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  1. solved

    Pending... Your report already Accepted. Tomorrow final answer about Punishment will be given. Remain Closed.
  2. denied

    Hello Dear Reporter. You need to prove that you have a family photo which published and shared by @Saleh Because i can not see any pictures in your proofs that related to your family. its only you. Unfortunately, you are not in a place for determining who answer your topics when its related to M.E and specially connected to Iran part. Official responders of M.E region are=> @HaMeD , @Alone , @SirQ And if you report any of this 3 admins that i mentioned above, the responsers will be changed to higher staffs. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Answer: Sharing personal pictures of any player's family is absolutely forbidden and will result in prosecution according to RGC rules. As i can not see any family's picture in your Screen Shots, so its not forbidden But @Saleh shared a picture of a guy which no one knows who is that guy in the picture, he did not mention anyone he just sent a screen shot which sharing screen shots is not forbidden To be continued: @Saleh shared a picture of a man and shared a cartoon image in comparison next to it, so its trolling and its kickable&banable. Unfortunately he didnt mention anyone in his chats and no one knows who is that man at the pic. and it is not kickable&banable since mention and trolling weren't happened. Final result: From now on we know how look you are according to your report which you published your Face Photo and you accepted that you are the guy in the picture since you reported it, if you see anyone that share your photo once again, you are free to report for banning the guy who shared it. And if you are not accepting my judgement, you are free to report me in your next reports. Thank you for reading. Topic Closed
  3. granted

    [02:59] ExpertHaMeD: !timeunban 亗Kael End time - 5d is enough for this case of gameruins https://board.rankedgaming.com/topic/1118438-unban-request/ 亗Kael has been unbanned by HaMeD. Unbanned CloseD
  4. denied

    Ba Salam @PrancePersiA Shoma Dar Roome Iran Clanwar Be Modate 10 Ruz Staff Budid, Va Shakhsi Ke Az Oo Shekayat Darid 6 Mah Ast Ke Dar Roome Iran Clanwar Fa'aliat Darad Ba Tavajo Be In Mozo, @Mwgic Be Onvane Yeki Az Arshad Haye Room Mitavanad Shomara Demote&Unvouch Dahad Dar Surati Ke Yeki Az Arshad Haye Iran Clanwar Bekhahad Shoma Dar Team Modiriati Iran CW Kar konid, Shoma Back Staff Khahid Shod Ma Be Salahdid Manager Ha Ehteram Mizarim Che Dar Khosus Unvouch Che Dar Khosus Vouch. Ba Tashakor Az Gozaresh Shoma. CLOSED!
  5. solved

  6. solved

    Hello dear @-LinCh- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Kick issue The first thing we should say according to RGC rules, is => "Screen shots are invalid unless the date and time are specified" Anyway, may the guy who took that screen for you (@invofuckers), didn't know this rule, so i'm gonna do that for you because you were a good staff BTW. Full Screen Shots of what happened => 1. http://prntscr.com/r7ho3x , 2. http://prntscr.com/r7hmgg , 3. http://prntscr.com/r7hr9d ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The fact is, i was chatting with members about filtering and stuff, one of the bypassers (Click) came and started to flame and insult my whole family when i was online with my fake account, so surely he noticed my fake account, he knew that i'm HaMeD. @-LinCh- You came and started to help me. and I appreciate that, and i said "i'm gonna ban him myself" So you said=> "You can't ban him, Isn't it a joke" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So we made a bet, you said if you ban him i will give you 50 RGDs, (Clearly see-able in screen shots) Then you changed your mind and said => If you kick me i will give you 50 RGDs too. it was a self request from you, we talked like 5 minutes and you were begging me to kick you and now you are plaintiff of what happened!? ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* 2. Ban issue Your ban is absolutely correct and its not related to what happened before, its about what you said to the Iranian ppls which i even dont know them, they are just iranian players that are playing in RGC and anyone starts to defend me, you should say "he brings his dogs" ???????????? are you sure you were a staff? you can check the guy who defended me, if you find anything that prove i know him or he is my friend, i will leave Iran rooms, but you have no dare to insult The Iranian players who started to defending their Iran Admin. YOU HAVE NO DARE. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* P.S: i'm still waiting for you to do what you said and be a good beter, and send those 50 RGDs that you promised
  7. English Version [ /j Iran LoD Higher ] Hello Every One! Iran LoD Higher ladder and users has been resetted successfully and new things are coming (including prizes aswell ) First read this thread, its about how to join Iran on LoD Higher Then just type your display name and a room that you have +1.7k point or more ( 2k point in LoD SA & LoD Public ) in this thread. And we will check it as soon as possible and your request will be replied in this thread. If you have any problem for requesting here, contact us with display name and rooms name in RGC by: /w Amir /w #SaTaN If we vouched you and you closed Iran Lod Higher room, you'll get permanently unvouch. Persian Version [ /j Iran LoD Higher ] !سلام به همگی روم ایران لود هایر با تغییراتی بزرگ آماده برگزاری بازی های سطح بالا و حرفه ای میباشد , تمامی ممبر های قدیمی آنوچ شدند , سیستم پوینت دهی ریست شد و ما درحال تلاش برای فراهم کردن مکانی بهتر و جوایزی بهتر از جمله آرجیدی و مقام های لود چمپیون و روم چمپیون برای شما بازیکنان گرامی هستیم برای ووچ شدن در این روم اول این پست را کامل مطالعه قرمایید سپس در زیر همین پست آیدی آرجیسی خود و اسم رومی که در آن 1700 پوینت دارید را بزارید به خاطر داشته باشید در لود اِس اِی & لود پابلیک شما به بیش از 2000 پوینت نیاز دارید و بعد از انجام این مراحل ما در زود ترین زمان ممکن جوابگوی درخواست شما در همین تاپیک هستیم اگه هر مشکلی در ساختن پست , درخواست ووچ و غیره داشتید به ما در آرجیسی پیام دهید /w Amir /w #SaTaN اگر شما در این روم ووچ شدید و روم رو به هرنحوی بستید , شما برای همیشه از روم آنووچ خواهید شد
  8. How to Fix freezing system when you press RGC Start Button : 1- Download Warcraft Version Switcher 1.61 and Extract in Warcraft III folder. ● It's a zip file. you must have win rar software in your computer. 2- Run WVS.exe and set Warcraft III folder , save. 3- In WVS click on < frozen throne > Button and wait for open warcraft then hold ALT + TAB 4- Now open Task Manager [ Hold ALT+CTRL+DELETE ) and go to processes 5- Find your warcraft from there, it name must be Frozen throne or War3.exe, close it from there by End Processes 6- Congratulation! now press start button and wait a moment, your warcraft will run. This problem, usually happens in windows 7 operating system, If you are facing this problem, each time you should follow the same steps to run your warcraft. make sure your antivirus is closed and it's not blocking war3.exe or any RGC file. For any further help type /J Support into the client chatbox. Best Regards RGC Support.Team