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Found 20,029 results

  1. granted my acc Virtual_h0rn id khati=ოorphine az min 28 ta 53 FARMa ro ward sentri kashtan RASMAN kame kam 6 8 ya 10 k gold PARID NAMOSAN inaro ta jayyi ke mishe ban bedin ke dige azin ghalata nakonan GAME win ro lose kardan
  2. granted

    lovelystar [7220839] Iran #8 -ap
  3. Your Display Name: KissMeQuickk Reported Display Name: CLAUSULA33 / WoDota_top_10v Room: Asia Public Replay: Timestamps: 10 / 14 Reason: left game BO WoDota_top_10v please review game logs most game he played in asia he leave
  4. Your Display Name: DTE Reported Display Name: AkeeeCedieboy17 Room: (Asia) Public Replay: Timestamps: 38.06 Reason: : Leaver AFK
  5. granted

    Your RGC username: serunato The RGC username of the leaver you are reporting: ide_lito_mala Reaplay as proof : Explain: The player ide_lito_mala (troll) leave game
  6. granted

    My username:SharinganEFE Reported player: Sdxz Reported Room:EU(Public) Reason: GAME RUINER Replay: the whole game feed intentional ,dont help at enemy mega push.ex: min 20-24,25,26,29 ,obviously 43-till end of the game.he pass throw sniper without make anything...its obviously min 31... Tnx...
  7. granted

    IGN: iZon3.Gigabyte Reporting : cela12 Reason : Intentionally feeding the enemy with 0 kill and 11 deaths and leave the game TimeSpan: 22:08 replay : Pleas dont tolerate this kind of player.
  8. granted

    My username: AlbionPrincipe Report player: ASCOSON Replay link: Died 2 times, went AFK and got kicked eventually.
  9. granted

    my id: I.Am.LEON reporting : akhound reason: leaver game id : [#7220161
  10. granted

    My RGC name : #manah
  11. granted

    Your RGC Username: newdotaemail Reporting (Username) : MACHINE Room : Eu (public) Reason invoker left game 5:46 LastReplay.w3g
  12. granted

    my id: I.Am.LEON reporting : zorrozol reason: abusive game id : [#7220088
  13. granted

    ban : ^nosgoth^ reason :LEAVER link :
  14. NAME: Custom Hero Survival FINAL 5 LINK: es la version mas actual del mapa [2844] Custom Hero Survival FINAL 4.5.w3x
  15. granted Name - Anime RPG Category - RPG Can you upload this one, the other version of anime rpg that you upload is buggy. This one is better!!! Anime_Rpg_NC.w3x
  16. granted

    My IGN: WaRGrayMoON Map Type: Twilight_s_Eve_ORPG_Final.w3x Link: @Hakka best regards - (EU) RPG Team
  17. granted

    RGC Nickname: TheodoreTing Map Type: KODO TAG vs VAMPIRISM AI 1.5d Link of the map: @Hakka best regards - (EU) RPG Team
  18. Map Name: BVO New World 5.0 Link Map: Map type: moba Description: This map is bleach vs one piece and it is the corrected version of the beta version of number 2725 in the rpg maps list (the bug of naruto's ability bug was corrected, etc) Nombre del Mapa: BVO New World 5.0 Link del Mapa: Tipo de Mapa: moba Descripción: Este mapa es bleach vs one piece y es la versión corregida de la version beta de numero 2725 en la lista de mapas rpg (se corregió el error del bug de la habilidad de naruto, etc)
  19. granted

    Link Map:
  20. granted

    Display Name: FrostLich Points: +1750 games: +150
  21. granted

    Your Display Name: KissMeQuickk Reported Display Name: GuuutChop / pcready Room: Asia Public Replay: Timestamps: 5 9 Reason: left game
  22. granted

    Your Display Name: OnePiece.D.I Reported Display Name: mandapizzo Room : asia public game history: reason: Leaver timestamp: 16:35mins Happy new year 2021! (*_*) (*_*) (*_*) (*_*)(*_*)(*_*)(*_*)(*_*)(*_*)(*_*)
  23. granted

    Your Display Name: DTE Reported Display Name: ShouB!Z.|So.SK Reported Display Name: aleleng20 Room: (Asia) Public Replay: Timestamps: 16.06 16.19 Reason: : Leaver
  24. granted

    Your Display Name: DTE Reported Display Name: Asero2points2 Room: (Asia) Public Replay: Timestamps: 13.12 Reason: : Leaver
  25. granted

    Reported Display Name: [email protected] @[email protected] Room: Asia Public Replay: 8:33 18:10 minutesReason: Leaver