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  1. This happens when your internet is not able to connect you like low internet speed or no connection to the internet. A small solution : try to restart your router or reinstall the RGC and make sure you have vcredist_x86 installed. ● Latest Patched RGC PM me on the forum if it does not work. @Mostfa7
  2. granted

    Wait for reply, @SirQ And be patient.
  3. solved

    ye post dorost kon : @AlirezaGrb Support Team. !Closed
  4. Happens, Can you upload the replay? : Or send a mail to [email protected] (with the replay)
  5. Banned by SirQ, wait for reply SirQ's @SirQ Be patient @Razoor500
  6. CTRL + ALT + DELETE or right click on icon toolbar > task manager: then find war3.exe or warcarft III and end processes and make sure war3.exe isn't running anymore on the background then try to open the game again. CTRL + ALT + Delete Or haga clic derecho en la barra de herramientas de iconos> administrador de tareas: luego busque war3.exe or warcarft III y finalice los procesos y asegúrese de que war3.exe ya no se esté ejecutando en segundo plano, luego intente abrir el juego nuevamente. Like this Task manager :
  7. famous

    Good body, Do you play in gym :)?
  8. solved

    @Whosnextt? You played a game yesterday 13/9/2019? Solved?
  9. login account here and add a mail follow the steps
  10. solved

    As Wisky's said : Make a thread Unban Requests Or wait your unban period. !Closed -Support Staff
  11. solved

    Make sure about your password/username not nickname's if you forgot the password? Login with the email and change your password change it from admin panel >> login Download Latest Patched RGC
  12. pending

    Try to log-in with your old username not nickname's.\ @HotBully
  13. pending

    8 easy steps to do it. 1) Watch the replay and go start record or record when u start the game. 2) use some sorta video recording software 3) record... 4) save file as MPEG, AVI or wat eva i forgotten which format works on DVD players. 5) Get some DVDs 6) open your DVD burner software stuff 7) burn. 8) get a DVD player and watch as much as you please without Warcraft or a computer.
  14. solved

    You got answered by wisky Wait 6 days or make a thread unban request Best regards Support Staff !Closed