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Found 2,308 results

  1. closed

    ban : CraZy..KilLeR reason :AFK kard link :
  2. closed

    Lose in history Winner in game
  3. closed

    he leave the game and he player soo bad can he buy account Replay_2021_01_27_2155_Admiral_29m 2-8-3.w3g
  4. closed

    I want to report this player called >>>.VEGETA.<<< for being afk last 10-15 even 20 minutes of game, he did give us share and go afk... so here is my replay I hope he gets what he deserves, thanks. Best Regards PutkE
  5. closed

    report:Akhound gid: 7220161
  6. closed

    NICK DEL RGC: Tiobillis - MOTIVO DE LA PENALIDAD: afk intensional - EXPLICACIÓN: juego con heroe Zeus y apoyo en rango, con ulti y skill global que me da el cetro rompo wards y me armo en boske, mi team gano osea que "ganamos" por eso y me banean por 6 dias por afk intensional??? notese que el staff no reviso correctamente ya que mientras mis items son para suporteo y no hacia falta mi heroe mientras ellos continuaban rompiendo la base del enemigo. solicito que revisen mi caso por que me parece injusto , gracias. - LINK DE LA DENUNCIA DONDE FUI PENALIZADO:
  7. pls ban Humuliated: he is a spoiler, palnting wards in farmsite and unnecessary decrepifying allies LastReplay.w3g
  8. @Sanin, @zozozoe..., @Froz, @Dr.Spy, @DracoL1ch Dear global staff, I would like ask if stealing item considered as a ruiner or not? Please check Admin (Aizen) rule here: AIZEN RULE: "EXCLUSIVE list of ACTIONS that we consider SPOILING/GAME RUINING: If the action is excluded here, then it is not ban-able. • Destroying, stealing, hiding items that belong to an ally." But you did not ban a thief in my posting here: But another admin ban someone for stealing item. It is inconsistent action of admin and make me confused. You make a reason for denying my post above (not ban item's thief) because You said "It was clearly stated that he/she has the highest contribution for your team's win which led me to treat it as something that we can give a consideration into on the side of the accused." So if i am pro and have highest contribution in team, Can I steal item from my teammate without my knowledege and have right to do it? Please reconsider your reasoning . I can still accept it if you at least ban him for one day only for his action. But if you did not punish him, it is very strange and illogical. NB: Please delete your own rule if you did not considered stealing as a ruiner action again and still deny my post Admin Aizen. Thank you very much.
  9. closed

    ID NAME: ...Gustavo... BAN Reason: no client or room bans but suddenly when i log in screen pops like attached file, it shows bypass but i have not done Ban history is clear man
  10. Your Display Name: wanglinReported Display Name: .ch33seRoom: philipinesReplay: around 2.00 after banning phrase times upReason:quit
  11. Your Display Name:MASTER199Reported Display Name:miladty0406Room: PhilippinesReplay: quit 4
  12. closed

    game id :7217699 i_lose lobby abusive
  13. closed

    1-l_Tritone_l 2-SiKTiiiiR 3-Game Run 4- mine 18 va 27 va 28 miad farme mano mizane aziat mikone
  14. closed

    1-l_Tritone_l 2-_._The__OnE_._ 3-Game Run 4- mine 15 va 19 va 38 miad farme mano mizane aziatam mikone
  15. closed

    Please ban this player 13(,)(,)bs , he just feed the whole game. Please see attached replay of our game! LastReplay.w3g
  16. closed

    ban : The~RedHood reason :abusive in lobby link : 02:47 The~RedHood nanat bemire 6 naya ba man
  17. closed

    Your Display Name: reportmoredog Reported Display Name: NosTaLgiA16 Room: Asia(Public) Replay: Timestamps: 26:00 NosTaLgiA16 has left the game Reason: Leaver
  18. closed

    DENUNCIANTE: SuP3R.lKaKO.Pe DENUNCIADO: <PerS3o> MOTIVO: Me banea injustamente 1. escribí en mayúscula y miniscula 2. despues del kick no volvi a escribir en mayúscula 3. solo por el hecho de decir "rctm" se ofende y me banea, ojo ni sabia quien me había kikeado solo fue sarcasmo... y todavía el "rctm" fue en miniscula... hay que saber escoger a moderadores del RGC Por favor exijo puedan corregir este error... y yo casi nunca escribo en el rgc y menos insultando REPLAY: (ESTE ES SU ARGUMENTO)
  19. closed

    Please ban this leaver
  20. closed

    Your Display Name: RecczyReported Display Name: ghostdailly999Room: (asia) public Gamelog : 2:10Reason: Leaver
  21. closed

    Your Display Name: •.••• -- Hello @Rio· , I would like to ask about your reply on the thread "the given proofs weren't enough to say that the accused disconnected himself/herself on purpose...." since you closed already the thread for further replies. Please enlighten me what kind of proof are still needed for such cases to know if a player is disconnected intentionally or not. Do you have any recommendations? Also, do you have any solutions in mind to resolve that kind of attitude of a player? I can't remember any threads from this section that granted to ban a player that disconnected intentionally. Please help us know how to report and what proof are still needed to grant banning of those players. Tagging @Froz and @Sansu to get an input as well from the higher ones. Please don't close the thread for further replies until we are enlightened. Thanks and more power.
  22. closed

    монгол өрөөний админууд маш муу байна өөрсдийн дураараа аашилж бандаж байна тэр тусмаа azarga admin маш хогийн өлөгчин
  23. My acc : stormizeus ban id : sheyk[h] running the game and sell item , afk ban game id :7213948
  24. closed

    NICK DEL RGC: [[-ZuRdO-]] - MOTIVO DE LA PENALIDAD: No defender ultima torre - EXPLICACIÓN: Señores del staff, Revisen bien por favor, ya teníamos dos lineas rotas totalmente, encima Traxex era FEDER (en esa misma denuncia se evidencia toda su intención de perjudicar) y también el Lion estaban AFK en fuente, yo ya había dado mi !ff A TODAS LUCES ERA UN JUEGO OBVIAMENTE YA PERDIDO - LINK DE LA DENUNCIA DONDE FUI PENALIZADO: