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Found 23 results

  1. sorry spam, i cant delete this topic
  2. closed!

    Display name: .i.(o.o).i. Room: (Asia) Public Reason: insult and publish undue things Reason of Appeal: I already learned the lesson, I'm already a month with this problem I'm sorry
  3. closed!

    I never left a game intentionally weather i win or loose. Sometimes if light goes off or system drops me due to network problem is only reason to disconnect from game. You can check my playing history. Request you to please unban .
  4. closed!

    i really want to play dota 1. and i realized my mistake. if you can see my log ins i am only new here and i dont really know so much of the rules. now i know the rules. please let me play again.
  5. closed!

    سلام لطفا من رو انبن کنید خدا شاهده ارور فتال داد گیم و خودش پرید بیرون من مقصر نیستم اخه وقتی که میدونم بن میدن واسه چی باید لفت بدم که بن بشم؟؟؟؟؟ لطا پیگیری کنید یا اگه نمیشه از فرصتم واسه انبن میخام استفاده کنم ممنون
  6. closed!

    Display name:bulbourethralRoom: PhilippinesReason: SpolerReason of Appeal: I did not spoil any game, the reason is invalid. please do some actions, thank you. Replay_2020_02_26_2208_Twin Head Dragon_47m 0-3-10.w3g
  7. closed!

    I have proven already that i did not spoil, my request is taking too long. Please unban me in Philippines(channel) thank you.
  8. closed!

    I guess ill just have to wait until the time ban is done, even the admins are useless.
  9. closed!

    Please Unban
  10. closed!

    Your Display Name: D3ATH_Re7 Reported Display Name: SuicideLoSER Room: (Asia) Public Replay: Timestamps: every minute Reason: Mort fed and left Game Spoiler. AFK Region Asia
  11. [LoD Asia] You were kicked out of the channel by LoDAsiaBot: same id as -geozamar- (bypassing ban) this staff is always abusive banning everyone he doesn't like you can see that he doesnt even have a proof that i bypassed how can i even do that i dont even know that , I traveled to home just to play Dota and know accusing me of bypassing this is ridiculous as always this staff is outrageously boastful this Ninja` does it again
  12. closed!

    Nick: Jokervn, room Vietnam
  13. closed!

    Display name: scary~godz Room: Philippines Reason: quit/afk Reason of Appeal: afk while ingame
  14. closed!

  15. closed!

    IGN: TDA.Angca15<3 Dear: Maam/Sir Please Check this it is ill ads? Thanks.
  16. closed!

    Dear Staffs. Here I uploaded a replay of game that Pudge player abused his skills to lose the game and refused to be sorry for his mistakes. Please investigate further and deal with these kind of abusers to prevent them ruining others game. Game was played in Mongolia room ( Asia Region ) Appreciate your effort. canceLL^^
  17. closed!

    Display name: El.Senador Room: Philippines Reason: quit/afk Reason of Appeal: My shopmate got banned
  18. closed!

    Display name:scary~godz Room:philippines Reason:afk Reason of Appeal:afk while ingame
  19. closed!

    Display name:scary~godz Room:philippines Reason:afk Reason of Appeal:i need to buy foods then i got afk
  20. closed!

    Your RGC iGN : TrashyPlayer Room : asia Ban Type : leaver Reason that your innocent : i was fps dropping and it didnt took a min then i suddenly got disconnected idk why then after that i didnt see my rgc working idk what happened. not spoiling and not really a leaver check my dc % pls thanks
  21. closed!

    Your Display Name: Reported Display Name: -majcomtech-Reason: banning without warned and this is not the first time he banned players He clearly says kick and then i recon the when i open my rgc i got banned. Room: Philippines