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  1. Hello Again! I have another Crazy idea my idea is to put a clan announcement feature in MENU==>CLANS==> anywhere you would like to put is fine. but how does it work? when you announce something the players in your clan besides the description will get notified once they login like when they are timebanned in a specific channel it would say "you are timebanned etc" in red. but in clan make it blue or green or whatever color you prefer and put the word [CLAN ANNOUNEMENT]"then your announcement here" example: only the players in your clan will get that announcement when ever they login. who can access it? the clan leader. This idea would allow clan leaders to communicate more efficiently with their clan members. The idea is simple, and easy to implement. Essentially, clan leaders would be able to write an "Announcement" every twelve clan leaders cant abuse that or even make it 24hrs At the end of the 12/24 hours period, it will not be visible until clan leader put another announcement like that. Leaders may change the announcement's text, but once the text is set once it stays the same unless edited. maybe alow it to get edited once? the word "Announcement" would be placed. Clan announcements would be able to be accessed in the MENU ==> CLANS via a button next to the current button. The announcement would be able to contain the same amount of text as a regular chat post or limit it to 20-30words. I hope you like this idea. probably not because the announcement feature is one the powers of higher ranks. but in that every room gets the announcement. my idea is only clan members of your clan can see that announcement. Why would i suggest a useless idea? today my clan channel closed for not paying it due to lack of RGD. my clan members might be thinking that i kicked or unvouched them and i might lose them because of that. maybe its my fault that i didnt get to paid for another extention. anyways hope i dont get bash for this idea. Since your admin said "dont copy dota2 we should be unique" this idea is quite unique but im pretty sure with that kind of power to announce it wont happen :3 Ill keep posting more crazy ideas
  2. Hello again! I have this idea where people will buy from shop Ingame Points Boost . they will get double the points when they win a game Example : if you win a game you get 5points if you buy this at RGC shop then whey you win a game you will get 10points instead of 5. you will still lose 3points when you lose. it will not affect. only the win will get double. this might boost sales on RGD since people here likes to compete for points. i'd say not a bad idea
  3. Hello again! I have this another suggestion to add in RGC Shop Ingame Points Protection. What is it? when ever you play a game and you lose you lose/DC you lose 3 & 10 points right? Why not make people Buy from shop RGC Points Protection you decide how many days and how much will it cost for RGD what will happen is instead of losing 3 & 10 points you lose only 2 for lose 4points for dc I say pretty much not bad idea make it cost alot so only people who really care about their points will buy it Thanks for reading this
  4. Hello again! I Have this idea on how to resolve the issue in this forum. what Issue you might ask? the players of RGC became a disease in this forum. because they keep posting BAN REQUEST/UNBAN REQUEST On every topic not even related to ban request section. the Forum is being ruined by them. how to solve this issue? add this button to RGC client a buttom when pressed it will direct you to the section where ban request must be posted. instead of players clicking the forum button then just posting it where ever they want. after adding that button recruit some few staffs to clean the forum for wrong topics posted in wrong sections. Simple like adding a hyperlink in a button like in excel files After adding the button edit the properties of it to "" then Private Sub BanRequest_click() activeworkbooks.followhyperlink_ address:=banrequest.caption end sub then private sub banrequest_click() activeworkbook.followhyperlink_ Address:="" end sub And voila! new button if only its simple as excel you will say even if we add it people will still post etc in wrong sections. my answer is get some new admins in forum to keep this forum clean. or do this so people will make less mistakes on posting it on wrong sections add a button on forum. you added at the very buttom a CLEAN BAN HISTORY why not add a BAN request at top. so people will see it FIRST when they go to forums instead of hiding it in some other sections. like this anyways that my idea on how to solve some issues. hope you admins can give this some thought
  5. Hello again! this is my suggestion for new map. why not put double points system like in dota2 ? for example when you started the game why not stake your points. lose double points when you lose or win double points when you win. since at the start of the game it says "connection to server has been established chuchu" so i think it means its connection to RGC is established. why not make a staking option at the circle. so double win points or double lose. im pretty sure people might think this idea is good for RGC. seems a good idea? since dota1 is still evolving. you might say its not fair to does who earned there points that are 15k now. well i say its same as dota2 it started with normal match making to ranked making then started to introduce the double mmr system. again im not much a genius at coding but might be similar to excel coding [IF /ELSEIF] functions when start of the game choose at the circle (win / lose) something like that for points. since points is given at the end of the game. why not make it double if you win. =IF( <cond1> ; "then1" ; IF( <cond2> ;"then2" ; IF( <cond3> ; "then3" ; "else3" ) ) ) well its my suggestion anyways. why not evolve Thanks for reading this