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  1. RGC Account KratoS[G]
  2. denied

    (Manglanoook can't open the forum Display name: ManglanoookRoom: (Asia) PublicReason: LeaverReason of Appeal: due to network issues, please last chance.
  3. solved

    Tp Scroll no esun error. Tienes 6 espacios para artículos + 1 espacioseparado para TP Scroll >> Puede cambiar la tecla de acceso rápido de TP Scroll en su carpeta War3 (config.dota)
  4. Hi, @Mohapurush Bug reports here : Closed.
  5. Hi, @Polltegrais Wrong section EU Higher Unban Request. Create a new topic here:
  6. Pending Please use the format
  7. (Pending) Please use the format
  8. Granted (trial) (In RGC) Type /j (EU) Higher [m][l][c][k][y] is now vouched in this channel.
  9. Refer here :
  10. Refer here :
  11. RGC Account : Stark,
  12. Hi @wrazoshu no any ban active And wrong section!
  13. Hi

    Granted - Accepted Arrow_of_Wind is now vouched in this channel.
  14. PRo

    Closed 2nd topic spam