ) room for things i didnt do and i tried to explain to him . i got banned from ah [ERROR] [(Asia) Higher] You are timebanned from this channel until 11:08 on 30/10/2021. Reason: cheating points($$) w/ Edward--S <-- edwards asking money for the liquor i purchase from him sir , its personal life , and for what i pay edwards money . i lose to him many times in last season so that proves nothing . its just false accusasion this is proof sir you can see i lose to edwards many time to edwards .its not like edwards giving me free point or anything or attempt to cheat . and this ss explain i play night till dawn with edwards , and usualy player only play till night so we 5v5 vs th player sir , that how we got point , its not like i get point from edwards--s we are just teamate vs them sir . and the th players is not me or edwards vouch sir , we all just tc there . proof of 5v5 during night .there is many i Enjoyed playing in ah and i hope my case will be review coz we didnt do anything wrong . Regards Wayne #zozozoe #thror
  14. denied

    sniper afk at the end of the moment Replay_2019_12_06_2257_Monkey King_54m 7-17-12.w3g
  15. solved

    Brack: I won this tour back in the beginning of october, when will I get my prize? @Hakka @MoON i posted this in eu rpg mix section but it seems i wont get an answer there, there's literally no other section to post this in and i'm not getting answers in rgc/forum pm, yes its not abuse but i hope you can keep this here so i can finally get the prize i should've gotten 2 months ago..
  16. pending

    i wanna get unban in my main PC. i did wrong and i learn it. im apologizing 1 week now . you can understand my position. also my past is good . without bans or somthing . playing 10 years in rgc . i deserve it . my ban its Compban for bypass . because i share it on chat . im not using it. because im not getting bans . im playing normal. gime a change.
  17. pending

    reporting:bmx6 respond:fahashi min 15:56 va 16:25 va 20:02 va game id:6061485 room:iran ###id khodam:###alireza
  18. pending

    @DracoL1ch While i was fighting in team fights my hero random auto attack heroes and i couldn't control him in many fights. This chat is when the bug happened to me i was in a team fight my hero auto attacked void, i couldn't control my hero. 4:35 SENTINEL Mighty f bug 54:37 SENTINEL Mighty hal sharmouta 54:38 SENTINEL Mighty l map Replay:
  19. fixed!

    See the ending of my last game reply. It suddenly ended the game. We're on the intense game but this kinda bug totally blur out. Please solve this kind of problem!
  20. pending

    1 - Chiche_Mancho 2 - Cedric 3 - 4 - Died couple of times and left the game instant.
  21. pending

    Display name: KhalvineRoom: Asia PublicReason: we're in 1 shopReason of Appeal: we're in 1 shop Note: please timeban the violator (HardBoildEggS) not compban
  22. Name: Neth- Reason: 41:42 something appear like slot 4 is afk ( i didnt notice that i am the slot 4) 41:40 i'm if you watch the replay i am not AFK, that time im going bottom lane to gank MK and then votekick menu appears since i use to kick afk players, i immediately type -kickafk 4 and didnt notice it was me, i thought it was sentinel player and im not also afk thats why i confuse that time. you can check the game before i mistakenly kick my self lol Replay:
  24. pending

    bande be ellat Tabliq App dg 8-9 mahe ke ban hastam ba inke fekr nmikonam chenin kari ro karde basham chon hich Appi behtar az Rgc Nist amma Moteahed misham Ke Dg Chenin Kari Ro Anjam nadam