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  1. solved

    NICK DEL DENUNCIADO (DE RGC) : valorantxd MOTIVO O RAZON: Antigamer nunca ayuda ni va con el TEAM TIEMPOS APROXIMADOS DEL REPLAY: min 37 - 38 no defiende base 49 - 49:30 no defiende base por segunda vez 52:30 - 52:50 sigue sin defender base antigamer 58:26 - 1:00:17 compra divine y la regala antigamer Replay:
  2. denied

    Minijo your points of view are mediocre, why does slark go and waited invi for me in roshan for no good reason, because he clearly saw me I was going in there with lothar and this without vision, slark did not see me when I use loth and was going towards roshan min 32:50 to 33:04. 11:32 Successfully hunts Ursa inside Roshan's Pit. (slark has low hp and mana, he tp bot because saw me in roshan with a complete vision of the map, no more words) 32:25 Waiting for an Enemy Hero to Ambush. It is a form of Strategy. Normal Movement & Logic. ( he always waited for rylai all the times, what a coincidence, slark saw rylai was going bot with not vision) 44:55 MiniMap Signal against Roshan when Ursa Blinked there on the right time. (Suspicious) exactly, this was done after the other suspected movements that slark done without any sort of vision, that clearly let me think he is a maphack!
  3. aceptado

    denunciado: dark_lord_(o_o) mins: 43:00 al 48:00 del juego vende items con actitud antigamer replay:
  4. Denunciado: L|Arc-en-Ciel Replay times: min 11:32 to 11:56 slark tp bot, to go kill me roshan, even after he had a hard teamfight against my allies, this is very suspected since someone would had tp to base instead. min 20:20 to 21:00 slark desward, why would he even know there are wards if there were no action taken there.(his movements were like he actually knows and bought a sentry) min 32:25 to 32:35 slark is waiting for rylai to appear, he clearly stay afk to see map first.(rylai was not pushing lane so he has no chance to see her in lane) min 32:50 to 33:04 slark used a dust to me without sentry, you can see he also clicked my hero to see my items first before using the dust (min 33:01 with pause) because the green circle on the slark hero dissapeared for a few seconds then he got panic of my orchid and suddenly used the dust (clear proof that is MH) min 44:53 slark signals me in roshan with 0 vision, I mean why just when I jump with dagger, is kind of weird there. min 47:55 to 48:29 slark stays afk in base for some seconds with a completely vision of all the map and then tp top to go kill dark seer in woods, he always used lothar in the right time everytime a hero is close with 0 wards. min 51:34 to 51:40 slark clearly saw me and just jump over the trees. There are 7 clear proofs that slark is definitely MH replay:
  5. denied

    Denunciado: Darson7even Firtly sorry if I did not state the replay times, is the first time Im banning some1 for MH and I prepared all of this thinking that I was suppose to post it in the same forum as I always do. I hope this is not a nuisance since I made it the easiest to follow and times are short, the next time I would sure put the replay times since I already know the rules to this forum. Times of the game: 6:54 min pudge points to me without any vision, observe image min 8:58 to 9:08 the pudge knew 100% that I was roshan, pretend not see me at first 12:24 to 12:28 min the pudge goes and points to two of my allies without any vision, observe image min: 16:13 the pudge points to the sk that is in wood and to the invo in the tower without any vision, observe image min: 18:18 to 18: 27 the pudge got nervous and give away my steps seeing me completely without any sentry there, clear evidence that uses MH There are 5 clear proofs that pudge is definitely MH replay: Note: the pudge tried to hide the replay uploading it first
  6. solved

    que raro, yo lo habia subido, bueno aqui esta min24.47 el usuario chumchum23 nortrom kitea sin estar el juego perdido, la partida duro como 25 min mas despues q kitea
  7. solved

    Denunciando: chumchum23 Min: 24:30 kiter Replay:
  8. solved

    Denunciando: chumchum23 Min: 24:30 kiter Replay:
  9. denied

    whistleblower: playeasy. Denounced: Sorrow He joined to a signed game and use the swap command for change his slot from where I was. Proves: You can also this by goindg to this link in the lobby chat: I noticed this player is doing this in every single game by seeing all of his game summaries, in lobby chat.
  10. Seu Nick no RGC: playeasy. Nick do Infrator: ThiagoBabaYaga Infração: AntiGamer. Período que o user praticou anti-jogo: Entre 22 minutos ou 24 minutos. Link do replay: Comentário: quebrou o rege
  11. Denunciante: forsaken_god666 deununciado: Crixalis-03 Motivo o razon: afk intencional (7dias ban) mins de lo sucedido: min 20 hasta 35 se la pasa bosque todo el dota Replay: