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Found 1,095 results

  1. closed

    Your Display Name: [Gamerz]|^pOi.Reported Display Name: bAyAwOn17 , Cic_Alexarayne!, Cic_TGViper bAyAwOn17! ,bAyAwOn17Replay: 25:30Reason: spoil the game
  2. closed

    Your Display Name: -burdagul Reported Display Name: †wOw†MagiCRoom: PhilippinesReplay: Timestamps: 21:51Reason: Pause on clash
  3. closed

    Your Display Name: Isko`MorenoReported Display Name: TranChanRoom: PhilippinesReplay: 11:49 (QUIT)Reason: QUIT THE GAME
  4. closed

    My Display Name : DiAmOnD_SouL!! Reported Leaver RGC Name: Logolas_ Room: Asia(public). Replay: Logolas_ left the game 1.25.w3g Timestamps: Logolas_ 1.25 has left the game Reason: Leaver
  5. closed

    abuse reports and ban me @Rubick
  6. Your Display Name: Cross1909 Reported Display Name: playpotadota123 Room: (Asia) Public Replay: Timestamps: playpotadota123 (Kunka) spoiling X mark, using Skill X mark to make ally die . Reason: Spoiler / spell abuser.
  7. Display Name: Zubair- Reported Display Name: XxBaltaxX Room: Philippines Replay: Timestaps: intentional quit at 12:06 . Reason: QUITTER LastReplay.w3g
  8. Display Name: Zubair- Reported Display Name: XxBaltaxX Room: Philippines Replay: Timestaps: intentional quit at 25:15 . Reason: QUITTER LastReplay.w3g
  9. Display Name: Zubair- Reported Display Name: XxBaltaxX Room: Philippines Replay: Timestaps: intentional quit at 15:25 . Reason: QUITTER LastReplay.w3g
  10. Your Display Name: Boy Reported Display Name: kycuctran Room: Asia Public Replay: Timestamps: time stamps shown in parser are not correct. Please check in the link given here 38:21 ( Reason: Not helping team in defending base while enemy tried to make mega, Rather he chose to roam in NC. Throughout the game many instances where he just ignored helping the team!
  11. closed

    many told me that him, ruined the all game by afk and majority kick him out. Replay_2020_07_04_2300_Nerubian Assassin_35m 0-8-10.w3g
  12. closed

    Your Display Name: MohapurushReported Display Name: seldiiReason: Leaver at hero pick Time stamp:1.57 game replay; BO spoiler. Please perma ban
  13. Display name: MrChuss Room: Asia LOD Reason: LEAVE Reason of Appeal: Host RMK and all leave, can check
  14. closed

    Display name: strong_joseph08 Room: Philippines Reason: Ban as Massive Spam Reason of Appeal: As you can see to the indicated printscreen, me and other players were talking personally in our language (tagalog) I can say that its not spam since were talking seriously and there is no foul words, even though the admin already warn us not to spam but since we are talking with the other players, i think its not fair to have a 5 days ban for that i understand if its 3-24hrs but 5days is too long for that offense. I dont blame the admin/staff's since its their duty to keep the Room peacefully, but all i want is some consideration. you can translate our conversation and i assure you there is no spam or foul words againts the staff since the conversation is all about being handsome. Still, i apologize for the incident if i violated the rules. Thank you for your understanding regarding this matter @Riza @Jackpro555 thanks for accept my apology.
  15. This guy ruined the game using the skill of tossing on this own team.
  16. closed

    سلام واسه خريد تیم کاپیتان روم ايران بخش درخواست تیم کاپیتان یه لینک هست اما مشکل‌ داره. لینک درست شاپ بدید و این‌که الآنم با 20تومان میشه tc گرفت تو روم ايران؟ با گوشي اومدم انجمن لطفآ یه لینک شاپ داخل روم ايران هست اونم واسم بفرستید
  17. closed

    Your Display Name: DeathKaizer``Reported Display Name: -Den (Tuskarr)Room: PhilippinesReplay: 24:12Reason: He bought all observer wards and placed it in our tower.
  18. Your Display Name: Strong_joseph08 Reported Display Name: High-TentionReplay: 13:57 Room: PhilippinesReason: refusing to play/spoiler/afk thanks i hope ma ban yan
  19. Display Name: Peij Reported Display Name: AlletForYou Room: Philippines Replay: Timestamps: Reason: Force quit.
  20. Your Display Name: Midousuji Reported Display Name: VERNON- Room: Philippines Replay: Timestamps: 17:53 - I kicked him after being inactive for 5 minutes. Reason: AFK Gaming
  21. Your Display Name: KissMeQuickk Reported Display Name: alukard45 Room: Asia Public Replay: Timestamps: 12mins Reason: Leave game no notice forced their team to FF
  22. closed

    Your Display Name: Strong_joseph08 Reported Display Name: QuitDotaPlsDogReplay: 13:57Room: asia-publicReason: quiter GAME
  23. closed

    Your RGC Username: Loveca_ Abuser RGC Username: #SaTaN Room Name : [Iran LoD Higher] Proofs : Explain your situation: I left a game with CM. He explain to me what is that mode, but I told him that I dont like this mode. Then he kick and unvouch me with this reason.
  24. closed yani chi? ???????? chera ma ta hala hmchin chizi nadidim? age ham bashe pas chera ban ma ba baqie farq dasht vaqti tahrikemon mikardan??????????? chekkhabare enja? ty for support
  25. closed

    Your Display Name: Your Display Name:Jigneshヅ Reason:afk Reported Display Name:50shadesOFprey Room: Asia(public) Replay: Timestamps:afk at 33:00 min Reason: LastReplay.w3g